ION Audio Cassette Adapter Bluetooth – Bluetooth Pairing, Troubleshooting, and Charging

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” s it going guys. This is michael here from ion audio and today i m m going to show you how to properly use the cassette adapter bluetooth from ion the cassette adapter bluetooth was built to turn your cassette deck or tape deck into a bluetooth receiver for your available bluetooth devices. It ll also include a microphone on the top corner. So for example you are in your car.

And you need to make or take phone call you can easily use this microphone to do so you will notice on the front states that the adapter will power on automatically..

When it is inserted into the tape deck by the tape head being pressed in another option to turn it on is by using the off and on switch on the side and turning it into the on position. And it also includes a usb charge port in this video. I will show you how to properly connect the cassette adapter bluetooth to your bluetooth device in this example i will turn the off and on switch to the on position. And you ll notice a blue flashing light that blue flashing light indicates that it is currently in pairing mode and on your bluetooth device.

You just want to turn the bluetooth on and you ll notice in the list of available devices..

That the cassette bluetooth will show up when you press on it in that list. It will allow you to properly connect now if for some reason. It is not fully connecting or if it s connected to a different device. The first thing that you re going to want to make sure is that there are no other available bluetooth devices around you cassette adapter bluetooth that could potentially pair to it and you familiar your devices for example that may have been paired to it previously in that scenario you just want to make sure that the bluetooth is turned off on all other devices and if it does show on your phone that it is paired.

But it is just not connecting..

What you can do is go into the bluetooth submenu of the cassette bluetooth for example on this iphone. There is an eye icon. You can press. That eye icon and you ll notice that there is an option that says forget this device when you press forget this device it will completely remove the cassette adapter bluetooth from the list of connected devices.

It will rescan and be discovered again as the cassette adapter bluetooth..

And when you click on that if all goes well it will properly connect this time around so there you have a guys this is the cassette adapter bluetooth thank you ” ..

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