iMovie Pro Tip: Create Animated Text Mask with Keynote

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“You d like to create a professional looking intro to your video today i ll ll show you how to create one of these animated text masks. Using keynote and the first step is to go into keynote and to select your theme. Then select a wide format this will make the frame the same size as your video keynote will open up with a few text boxes as if you re making a title slide get rid of the subtitle. Then select the main text box and type in your text to animate you can press.

Return for multiple lines. Select. The text box and make it fullscreen otherwise. Keynote will restrict the text size and we want to make it very large now select your font.


I like impact because it s nice and blocky center. It vertically set the color to green. We will use imovie green screen a little bit later so we need green text set a large font size. I find something around 500 or 600 points.

Works pretty well shrink down the line spacing. This will reduce the black space between lines. We want a lot of the video to show through so we want to minimize that line spacing readjust your centering vertically. I adjusted the text box size to do this in this case.


Now we ll make the font even bigger to fill the frame. Now we are ready to animate first we ll select our built in animation. We re going to use swoosh today set the timing for the desired duration. In this case.

We re looking to make an intro about 10 seconds long next set the action animation. We re going to use a pop next set the action duration will use four seconds. Now. It s time to do the build out animation will use skid set its duration about four seconds.


Now we ll get rid of any click that might be required to transition the slide animations now. We re ready to export to quicktime. We ll use the 1080p format for maximum resolution name the file use something easy to find like your desktop alright now we ll minimize or eggs at keynote and bring up imovie i already have a clip in place we ll import the animated green text drag it onto the timeline on top of the clip. We re going to overlay the animated text on top of the clip do any required trimming on the ends.

With the animations sometimes things are too small at the very beginning or the very end slide. It over to eliminate any gaps trimming the end select. The overlay and set green screen. Sometimes imovie does not show the text through a green screen.


And you can use the eraser to select the color that s transparent voila playback. The animation and tweak timing as needed and there we have an animated text mask overlay please like and or subscribe to my channel. I don t make a lot of these imovie videos and if you re interested in seeing more just let me know what ” ..


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