iPhone 7 Camera Bug – How to Fix

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“Simply hate it when it happens guys i mean it s so annoying hey guys. Guys. What s going on this is apple fox channel here and in today s i want to talk about the iphone. 7 camera bug or the camera glitch or it doesn t really matter how you call it.

But it is there like even before this video actually started. I went over to the settings and i wanted to check if i run the latest version of ios. So i could tell you that it works or it still happens on the latest release and i was not running the latest version. So i had to install the ios 11 point two point one.

I believe but anyways i install this as you can see it is the eleven point two point one. But i install this version and then i wanted to see if it still works or if it still happens. And it does and that means that this bug is still present in the latest version of ios and in the ios. 11.

Nothing like this should actually happen so now let me explain you what this bug actually means. Because it s a camera bug. When i open up. The camera.


This is the place where i could actually see it so as you can see this is the usual like normal user interface when you open up the camera on the iphone 7 by the way this here is the iphone 7 of course you can notice by this camera right here this is not the iphone 8 this is the iphone 7 so in the camera when i swipe right here in order to record video. And here. It actually happens that the screen goes blurry for like five seconds. And when you want to capture a moment.

It is really important like those five seconds are really crucial so you don t want to miss a shot and those five seconds. Really do matter in my opinion. And the usual way are record videos like when i m outside or when i m traveling it does not matter. But i put it in a tripod and then i connect my headphones right to this like lightning port at the bottom.

And when i connect it there it means that i can control it with this right here. And when i plug the earbuds in you can see that we have this control right here. Which has the plus and minus actually icon on it and that is mainly for the music. But you can press on it in order to start the video and also end it so it is really useful.

Because you don t have to tap the screen. All the time because when you are recording a video you want to tap on these this red button right here on the right side or if you want to press this like volume buttons you re gonna click on a phone and that means that you re gonna give it a shake imagine like recording video and you press like this you can see that there is a slight shake. And that is the reason. Why i like to use the air buds in order to control the video.


But anyways. This is not the problem. The problem is when i try to connect it to the iphone you can see that it works fine. There are no problems right now.

But but when i click on this tab right here or this button. You can see that the video has been started actually it is being recorded. But now when i press on it doesn t happen all the time. But when i tap on it or when i click this button you can see that there is a blurry effect you can see it just blurred the video out and i cannot do anything about it for like five seconds.

Maybe. And that is really annoying because when you want to stop one recording and you want to start another one really quickly like immediately after it you re gonna lose so much time because when you are outside when you re traveling you want to be quick with the camera you want to find out it s like what s important like what s really interesting and you want to capture it on a video of course just take a look at it one more time. If i can get it to work. I mean this time it didn t happen as you can see.

But when i do it one more time you can see that it is right here. And it is really annoying guys in my opinion. This has to be the worst bug that i have ever experienced on the iphone 7 even though the iphone 7 is not my daily driver right now i m using the ice antenna as the main phone. But i of course bring the out phones when i want to record stuff.


When i m traveling for example as i already mentioned and when i m using the iphone 7 it may happen that this bug actually corrupts the video and it s gonna make it like unusable because you re gonna be losing a lot of time from the video. So guys if you have an iphone 7. And if you use it a lot then take a look at the camera and try to see if it also happens to you because i have actually never experienced or i have never met a person that has the same problem maybe. It s only with this iphone 7.

But i don t think so because it should be a software issue anyways just take a look at the iphone. 7 that you have and try to do the very same thing as you could see in this video and please let me know down below in the comments. If it also happens to you as well. But if it does happen then what can you do about it well first of all you need to go to the app store and try to download another camera application.

I know that the good camera applications from the app store often are not free. So you have to pay something in order to get those applications. But they re really good. I would say that even better than the camera application that we have right here on the iphone 7 or any other iphone basically i would say that those apps are better than the stock id from the camera.

But anyways you have to pay like 10 bucks or something. So if you are not serious about taking photos. And capturing videos with your iphone. Then don t do it just because of this bug.


I mean. But if you are then i would recommend you to do it and that would be the end of today s video guys i just wanna say thank you so much for watching. And i really hope that apple does something about it because you know like it s really annoying by the way at the point of making this video apple just said that they re gonna fix the like slow. Iphones the old iphones are getting slow with the ios 113.

The latest version that is being prepared right now. So i just wanted to say that in today s video. Because it just happened. But anyways thank you so much for watching enjoy the rest of your day.

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