HP Z2 Mini Review Tiny PC, Big punch!

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“Is the hp z 2 mini. The world s first mini workstation designed for professionals. Professionals. According to hp this is made by and designed by professionals.

This computer is and it packs a serious punch inside you have an i7 6700 nvidia quadro m6 22 gigabyte 16 gigabyte of ddr 2400 is installed but you can expand it up to 32 gigabytes. There s also a 512 gigabyte hp mlc z turbo drive pci m2. Ssd there s also a cradle to insert a 25 hard drive or. Ssd if you wish on the.

Back you have for 12. Display ports to hook up four. Monitors because you know it s a workstation computer you have four usb 30. Port.

A rj45 network port and two usb c port from the back of the device you know this thing is all business giving you tons of ports to hook up your monitors and other newer products with the usb c. It also has a built in wi fi 5. Gigahertz. All of this in a tiny.

Computer that can fit in. My hand i mean the thing is. Only 85 inches wide 85 inches. Thick only 22.

Inches. Tall. It s smaller than a lot of cable boxes gaming consoles and other electronics it s pretty impressive also for what it s. Worth it s only 45.

Pounds like that matters as you re not going to be lugging..

It around as far as upgrade ability or repair ability the top comes off easily with just a latch. No tools needed. It s impressive inside just two fans and some heat sinks you can access the memory slots with no tools neither one of the fans can be folded to reveal where the memory is housed there s also that cage for the 25 inch storage that i mentioned earlier underneath. The cage is where the hp s the turbo pci m2 ssd.

Is located as you can see the thing is a modern marvel and hp really flex their engineering prowess with the machine okay it s pretty hyperbolic of statements aside how well does it perform well to no surprise with specs like these you know it s going to run great our model comes with windows 7. But it did have an upgrade to windows 10 that comes in the box now if you build from hp s website. You can get windows 10 built in too. But as of right now a lot of the engineering software like autocad runs better on windows 7.

So it s nice that hp gave us that option. We did some video editing and also did a little bit of gaming. Even though. It s not made for gaming.

We just wanted to see how well the quadrille ran and video editing. We use adobe premiere creative cloud update. As of april 2017. I brought in 4k mp4 footage from our sony a7r to 24 frames per second.

Footage now five minutes of footage rendered to. H264 codec 4k 24 frames per second and it took 11 minutes. I also downloaded raw 8k footage from red s website and use their own red cine x. To render it into 4k apple for 2 to prores that s like 27 minutes for one minute of footage that never may seem pretty high.

But it s actually pretty expected. I was guessing around 30 minutes. Even though this is a quadrille card you have to realize. It is the mobile version of a quadrille card.

If you had the full fledged quadrille card..

You will be seeing much faster render times. But in just a small package you re going to have a mobile video graphic processor. But if you are looking for something that can handle these large files you definitely do have something in just a small little punch now when i was working with it i did notice the fans were kicking on and it did get pretty loud. But for the most part it s a pretty silent computer.

It also did get warm. But nothing that would worry me in the long run. But if you do have it in a cabinet or anything like that since it s so small. I would be very very careful keeping it enclosed now as far as editing.

The fortwo and also the mov from my camera. It did find. I was able to work with the footage at 1 2. Resolution with pretty much no shutters at 4k.

We bumped it up to 8 k. Well who s that computer as i mentioned it sound like a well yeah. That s when i started hearing those fans kick on it had a lot a lot of issues with it but that s expected i mean. This is a que raw footage so let s pop over to gaming.

I know it s not for gaming. But i like gaming so let s see how well it does we try to over watch march 28. Update. 47.

Frames. Per second was a high and 35 was the low this was on epic settings playing at 1080p resolution now during this time in this video. We were using hp s monitor too this is actually sold in a bundle. And this will be hp z.


In 24 inch. 16. By 10 ips monitor. It s around 300 bucks from b.

H. Photo. Comm. The first thing.

I noticed is that it has very very thin bezels hp says. It s a virtually borderless screen for maximum impact imagery. So if your personal use multiple displays you can really appreciate this as the bezels are so thin. It may look like one very.

Large monitor instead of monitors slapped together the color was pretty spot on and for some monitors. This is the first thing i ll do or anyone else whose profession would do you actually have to calibrate the screen this monitor comes pre calibrated so you should be okay. But if you are professional. I do suggest getting a spider to really configure it.

But out of the box. The unit is factory calibrated with 99 srgb color gamut the very first time you power it on and this gives you accurate colors reliability and also just when you go between project to project. If you have the monitors calibrate. The exact same way.

The image is always going to look the same the monitor also has tons of ports. So you have a dvi hdmi to display ports and even a mini displayport you also have 4 usb. 3. O slots you can tilt.

This monitor you can raise it you can lower it and you can actually flip the monitor to go portrait overall..

If you re interested in this monitor. It s a great companion for this computer or if you re focused on more of the creative things this is the monitor to consider. But if you re gaming. This is not the monitor as it has a higher refresh rate.

At 8 milliseconds and also it is a 1080p display. So if you do need to go above 1080p. Then you may have to look elsewhere. But anyways guys.

This was the hp z 2. Mini. The computer made for professionals and a monitor match let me know what you think about it down below. A big.

Thanks to b h. Photo for hooking. This review up sitting in my way. Allowing me to review.

It i m kevin the tech ninja have yourself a great day and i ll talk to you folks later peace pop up on runway this sunday at 2 pm. Go hashtags go talk to a couple of friends will talk low heavy y all. Potency says. So nobody give the tech ninja is ready pop or pathetic.

You re modeling riddick scrolls on a ” ..

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