How to Unlock all Races in Dawn of War – Soulstorm (2016)

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“Back to base mourners mccraw on the jaw here and boy do i have a a treat for you so. Many people may or may not know that if you dawn of war soul storm or hammer hit donald or soul storm just soul storm. You only have access to two races in multiplayer. Which just sucks.

There is a fix to that and this fix comes in the form of both reg edit the registry editor and the soul storm race unlocker. Which i will provide a link to below two most important things to do are to run both of these is administrator. So let s do that run administrator and then run administrator. So i m not going to do this again because it was a bit what the what the hell.

I ll do it again. So let me try to restore to default settings. So this would be blank. And it will say a new version is available.

Blah blah blah blah. Blah. The solution to that is to open up your directory. Which you can do basically from just properties.

Local files browse local files and then you right click up either copy addresses text close that out and then go back here paste. It there..

So here s the way the cd keys work cd key. This one is for soul storm. This one is for dark crusade. This one is for dawn of war and this one is for winter or so so to input these start from the beginning.

And if you hold you just you know backspace it if you start on the first one okay. So don t know boy let s see 41. 24. It instantly jumps to the next thing.

Reef 50f. Just the next one a be 81 ac. 52. And then let s see what we got here so winter assault is 45 8 bf3.

0 0. 2. It s not exactly in the right order so i ve got a bear with me for ok. One be 93.

Let s check. What else do we need..

D. 148. C. 1 f.

I m not going to go through that process again. But just remember that and i ll put this in in the video. Description. But dark per.

Se. Okay. Dawn. Of war.

Is w. 40k. Cd. Key.

Winter. Assault..

Is. W. Xp. Cd.

Key. Dark. Crusade. Is.

Dx. P. 2. Cd.

Key and soul storm. Itself. Is cd. Key.

Basically. When you have all those checked you hit unlock races head no to that and it s optional..

But you don t really have to so now. Let s take a look at now we are in game o donnell. We re looking this hideous. Little red motherfucker got a multiplayer go to online create game.

Hey. Whatever i ll look at this now have access to all these marines or so ordinarily you would if you had just soul storm. You just be restrict. The sisters battle and dark eldar.

Now you got the full package and the coolest part is if you create your own factions like your own armies. I made my group shout out casters you re good to go and you need a multiple. What the hell s this let s see if i can start like game. I don t lean on ya.

Only way that i want to do it so yeah. So keep the hunt going. And i will see you all when you return to ” ..


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