I just bought PS4 Pro & 4K TV / What Output Settings Should You Select ?

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“Right so real quick on this video. Since you guys been asking i ve seen seen this on the comment section. A lot of you a lot of you been this question. What settings do i use when i could finally buy my 4k television.

When i finally buy my playstation 4 pro. What type of settings should i use on the output. What are we talking about well we re talking about this right here sound and screen. Why seldon screen cuz that s what you re gonna be using.

You re gonna be using the television and your home theater. Now i don t know what type of home theater. You have and because i don t know what type of home theater. You have this is my recommended settings right here okay so go to the sound and screen go to the video output settings.

So what do you see here. I want you guys take a good look let me adjust my low light here exposure. So you guys can see it better like that so what do you see here resolution y automatic people gonna say oh mister 4k y automatic why not 2160p y uv for 20 why not 2160p rgb why why are you setting this to automatic well relax. I m gonna tell you why so you can understand why here s the reason why if i select my asia my range and my color output y uv for 20 or if i select it to rgb if i m not sure if i don t know hundred percent.

Let s just say hypothetically. You don t know what the y uv. For 20 is you don t know what your television can handle let s say you don t know what type of asia. My cable you have and you don t know what your issue my cable can do let s say i m talking to a dummy to somebody who just got a tv got the playstation.

4. Probably doesn t doesn t know anything doesn t have any clue about all this technical jogger. What are you supposed to do well if you re not sure you need to avoid forcing any of this stuff yes you can select 2160p rg p rgb and you can select 2160p y uv 420 but if you are not sure and you don t know what type of equipment you have what type of television. You have and what type of hdmi cable.

Do you have if you re not sure don t force it don t guess it and force it if you force something and eurasia. My cable is not that good enough..

And you are connecting your hdmi cable through some other pass throughs and it takes a long time to get that data and transfer it if you re not sure what you are using don t force it keep it on automatic if you know for a fact that you can handle. Y uv 420 or 444 or 4 to 2 then by all means go ahead and do it. But you should always select your resolution to automatic let the high dinah high definition media interface. I assume everybody understands what high definition media interface means.

It s the hdmi hdmi cable. Okay let your hdmi chipset. Let your hdmi cable decide and communicate between your tv and your console and let it decide what s the best output. Why do you want to do this so that way you don t have any problems.

When you are playing a game. So that way you don t have any heavy input lag. When you re playing a game. So that way you don t have a blank screen show up or a dimmed down hdr alright this is why you need to select automatic automatic and of course the rgb range what is the rgb range rgb range is not the new rgb range has been here since playstation.

3 playstation. 3. Has rgb range. It s been there since playstation and 2.

It s been there since xbox 360. Rgb range has been around for a long time now. What does the rgb range. Does okay.

There s two different types of ranges. You have a television range that uses 16 to to 35 range and then you have the pc. That uses 0 to 255 range. Now what are we talking about here.

We re not talking about the colors here don t get confused a lot of people get confused with the rgb thinking. It s a something to do with the color..

It has nothing to do with the color. It has to do with your dynamic black levels. The brightness. It has to do with the brightness of the black levels do you want your black levels to be more brighter or do you want your black levels to be a little bit more darker ok.

So the best thing to do is keep your rgb range automatic. If you are forcing it if you use full which is a 255 then you re gonna be having your deep dark levels. More crushed and they re going to look very crushed. You don t want to do that because that s intended for pc.

Which is 0 to 255 if you go to a limited. Then your going to a television. Which is 16 to 235 so the best thing to do keep it on automatic recommend it even it tells you to keep it on automatic recommended moving on to hdr this is no brainer this is very simple when it comes to hdr you want to keep it to automatic okay. But you also got to make sure if you want your high dynamic range to work properly guys.

There s two important things here deep color output in hdr you have to have your deep color output set to automatic otherwise the hdr is not going to work properly. So you got to make sure that your age. The art set to automatic and your deep color output set to automatic don t worry you re hiding a mic range static metadata will automatically collect that and it s gonna render that high dynamic range to its best possible way that your tv can handle so select automatic again automatic. What are we learning so far here.

We re learning that you need to put everything on an automatic really if you want this video to be short. Without me dissecting and explaining all of this the idea is for you to keep everything on automatic super sampling mode what is this super sampling mode think about super sampling mode it s like an op scaler it s like a really good ops killer. That s built in with the playstation. 4.

Pro hardware. So what it does this only works when you got something that s running let s say it 1k resolution or 2k resolution. Something that s like penne dp. This is su this super sampling mode is going to help that 1080p game look a little bit better upscale to your 4k tv.

That s what this is so you can turn this on i keep it on okay. It s on it s turned on and this will turn on once you are watching a game that doesn t support playstation..

4. Pro. Enhanced. If it doesn t support playstation.

Pro enhanced then it s going to automatically super go into the super sampling mode and upscale that game yes your television up skills anyway. But this helps eternally with that game with a hardware that s built inside the playstation. It helps render that game to a little bit better smoother upscale to 4k. It s a cool feature.

It s there so let s go down. Here to the video output information before we go to the output information. What have we learned here important thing everything set to automatic this is really not that difficult guys all you have to do is set everything at automatic same thing goes for your audio for your receiver. Everything should be set to automatic let phd might communicate between your receiver and your playstation and your xbox whatever device.

You have let it communicate and let it decide what s the best possible selection for that television and for that receiver or blu ray player that you have so let s go to the video output information. What do we see here so since i have selected everything to automatic. What did my hdmi and my television and my console. What did they select they select 3840 by 2160 60.

Hertz resolution. Because this television. It s only 60 refresh rate 60 hertz refresh rate and it s 3840 by 2160 color format it s rgb so it selected the rgb hdcp 22. What is two point two two point two means that my hdmi supports the pass through therefore i can pass through the hdr da s yards right here.

It s supported and there you go. And it also shows you what frequencies are not available for not using hdr. It tells you right here. 24.

Hertz. 30..

Hertz. 60. Hertz and also using a gr. 24.

Hertz. 30. Hertz. 60.

Hertz. So it supports pretty much all of the above. It supports movies that run at 24 hertz. It supports games.

Whatever some programs around at 30 hertz. And it also supports 60 hertz refresh rate. So it gives you the entire information here that you can read. But that s the technical jogger.

The bottom line you need to understand is this select everything at automatic that s all you gotta do that s all you have to do that s it and i guarantee you you will not have any issues. You will not have any problems. You will not have any input lag. You re not gonna have any issues select everything on automatic that s it that s all you got to do all right well thank you guys for watching this video take care.

I ll catch you guys tomorrow on qa and then monday. Hopefully keep my fingers crossed getting that samsung qaf and 55 inch. And that s it that s all i got ” ..


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