Installing Conduits for Ethernet Wire

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“What s up guys michael here with home and shop tv. Helping you learn the the right tools right materials. And the right techniques for all of your home projects. Getting ready to start my day here.

So i figured i d give you a little make a little blog. And tell you what i m up to that s some pretty good news. My door came in from my mudroom. So i want to show you that here in a second and tell you what i m up to today i ordered this door from allegheny wood works at west erie pennsylvania.

Ah. Eleven weeks ago custom walnut door and they took their sweet time making it. But it s gorgeous so it just came in earlier this week. And that is the next step in the mudroom renovation project is to install this door.

So let me let me show it to you real quick turn the camera around here take off this protective covering. Yeah. That looks in the in the picture..


Yeah. It looks pretty good um. So this is a solid walnut door with a medium satin clear fish on top. It s mission style.

I love the flat panel detail and it comes. I learned it free month. So it is it does have its jam its bottom threshold top edge of the jam. It s mortise for the hinges comes with some weather stripping here when they ship it knocked down.

Like this so we re going to get that installed pretty soon. See i can get this turned around so that s the next next step in the mudroom renovation project. And i ve been waiting a long time for that door my whole projects had kind of been on hold. But i m really excited for that so that of course will be a at least one if not multiple project videos.

I getting that done but i have one project. But i got to get done this weekend. If you saw my last vlog..


I had to do some maintenance on my water treatment system. Which is bayon ass and today. I got to finish a project. I have a two story house here with a full basement and an attic.

And what i want to do is my internet service comes in you know through the basements and i m trying to have wireless routers on all of the floors. So the basement. The first one is second floor. I want a wireless router in the garage.

And i need to pull cat6 ethernet cable throughout the house. So what i ve decided to do was install or is install conduits that actually runs in the basement to the attic. So i was fortunate enough to find a chase that runs through my basement to my attic. And the chase was designed for the venting for the hot water heater.

So i found this chase. I took off some drywall. I exposed the chase and today s project is to install some conduits and let me flip this camera around and show you what we re going to do i just picked up at the home center..


Here. These are six pieces of inch and a quarter schedule. 40. Pvc conduit comes in 10 foot lengths.

And my objective for today is to get those installed again from the basement. All the way up to the attic and i m going to do two one is going to be for all my ethernet cable. I went online and looked up some specs in terms of running cat6 ethernet cable through conduit and looks like i can get at least eight or nine cat6 cables and that s more that i m going to need. Anyway so one run of conduit is going to be for that and then i figured you know what if i got this chaise open.

I m going to go ahead and install a second one for a future expansion down the road. I d like to renovate the our master bath and put a heated electric floor in our master bath and i would probably need i can only assume i would need a dedicated 240 volt circuit for that so i want to be able to know that i ve got a conduit installed. Because my panel also comes in my electric panels in the basement as well so i want to be able to know the future that that i have that capability and i got to tell you you know if i was building the home from from scratch. You know i would have conduits and chases that run north south east west.

All over the place for future expansion. Because as we all know what a royal pain in the ass. It is to try to run wires and things in an existing home..


So that s today s project. I m going to get started hopefully i can get this done this weekend. And then the next step for me is getting my door installed which i m super excited about it s been a long time but that s it for now a quick blog video for this saturday morning so yeah again thanks for watching at home and shop tv. This is where i do most of my home renovation.

Woodworking and home maintenance. So if you re new here. Consider subscribing and also i ll try to throw a link somewhere here here maybe down in the description. I don t know to my other channel.

Which is grass and garden tv. Which is where i put all of my lawn care outdoor gardening and indoor hydroponics. So check that one out as ” ..


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