iPhone 6/6S External Battery Case Review – 3500mAh!

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” s going on guys. My name is calendar break central and today. I m bringing bringing you a review of an iphone 6 battery. Charging case.

This is an external charger. That holds 3500 mah to put that in perspective. The iphones battery is 1800 so so charge your phone about one and a half times. So fully charged from zero and then half again.

Which is pretty cool just in the packaging..

It comes with a nice little cleaning cloth. Which is always nice to have clean your phone screen. So forth the case itself is pretty sturdy construction. It s got a nice kickstand.

Which is plastic. So it s a little bit flimsy. But it does work it definitely does the trick and it s great for viewing movies and other stuff like that overall. I think the construction of the case is very well done.

There s four blue led indicators for how charged the case is you can see for obviously being a hundred percent seventy five fifty and then twenty five it s very easy to slide in you just take the top part off slides..

The phone in fits very nicely. I got to say no problems with wiggling or anything like that and then you just slide. The top piece back on again. Now.

The volume switches and the mute switch are a little bit difficult to get to but it s not that big of a deal and you can definitely still do it it just takes a little bit more effort than it would if you didn t have the case on but again. The main feature of this case is that it charges your battery. You can see when you hit the button on the back. There with the phone plugged in it starts to charge your phone and the way that the case works is when the case dies you basically just plugging it in to any lightning usb cord.

Just like you would plug in an iphone and it will charge the case up so you can do this independently you can charge the case and the iphone at the same time and then when you re going on like a business trip or you know wherever you are where you re not going to have an iphone charger..

All you have to do is throw. The case on hit that back switch and it ll begin to charge your phone back up to a hundred percent overall. The case is very slim as far as external battery packs go and it s very useful if you go on long trips. Where you don t have access to a charger.

It s pretty practical just because of how slim it is it s got some speaker buttons there on the bottom not buttons. But holes in the bottom. There. If you think that they missed that which they didn t the headphone jack doesn t require an extender or anything like that it s pretty pretty practical.

I would say i m definitely excited to use this more now that i have one it should be good for when your phone runs out of battery..

And you just need a little bit more juice before you get back home. So hope you guys enjoyed that video once again that was the battery iphone 6 battery charging case by kujan. It also works for the iphone 6s as well so if you guys have any questions feel free to leave those down below. And i will definitely answer those than that i ll see you guys.

” ..

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