How to unlock your Twitter account from an age ban! (2018, ALMOST GUARANTEED TO WORK!)

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“Guys has this ever happened to you you changed your birthday because it was wrong wrong and now your account has been locked for being underage. You have selected the option. Which was you were underaged when you created your account and now you are overage guess what you apparently have permanently locked your account. However.

There is a solution to instantly unlock your account. So unlocking. Your calpers will be quite simpler..


There is a reddit post that has explained the method in how to simply unlock your account. All you have to do is open the link and make sure you are logged in to your locked twitter. Account or else they will not work you ll be given a forum and you ll have to send an id will you need to submit your id. I suggest you don t because it has to be an id of an account that has been over the age of 13 at the time you created your account.

So you can be a friend an older friends id. It can be your parents id cousins of any idea as long as it s a valid id. And if you don t feel comfortable..


Uploading sensitive. Information disorder get an editing program and blur out sensitive information. However make sure your name. And your birthday are kept in place.

Because this is the only way for twitter to lock your account. Once you submit you should get an email back from twitter. That your account has been unlocked and you will you should be able to have instant access to your twitter again that do keep in mind that your follower count may be reset to zero..


It only takes a few hours for it to go right back all the way to the original count was on now if the method doesn t work you can always try again and keep trying until eventually you get the right one you can try fake ids. You try another id as long as you find an id that will work you can also change your email because you on the forum and try again. And you will most likely be able to get in your account. Otherwise.

Unfortunately if it doesn t work then you may have to wait until its where comes with a solution. But this is almost guaranteed to work. I like to thank the reddit user here for actually coming up with a solution or whoever came up with it originally thank you guys for watching..


And i ll see y all. Next time ” ..

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