I make a Waterfall Edge Console Table for Couch with a USB Charging Station, Solid Wood Furniture

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“Few preview. Photos of what i ll be making in this video. Hope. You enjoy.

Enjoy. The video starting a new project. Today. It s a waterfall edge bench for a sofa and on a normal waterfall edge the grain would flow across and go down the edge and it ll be a 45 degree cut so the grain continues so when you get these sort of lines that should follow straight down the edge.

It s gonna be a little bit harder for me. Because i put it up three separate boards and the grains don t line up. But i ll do as good as i can for the noise boards. 240 wide and for a 45 day so they re there if nice chunky board for doing this should look really good the only thing i ve done to it so far is i ll give it a light seen and i filled up the cracks.

No dumber. The good face looks pretty good and on this side. This is the the back age..


So it doesn t mean too much. But it s got some some dodgy bits. I m gonna plane at the end of that line quick safety tip don t remove the guards on your woodworking equipment that s there to protect you your fingers eyes even your life. Where your muffs safety glasses.

Not reading glasses. Where it dust masks. Where what you re supposed to be wearing read the books safety box now i ve removed the guards on a lot of my woodworking equipment. And it s purely to so i can get a better camera angle.

I do that leave the guards in place. The idea is to get to the end of the project. You re doing in one piece. So be safe thank you after cutting the angles.

I put this board at the back of the bench with the good face facing away. So it didn t get damaged and i noticed a set eyes pretty cool. What you see in would at times..


You they ll be proud of both ends of this bench. Each one will be a double powerpoint with two usb outlets and this will allow to charge mobile phones laptops ipads whatever right from behind the sofa just chisel it down a touch a purely mark and where the forstner bits gonna go in that s before seen a bunch owls down all right. This is purely so that when the drill breaks out at the bottom of the wood. It doesn t splendor everywhere.

These are just to prevent clamps damaging. The top of the money and rely on that so there s not a lot of strain on it takes just purely. So that the jigsaw doesn t mark the the final set. Let s see our squares cut for the powerpoints and that s not the powerpoint.

But that s the size that will go over that s it we need a groove run down here. And this is the inside of one of the legs and that s for the pair tail cord to run up for the electrician to wire. Letting and then one right down the length of the top. So that they can get the power to the power point at the other end so i m just doing that groove.

Now so i m just going to router a little half inch deep groove and they ll be very nice and flat all right now. I m going to put all these together with a biscuit joiner. Which is kill your machine..


It s got a round cutting blade on it as we as we plunge that into your work. It does a cap like that and the biscuit slides in like that and we ve got a matching cup while the piece goes in when the glues in there blues this into that the other bit goes on the glue makes this biscuits. Well it makes a really nice tight joint strong too. So that s how we re going to hold this together corner pieces to braces just slots up.

There. So we re gonna have six biscuits here and to the to thee to always get to be stressful. When you ve got a whole bunch of biscuits to to get in at the same time plus. The clamps plus make sure it s all squared.

It s a best fit is to really make sure you your slots are in exactly. The spot. They ve got to be so i ve marked all in now just cut some slots with a biscuit joiner all right so i ve got almost locked cat. Yeah.

I believe that these four bits of wood that i m clamping to the job will be used along with my wood clamps. When i do the glue up on this section. They also protect the front face of the job from the wood clamps and they will be removed when i take the wood clamps off i d like to thank my lovely wife for assisting..


Me in this glue up that s always nice to have a second set of hands around. When you re putting things together. So let me explain to you what s going on with the clams. Yeah this bit of wood come on the angle.

Here because of and i ve got another one here identical because of the angle cut out lets me clamp this clamp closing out that gap so that directly shuts that gap now the mingo here lets me clamp that in and the same here so wait now pulling the whole thing together this is getting pulled into the corner. And this it corners getting shot this clamp. He s only holding this bit of wood. There this bit of clamp is purely holding this bit on one slide down.

But once this one gets on let s try to drag that that way well when you put this clamp on he s pulling up back so they ve let you really tighten the clamps up miss in theory. If we undo that wouldn t go anywhere. So that s the general gist of it i didn t invent that ” ..


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