Indexing a Network Destination(UNC Path) on Windows 7/ Server 2008 R2 [Step by Step Guide [How to

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“Quick tutorial. I m going to show you how to index a network location via via unc path. I m going to go start and index going to modify and can see currently you can only do local disks and if there s network maps say you can actually do that but i ve one wants network maps for all the data that they want to index and for this you re going to need a patch from microsoft you can go to the following address you should be able to download that so you re going to need to go to wtmr soft com4 en us for just download for such details. Dot aspx question.

Mark id. Equals double 383. And then you can go ahead. Once you re on this page once it s loaded you can go ahead and click download and have post this up in my own site save you put in such a difficult long.


There it s only a small part. File msi. File about 26. Meg.

And so go ahead and download that as i was saying. I have actually put up a moment websites if you go to wwe k u. Nc index. But msi is a bit easier to remember now download straight away and then still downloading here on my machine.

I m just going to save it to the desktop you can run it and strafe on the internet or if it s on the local machine you want to do it on and installation is pretty easy..

It s just next next and agree to the license agreement. If you have to do so. So once it s finished. It ll ask for a reboot and so to make sure the index straight away you can have to press.

Yes. So reboot. The pc speed that one up a little bit okay now we re back into windows. So we re going to go to start type in index.


I should bring up the induction options for us just a second take in index. And options is there and we re going to need to go to the advanced tab move over to the right so once we re on the advanced tab. You ll now see add unc location of the top pair. Okay so i m just going to browse to my server just find a test server share for us to test on such as a backslash as to my server and enter my credentials in you have to remember you re going to need to have your credentials for this network.

Share you ll try to index as well and so you want to save them probably in your instance your case and we ve just made a test location here on the backups site. So i m going to copy the unc path. The top one topper unc path to one start with backslash backslash. You can use a ip address rather than the name as well paste that in there and i m gonna add the unc path should let us know that it s added it there we go okay.

So once we ve done that we can press ok and close out on there and we need to bring back up the indexing options..

I am you probably know already windows doesn t index pcs while it s not idle. And so i ll just bring it up as you ll see here it wouldn t have indexes yes. This has an index. It yeah okay so we cross that off and go to indexing options again we ll probably see it s paused okay indexing options at the top here okay so it s currently pause you can see that so i just leave my mask for a second to let the computer idle should in just a second there we gave me this time.

It s carried on indexing and it got four files that to do so shouldn t take a second and three of them there we get index complete. I ll see if you re doing bigger locations. It can take a little time to build up the index best is leave your pc on let the government get on with it just type in test now and you can see it s board up three or four times. There which have the word test item in in the in the name and that s how you index a ” .


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