Insulin Onset Peak Duration Mnemonic Types of Insulin Nursing NCLEX Review

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“Everyone it s sarah thread sterner saurian calm and in this video. I m going going to be going over in fun pneumonic specifically to help you remember those insulin times. And what type of insulins are in each category like the rapid. The short the intermediate and long so.

This video is part of a series of the diabetic series. I m going over for in clecs review. So be sure to check out those videos. A link should be popping up with the playlist that you can access those videos and also after this video be sure to take the free quiz.

So you can test your knowledge on how well you know this material ok so the biggest thing that really gets students. I never got me during nursing school is remembering which insulins fall into certain categories. And what are their onset peak and duration times well in nursing. We have to get a little creative on how we remember things because there s so much to remember so first let s go over what insulins fall into each category good techniques to help you do this is write out the word insulin and we re going to use each letter to correlate whether it s rapid short intermediate or long.

Now. How can you remember that and rapid is the fastest and long types the longest. So i like to remember ready set inject love because with diabetics were injecting them so um first thing. We re going to do is we re going to use this word and we re going to write out rapid so rapid is the first one it s the fastest.

So rapid our next is short ready set so short and we use the s over here and we re just going to separate these because this is going to do with rapids. And this is going to deal with shorts and then the next is intermediates..

Which are you re like mph is humulin and the un in fluent is in the middle intermediate means middle. So we re going to write in humulin in because it s mbh. Then we re just going to separate that from that and then the l. Those are our long acting.

We re just going to rock long to help us remember so now we have it separated into categories. Now. Let s fill in which drugs fall into each category okay so human logs. The logs like humalog and novolog those are our rapid.

So we have hume log and then we have no vlog. So we have our rapids next and our shore acting all short acting insulins are your regular insolence. So if it s an insulin name and it ends and are like no valen are or humulin are that is regular short acting insulin. So we re just going to write.

He s the orange short and right regular. I ll remember that and then humulin in those are our intermediate acting remember you was the middle of the word insulin so we know that s intermediate and those are drugs that end in in and like nph and then our l for the long acting. That is levy mirror and lantis so web amir and lantis now we have it by category that can help us understand it how i really recommend you learn this is watch. This part of the video over and over get out your sheet of paper and just fill it in yourself.

And it eventually clicks and whenever you re going to go take your exam just hurry up and write it down so you can refer back to it whenever you re answering those exam. Questions now the next big thing you have to remember about insulins are those onset peak and duration..

Times the peak is the really big thing you want to pay attention to and because this is when the patient is most at risk for hypoglycemia when that drug is peaking so to help us remember this we have i ve developed these mnemonics. I try to make the mnemonics go along with the nursing profession. Because if you can remember something that you can and relate with you will help you remember better so i ve separated them too rapid short intermediate and acting each mnemonic the sentence. The phrase is going to tell you whether it s rapids short intermediate or long.

It s going to tell you the onset the peak and the duration by the numbers in the pneumonic and they re all in order. So let me show you what they say okay rapid. Acting rapid acting. The onset is 15 minutes.

The peak is 1 hour. And the duration is 3 hours. So remember this phrase 15 minutes. Feels like an hour during 3 rapid responses.

This tells us we re dealing with rapid acting. Because rapid responses. 15. Is our onset.

An hour is our peak and 3. Is our duration..

Ok let s look at the next. One sure. Acting onset is 30. Minutes.

Peak is 2 hours duration. Is 8 hours. Remember. The phrase short staff nurses went from 30 patients to 8.

Patients. Short remind you it is short acting. 30 is the onset. 2.

Is a peak and 8. Is a duration. Okay next one intermedia acting onset of these drugs are 2. Hours.

The peak is 8 hours. The duration..

Is 8 hours. Remember. The phrase nurses play hero 2 8. 16.

Year olds. Okay the end and nurses. The pee and play and age and hero that tells you that s nph remember mph is your intermediate acting insulins 2. Represents.

The onset. 8 represents the peak and 16 represents the duration and the last one long acting you re on sets of these this is actually the most easiest one to remember because there s no peak and there s only 2 new numbers you have to remember onset is 2 hours peak. There is no peak with long acting insulins and the duration is 24 hours. So remember the phrase the two long nursing shifts never peaked.

But lasted 24 hours so we know we re dealing with long acting because we re long 2 is the onset. There was no there s no page was long acting and 24 represents the duration. So i hope that helps you remember the different types of insulin your patreon sets in your duration be sure to check out this up the other diabetic seri videos that i have and don t forget to take that free quiz. And thank you so much for watching and please consider subscribing to this ” .


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