iPhone 4S: How to remove / insert a SIM Card

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” s up guys on this video. I want to show you how to remove the the sim card tray out of your iphone 4s as well as replace it replacing with a sim card from an iphone for right now. Showing you that the normal size sim card that we if you have an iphone 3gs will not work you re going to need a micro sim card. So it s better to sync your contacts on your computer.

So that we got to re answer every single phone number from your phone..

So what you need is a similar log tool. If you do not have one you can use a paperclip or a toothpick paperclip is pretty much the better option. If you don t have one so first start by putting your simin lock tool inside the small hole on the iphone 4 iphone 3gs. I m not a iphone 3gs but opening on your phone for and take out the tray right there you can see that micro sim card be careful not to lose it cos.

It s very small and i m going to compare it to the normal size sim card that you ll find in the iphone..

3gs or any other at t phone so grab your iphone 4s and pretty much do the same thing. That s going to be tough trying to open up the tray consider it s the first time are using it i guess to better explain it so you re going to need a wall in this video. I just use the table so after that it won t be much of a hassle to open it like i did for the iphone 4 all right we go just take out the tray you should see an indicator on your iphone for saying. No sim card found or activated.

So just simply push up the micro sim card out of the tray and then just put in your current micro sim card..

Like so and then just put it back into its slot and right away it should get signal. But if you can t find any signal go into settings and turn airplane mode on and off and see if it works there just like so. When i do right here turn it on and then turn it off and you should be able to get service of course. I am using the at t version of the iphone 4s which is love to in case you want to use the t mobile sim card.

But i ve heard that the iphone 4s for verizon and sprint are unlocked so you can try that so i m just going to pop back in the old sim card or didn t use import front in the iphone 4s into my iphone 4..

But that s about it guys that s how you take out the sim card from your iphone 4s if you have any questions. Please post a comments. If you like 3d write it up. And if i see more videos like this please subscribe and i ll see ” .


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