How to use a mat file in MATLAB

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“Everyone hey we re gonna talk about dotnet files how to create them so so so what is a dot. Mattify. Dot mat file. Is just a convenient way to your variables.

Conveniently outside of your workspace. Here. Let s say. We have variables that we want to say four x equals five here it saves it in the workspace.

But this is temporary not gonna be there next time maybe nabla mmm..

So what we can do is we can save data externally on a file. So that it won t get lost. So we can say save and we give it a file name so example. This is what i m going to call it today.

And it s gonna create an example dot mad file. And we can see that over here that it has indeed created a dog mat file and we can store these variables within to stop mad files. So in order to do that they save a name of the file which in our case. Is example x.

Once you ve done that it has saved it so that we can clear our workspace you see that our variable x..

Is disagreeable you just check that by saying. What is x and matlab doesn t really know what x is because it s not in the workspace. So what we can do is we can load our file. When we load our file called example it s gonna store it it s gonna take all the data.

That s stored in the file and load it in the workspace. So when we do that x equals. 5. Appears back in the workspace now we have access to those variables.

So it s a really convenient way to store data..

So an example of a place. A situation where i used that file was so here. I ve got code for a gui and this gui solves odie s. But this gui needs multiple multiple gui so i click define odie s it asks you how many days you want to enter here just guess a 1 and it pops up another gui.

So now when the user enters. This data. There s no easy way other than saving in a bad file to send this user inputted data into the main gui. So once the user inputs this data.

This is the code for the second pop up..

What happens is that data is saved within a matt file called equation. Archives and then that equation. Archives is loaded into the main gui and that allows the two gooeys to communicate. And doing so have all the data imported to the moon gui.

So that you can do the calculations. And as you can see that words end yeah. So that s one where at one a place where i dot that file is coming really handy. I hope that was helpful and yeah thank you ” .


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