Ini editor for Archlord players

ini editor This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Ini editor for Archlord players. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“What i do is you got to i nice right this is the original from from 2013. This is the roll. But the size difference is different see the different. It s very important because this program that allows to the name items.

Only works with 2014 with this file view. If you re going to use this one it will crash the game. I don t know why ok let s begin first off let s open our our slot. Ok loading with this program.

I rename my items. So you can see clearly let me open the program and this see here we will create a new ina file. So if i go and kill monster as you can see you cannot see most of the items. But it s important for me to see this this and at a dance you can see it says better care.

Because it s edited as you can see here. Adams remark. Ok so now let s edit go here. Take.

The original copy..

It go to your game folder open heine click paste. And then replace the file. So now we got the original in here so what will happen i will let us start my game ok game is that i start with new image with the original. So i will see every drop now after this we will go to edit as you can see yep the hell is this experiment.

We can see i got no addition no edit. The original file shows every drop. So let s go and edit. The original now i will need to exit the game open.

The editor open from the from the the file right here open it find your game. Where is your game. My game is on disk a because it s sv and there it is my game is here so now you put what you want i want a dance to show because i need our charter and three yellows. I don t want to see passports.

Ah you cannot disappear them. But you can make them smaller text so it s easier to find uniques so you want to mark passports treasure chest origins elemental stones these are non alights meaning that you will not see any items except a late click once i you want to see tokens. I want to see reinforcement potions in very small text. I can name it 2 dot.

So i don t see text called i ll just leave the gold reals you can play with the rails whatever you want whatever you want to rename them uniques..

I want to rename uniques in a name of total. Oh. I know i m hunting for the bottom. So i don t care just simple name.

If you want to add name you can add this and then name viral. Yeah and then you wanna click enable and then you wanna. I always remove not moorings. I shot this is a very nice thing but i don t use this and yeah.

That s pretty much my in a file. I mark this so they show little names instead of big names i mark this because this shows elementalist archer circuit. But whatever the reason when i see on the floor it shows elementalist. But in game.

It shows archer. A on every race. It shows. So yeah once you set up all of this if you want to see a real you have to click enable.

I don t wanna see any rooms..

So now you got a the find your game find your game. And then once you are done if you already click right and now it s editing you can see the naming non elite. This is the longest part about the elites. Because they have to remove all the items 108 items from the game in our modern weapons.

I believe if you re going to use this program with 2017 the game will crash. I don t know why. But it does crash so you want to use this. This is the original always keep the original in your computer.

Oh yeah. We just got away to the green thing. Games. So you take this original you go to your game.

Folder properties open location. I nee and paste. It here paste. You open this program.

You find your game folder and you set up everything you need..

And then press write is a simple as you can see you can whatever you chose it shows you to what action is making so it s editing. The file that ice now and it s done once it says. Done your file your game is ready let s go check it out so. But as you can see the rings that change.

The name is changed. You see this is very self confident you can see on the floor. You can see archer. I need that chell up you see very nice.

But i need three yellows sit down yet swatch booker same goes with the drops my bottom and fortune. I just got a drop easier to see lalala old and broke let you go there we go so yeah. Thanks for watching hope i could help i will make this into a data file. ” .


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