Importing Video into iMovie using iPhoto

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“Low seventh grade. I want to talk to you about how you would import a a video. We re gonna need to use a couple of programs here first you gonna go ahead and open high photo. I ve already had my cell phone or my mobile device connected you can see that it s showing here.

What i m going to do is for this i m going to come over and go file hit new folder. And i m going to create one just for my activity. Today so i m gonna do fitness let me go back up and i m gonna click on my mobile device again i have two videos here that i have created i m gonna drag both of them into my fitness folder you see the spinning wheel is telling us that it is working you just have to be patient. And give it a little bit of time when you re done it ll ask you if you want to delete the videos.

It s your choice whether you want to keep it on your mobile device or not i usually delete them if i don t need them again so so now that i have both of my videos that i just took uploaded and i ve dropped them into a folder that i ve labeled fitness. It created a new album for me already so i just labeled it push ups and i take this picture. I m actually gonna drag it to the desktop. This is how i find it s a little bit easier to work with your movie.


When i m done you notice that both of them and finished loading. I m going to go ahead and cross out. I m gonna go over to the imovie icon and get started once again you re gonna give you a little patient while it loads and then i m gonna come up and hit new events. Push ups import media click on the desktop go ahead.

And get the two videos that i left on the desktop hit import selected you notice that they have already popped in when i go up here then and hit new movie. And i can create different themes. If i like i m gonna go into the theme right now it creates i m gonna create a name for it and what i usually find is if i come over to the video want to add the whole invite entire video over and go down click on the second video out of the second video. Which is just added in and it already gave you a transition.

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