How To Stop Getting Random Friend Requests From Strangers On Facebook

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“This is mike from mike s unboxing review xinhai and today we re gonna show show you how to stop getting a random frame requests on facebook keep watching to out more okay so maybe you re gained a bit fed up of having all these weird random requests coming into your facebook profile and feeds from people you ve never met before and probably someone asking you for money or to send them an amazon gift voucher. Well. If that is you then this video is going to brought up your street. So first of all going to show you how to do this on the web based application in a browser.

And then after i m going to show you how to do it on a iphone. So first of all let s go to the pc. Okay so on your pc go to your facebook page or facebook. Comm and then what you want to do is to go up into the top corner on the drop down and then click on to settings now in settings over on the left hand side.

You want to select your privacy profile. So this is where we make all our changes. So at the moment. How people can find and contact you so.

This is where you choose who can send you friend requests..

So. If you want to be able to be contacted by everyone then leave this as it is but just so if you re watching this video. Then you want to change that so all you need to do is click on edit and then on the drop down menu here choose friends of friends so this isn t going to block everybody. But the chances are if a friend of a friend is trying to contact you they re probably going to be pretty genuine and not some random person from the other side of the world that you ve never met before so also while you re in here.

You can also make changes to who can see a friends list who can look up your email address. So this again is a way that some people will contact. You so this will remove your email address that you provided to facebook and also this can remove your any phone. Numbers you may have associated with the account.

So only friends or those kinds of people can see it now the next one is actually quite important so do you want search engines outside of facebook to link to your profile. Now this again is another way where other people can contact you randomly just by searching so at the moment i m set to yes so what i do is click on edit and as you can see when the setting is on search ends made link to your profile in their results. When this setting is off search engines will stop linking to your profile. But this may take some time your profile can still be found on facebook.

If people search for your name..

So if people be able to search for you. But again. If they re not a friend of a friend then they won t be able to send you a friend request. So we ll put a tick here and we ll remove it so you get another warning.

Oh. You sure turning this off means that your friends may not be able to find your profile. If they use a search engine outside of facebook. Which is probably the safest bet so we ll click on turn off and there we go so that bit like they said may take a little while to propagate through the internet.

But essentially now new search engines won t be able to access your data and put you on to their various forums feeds and groups okay so now we re gonna do the same thing on the iphone application so this is running on ios 13. So if you re watching this video a little bit later and this may have changed. So you ll see if it has either put a comment in this comment section. Below and ask for an update or the idea is pretty much the same.

So first of all you want to open up your facebook application and in the bottom of the screen..

You ve got the three bars and then in there you can go into settings and then from settings go down to your privacy section. Which is a little bit further down the screen. And you ve got your privacy settings. So in privacy settings.

You can go in to see how people can find and contact. You so who can send you friend requests again this is very similar to the application. I m sorry the web application. We saw earlier so at the moment is sets of friends of friends.

Obviously. If you re says everyone then you can change. It as you see fit and again also if you want to turn off who can see you on search engines. All that kind of stuff you can change that as well now i personally like i ve shown on this particular instance you can see who can see your friends.

List is friends who can look using the email address..

Provided his friends and who can look up using the phone. Number you provide. It is all sets of friends. So this is going to keep the account pretty safeguarded.

So it s only going to be close friends that will actually be able to see some of your more personal information. So do we go there s how to stock in random requests from random people on facebook. I ll be mike this is most unboxing views on how to and hopefully we ll be seeing you in the very next video. ” .


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