How To Take Screenshots On Nintendo Switch –

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” s up you guys idiot flip tronic so i m going to be showing us us how to take screenshots on your nintendo switch before you get into this you i would totally appreciate a channel like on this video. Plus. If you have not subscribed to us. I d appreciate that as well alright.

So anyways you guys screenshotting is really cool on here..

Because you can literally take any moment of a gameplay and you know you know share it to social media sites or emails. Or you know pretty much any account you can connect on here so anyways. I m gonna open up zelda and i m gonna do a screenshot on here for you guys so i m just gonna let it go through a little bit here so like i said any moment of gameplay that you want to grab a quick. Screenshot literally all you guys have to do is hit this little bottom left button on the left joystick and you guys can see it said capture taken.

I ll do one more so now..

I m gonna go back to my home screen you can then click on albums and then you can open this up and you guys can see where your screenshot is so alright so i m gonna click on this one you guys and what s really cool like i said is you can actually edit these and then post them. So let s just check out what you guys can do so you can add some text. Which is pretty cool all right so let s just uh just gonna write hey okay so as soon as you guys add some text you just click accept hit ok and then what s also cool is you can actually change how big the text is so you can make a little bit bigger or you could also change the position and angle. And you get then you can change the color and then you could just click finish so i m just gonna click finished alright so the last thing you guys can do in here which is really cool like i said as you can share any screenshots.

So let s just say you want to post it somewhere i m just gonna click the post option now click on your account and then if you connect some social media accounts on here you can then you know post..

It to there you can also add some other accounts in here. I haven t really you know mess around with this too much. But they ve just got facebook and you know twitter is the two main ones. But that s pretty much it you guys screen chatting on here is extremely easy.

The fact that you can edit..

It is really cool and then you can you know share it to social media sites as cool too so if you guys want to get some you know cool gameplay shots just hit that little screenshot button like i said and then you guys can share it so i would appreciate a share in the like and this video you guys as always stay tuned for more and be sure to subscribe to our ” ..

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