I Bought My First Camera For Youtube *Walmart Vlog*

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” s a lot of game. What s up what s up with y all and and today. We finna go look for a camera. This my fault and thumbs up subscribe and don t forget to comment and we bout to go see what cameras.

We like if we don t find one today they kind of defeat the purpose of the video. But we finna find one right and it s not gonna be the only store to go to i think let s go so i wouldn t really know where camera. What type camera shaggy. I ma just be looking you see me and hopefully i get one i wanted the one with like microphone on it tight.

But true oh no my mom is just up there. But man. I m hoping that we can get at the camera. Oh et.

Cameras right. Here. How do i really know it can t be less a gay boy hey pretty cheap today a good price you feel me you can tell hey china spent too much money maybe because i ve spent most of my money said. You know i like this tell me where s it come on come on tell me.

Which one s java like y all. Like the black. One or the real one you feel me. I don t know i kind of like i kind of like this one better you know see they can turn this on if you features auto scene.

I conjecture again and other powerful settings photo touch of the skin softener and i bravely megapixel. 16. Hey y all like my hair. I felt like my help in the comments.

It s the first time. I think this like my first time getting this like usually if i get it it s like kind of bigger. But today bad skinny you fit me i love i think i m gonna get this one..


I m off into getting somebody i work here to get the camera. I said turn it on and stuff like that but man. I m telling you this look good stuff for me to get a camera. I had her get this out of the way all i really need now is probably like a laptop for my mom got a laptop that part beautiful a little bit my nice cup of video is probably not gonna be used with this camera.

I just wonder her if we get out of the way if we go right now. So these are the ones that oh well i guess this means when you re in on okay right now a charmander don t forget to light that right now that right now. The subscribe start the video. You know we re part of people part you hear me got.

Uncle bill. Y. all. Give each other a little bit.

About wait for the buddy campervan to come out office break before we get mine definitely because i saw him on ice on the horn to warm up website. Now with only 20. It was nice and everything so i m a judge foot so he get off the bus ready walmart you finish is my sister wanna show me so it s like is bombed and now i can start my gaming channel. This way this they come in around like this to all this stuff like type stuff like this coming on the way to right my sister went this type stuff her a game in china.

But i need a laptop. I need a laptop teeth. But no disrepair mi stuff like this like for you come back with this lady. I won t get this one i think i think i m gonna try to do this fight mommy.

I like this one target is on my vision. Like i. Said y all. Make sure y all.

Don t forget it like texas god we better welcome our buildup this spring. What a games not even the right section for me i wanted to go to the new tennis. Which halo is so way whoever all your halo fans are their halo is stupid..


Who was the cute coach switzer this way. Oh. I m gonna put. Y all.

On something. Y all. Don t like that man y all. Know better my favorite super only batman go batman welcome tonight.

But pitch all y all whoever doesn t like batman you suck your trash. When the best games ever you love that you i might play down miguel. I never played too worried about always went in to buy heroin. I watched a game playing on their borrowing from the yeah.

It s a greater right and then you got greta nice to be playing at it s like that. But you know it got it kind of good for the xbox 360 love for their to win the beignet when the better when the best on began them smoting and walmart and this play you re already knows great blotto and that they might that play with me. She told us that we kept record in the snow. So now she just thought this week.

I recording the story because of the policy. So we re gonna we re going back and go cuz. I said i d get my camera. We had that little bit of a sharp end oh man forget that lady bear.

But now she wanted she want mean about it. She s just like that s the store policy. Or whatever so y all wanna. See.

When i get no. Way. Danko..


Well. Yeah. I d be banco alright like the cameraman. I even hear you film in the camera nightmare.

So y all. Think that i should just go. With this for showing off and showing the back part. I know that i think i m i think i m an immigrant.

I like the camera. I m late i ll let the way look i like it better than its below this what you don t know what the reasons are but no it s the think everybody let s talk about it if not don t care about hitler. I just like and distance come with chris pictures and videos this one just come with caps do not open. It we almost back home.

I m about to show y all. This camera. I got it down hook. Y all.

Seen it. But i got the bottom because the rebel wasn t available you jimmy boy here so i m gonna show y all. The camera and all that when i get home they always told you open. It that s why i told you not to open it but.

Yeah my update when i get that cold all right so this to kim. I got this is the name after i can see code that pigs pigs pearl az for one you see that this me i got the black come because they ran out a red card and let s open. It. You feel me hey.

Ma. This is me yes. Yes..


Sir. Side of a black box yes. Yes. Sir.

It s circling yes. Sir hey hey y all check me out upgraded all y all mine oh beat it on y all. Stop playing with me okay. And i got a list potato.

Let s protect this what you put on you fear me put on the top and you got oh. This is a strap that you can fit on rock. I ll hold it off stop playing with me mine stop playing with me. And i got the batteries all right so we all set right now be using somebody else not telling you to be using my mom not stop until i get one of my own.

But yeah man a lot topic. Yeah oh yeah. Thank y all. For supporting me.

Man. Hey they gonna support me. Don t forget to like comment. Subscribe and we can get enough up better man i love your lotto game money b i got this dog happy doc.

I did more videos on the way yeah buzz on the bottom his stuff might taint that all pay back calm and peace. ” ..

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