Intey 4k HDMI switcher with audio extractor review

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“Have you possibly ran out of usb ports in your computer or monitor. Or something something well maybe. It s time to get an hdmi switcher. Which allows you to multiple hdmi devices hooked up to one hdmi port all at the same time.

So let s talk about this issue. My splitter from our switcher from ntu. This is i guess i screwed up that intro just a little bit because i said splitter instead of switcher. This is a switcher.

It basically allows you to have one output and multiple inputs in this case. You know three inputs a splitter on the other hand is one input and multiple outputs anyways hopefully explain your helps out a little bit. I haven t a boxing for this product. As well by the way so check it out over on top of my tv.

If you guys want to and see what it comes with coz it comes with some cool stuff. I guess stuff you d expect. But it comes with some cool stuff you want to check it out so i tested this switcher with i guess my xbox one my ps3 my gaming pc and that was pretty much it that s really all i needed a test with it so right whenever. We first get into this we notice that the power adapter actually has like a blocky end on the actual outlet side of it unfortunately.

This might block some scenarios of like bigger plugs it s not going to block like all scenarios of plugs..

So that s nice at least. It s not really too big of a plug on the end. But if nt could make that small in the future that would be even better. But it s not really as bad as you might expect in some other switchers once we get down to using this thing.

It s actually a pretty damn badass has three hdmi ports. One supports mhl they all support 4k and it even has hdmi or has audio out on top of that so you can take the audio from those hdmi inputs and take them straight to you know your speaker s or anything especially like if your tv doesn t have audio outputs on its own then you can do that and it also a create a little bit less lag. Because then it wouldn t have to go to the tv as well so that s pretty badass you got rca and you but if which is bad ass and right whatever you plug something in this thing will automatically detect. It which is bad ass audio and on top of that hdmi so it s pretty awesome that it does that sometimes if you plug in another device.

It ll actually move to that device as well. But you can turn the audio or the auto aspect off and of course. You got that remote to switch over to a different inputs as well as so using the product is actually pretty goddamn great. You really don t really have to worry about it at all and you can turn it off if you want to as well you don t have to leave it on all the time.

The thing it just works pretty badass well. I mean until you go to switching inputs. It s a little bit slow with that let s be honest. I mean sometimes with like certain devices.

It was like five seconds for instance going to my xbox..

One took a while for some reason and a lot of times like it would go to the picture. And then it d go black for another second and then it d go back to the picture again for some damn reason sometimes it took six seconds sometimes it took even upwards to ten seconds. Which is praise. It s probably longer than it should be so i wish auntie would look into that but the good thing is automatically switches the audio output.

While it does that too so i guess that s nice at least and you know how i said this thing. Supports 4k well you re gonna be annoyed by something else its 4k 30 hertz and by the way. I tested this my tv is 4k. I have tested it i mean if you want to look at my channel.

I have benchmarks or graphs cards. Where i use it singing at 4k 4k 60fps. It runs great has hdmi on the. Tv but unfortunately this.

Thing i believe does not have hdmi 20. I didn t see like anything on the website about. It but i believe it s probably like hdmi 14. Because of my testing it only capped out at 30 hertz which kind of blows.

But that s just the way it is it s not really a super bit super big disappointment because there really isn t too much hdmi 20..

In the market at all these days. But it would be nice to have thankfully this switcher really doesn t add a hell of a lot of input lag. Which is pretty awesome other than you know just my tv s input lag. I really didn t see anything at all that you know i hampered my gameplay at least with console games.

It would maybe make more of a difference on pc games. I m sure. But i console games at least. It works great switching between everything is pretty solid and a little bit slow.

But overall it works pretty great and the picture quality looks awesome as well and it s just a damn cool product. So if you re looking for an hdmi switcher. And you have multiple devices and only a couple usb or a couple hdmi ports. This is definitely a great product.

Even if you re just using this thing as an audio extractor. It s gonna work great for you even though you do have to plug it in which kind of blows. I guess if you re just using it for an audio extractor. But overall the product is pretty great.

I would definitely check out into use html switcher..

If you re in the market for that and i mean you won t be disappointed. I don t think at all because i definitely wasn t so nt did send me this hdmi switcher or this review. As always my reviews are never biased and if you think they are then once again at you crazy as i say in all my reviews. I tested the crap out of this thing.

And i even did it with 4k. So you know i mean i tested the living crap out of this thing and it works pretty solid. I mean it didn t overly impress me. But it didn t really under and press.

Me either so i would definitely recommend it thanks a lot once again 4nt. You do send me this product. Because of that i will be having a giveaway for it so watch out for that in the near future if you guys need something like this because it s actually a pretty cool product then you re gonna be you re gonna definitely want to look out for that giveaway pretty soon before we leave this review be sure you like the review. If you want to if you don t then it s not a big deal you want to subscribe to my channel.

If you want to see more stuff like this in the future. Hey that d be cool too. But otherwise you guys have a crazy day. And i ll see you later peace out for the 6 gameplay in the background are just ” .


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