How To Work With Script Style Fonts In Cricut Design Space!

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“Guys jen kazi here your resident cricket wedding expert and while i m not sharing sharing a wedding specific project with you today i am sharing how to work with style fonts. So in this quick video. I m going to share three of my favorite tips for bringing stock fonts to life. No matter.

If you re making a wedding project or a home decor project or iron on t shirt. Whatever you ve got going so to get started we have three individual text boxes. Here using three different script style fonts and which you ll notice a lot of times is when you add a text box and you use a script style font. The design space is going to give you some phantom spacing here.

And it doesn t always do it. But sometimes it does so most of the time when you re using a script style font. You want to actually look scripty and you want it to look like cursive. So.

The first tip is how to work with letter spacing. So make sure you re clicked on the text box..

And then all you re going to do is come up here to letter spacing click the down arrow. I ll continue to click it until you are happy with the spacing of the text. Let s see i m gonna keep going here okay that looks good i think everything is connected so i m happy with the spacing now. But if i would say click go the cricut would still actually cut out each individual letter.

As it was which is now what we want so the last step of this tip is to hit weld now that it s welded you can see it s all fully one piece and we ll cut out a solid sticker piece of paper iron on whatever you want so that s it letter spacing weld. Easy peasy okay tip. Number two is my absolute favorite and so fun this works for a lot of different types of fonts. But it looks really cute with this emeline font.

So what we re going to do is go up here to the advanced little button and ungrouped. Two layers ungroup. Two letters excuse me. And now all the letters are separate.

So. What we re gonna do is now we can just take these letters and make sure that they touch..

I m going to rotate the e. A little bit so that it comes into the l. A little bit nicer and then i might rotate this l. Just.

A little bit. And then we ve got the oh. Maybe the oh should go up here. Yeah kind of cute okay.

Now we re ready for the other word. Okay. And so you can see this is something i ll talk about as soon as we get to the welding step. But if that if the tail of the d sticks into the solid.

I guess shape of the a like this at all this hull shape when when you weld will turn black. So we have to just be conscious of that so we re gonna keep this separate as much as we can tilt..

This are so you can see it kind of takes a little finagling. But that s fun that s the fun part of fonts turn the eye a little bit and there we go so i think i m happy with the spacing on all this so now what i m going to do is drag my cursor around and click weld a perfect example. The tail of the egg. Was sticking too far into the g.

So now we just hit undo and sometimes like you can t see it you can like zoom in if you want. But we re just going to move it back just a little bit and then try again there we go now this word is all one piece. It s totally custom you re not going to get any spacing like that anywhere else so that s great so letter spacing. I mean excuse me line spacing letter spacing and now we re going to combine both so i m just gonna put this letter space down here.

Until happy okay so this is a perfect example of a font that you re gonna need to use both of those tools with because i can continue to go down here. But then the r is off and it just doesn t work so we re going to go back up to the point where the r looked good now. I m gonna do ungroup two letters just move the i over d over of the a over and then i think it looks perfect now. But i m gonna add just a tiny little heart on the end here teeny tiny little heart on the tip of the e.

Just for fun. Okay um..

Drag weld and we re good to go actually. I think welded both of those together. But we can hit undo and now. There s just this one weld.

There we go now that heart is all one piece everything s all one piece and it s all gonna cut like that no matter what you cut so i do want to let you know that after you hit weld all of your text tools disappear. Because now these shapes are thought of as images. And that s all i have for you today. I hope that these simple tools will allow you to get the most out of the thoughts that you re working with okay happy crafting.

” ..

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