Is The Sims 2 University BETTER Than The Sims 4?

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“No i was rooting for her. We re all rooting for you oh what is is she cursing me. What just happened. Oh really i m upset about that i so offended when i go in the camera points.

In all this game. Has no gel no at all hello. Everyone today. We are going to be playing the sims.

2. The best game on earth let s just say it like it is it s truly one of a kind my favorite game ever. One of i have a small handful of games that i love this is one of them last time. I played this game.

I left it unpause for 24 hours. And it was the best thing on earth. So what i wanted to do was actually sit down and play the game. It s been a long time since i ve just sat down and played the sims cuz the sims.

4. Is just not doing it for me whoopty. But i love the sims 2. You and i haven t properly sat down and played it in many years.

So i decided to start with literally the first expansion pack. Which was university can you believe university was the first expansion pack that came out in the sims 2 o manga took the sims 4. Quite some time now another wonderful thing about the sims 2. Is that you can just jump right into university with a brand new family.

You don t have to like make a family call up the university and then get sent there you can just jump into university and start there. So that s what we re doing we just jumped right in so i have a girl her last name is wisdom get it cuz university. We put her into a dorm room. Let the madness begin so here we are in our dorm room.

So i went looked at all of the different dorm rooms. And this one was my favorite. I liked how much room. There was for activity.

We have this like really cool like rec center over here with like the nastiest couches. You ve ever seen. This one. Came with like a really nice little kitchen computer room like a little library and upstairs.

There s also another little rec room. Where there s some chess and stereo and stuff like that and here s all the dorm rooms are you so excited to pick one because it puts you a little face on the door. Oh my god i love this game. So we have to hurry and pick one before the rest of the rest and shoes and pick them all up so we gotta choose when we want can i change the wallpaper in these rooms.

I can change them for everyone so you re telling me i could just totally mess up someone else s dorm room. You re giving me way too much power can i put items in other people s dorm rooms. Oh. My god i can is the best day of my life all right.

So is there one that s like somewhat bigger than the rest. Also what is this this room look at this like a closet. There s nothing in here. I think that s a little sketchy.

I m kind of feeling this room over here in the corner because it s like away from everything. But i kind of like these rooms too cuz. They re like right in the middle of anything so. I think maybe we ll go with this one.

So. Let s go claim the door here. We go. Oh yeah.

By the way. This is my sim that i made her name is emily wisdom. She s real cute. I like her a lot also i don t even know if she has a major omar she totally she doesn t i don t even know how to how do i do it i have to call someone look.

There s our face. Oh. My god we could lock the doors and nobody can come in and bother us. We have a little bit of money not really that much.

But she wants to go to class buy a telescope write a term paper girl. These are really interesting wants but what i want to know is how i choose my major in a computer to get in touch with the register for forging new year and a school maybe. This isn t for that great who can we call college. We just call college just college not a specific person oh here we go declare major.

I don t know what she wants to be by the way she has a knowledge aspiration. And what s your lifetime aspiration to max out seven skills. Oh okay. So it s kind of just open ended.

So we could pretty much do whatever we wanted let s pick a major..

Okay all right there s so many choices so we got we got psychology history physics literature political science math economics biology philosophy art and drama which save the drama for you mommy oh if we click on it tells you ideal careers. Focus skills little description those days awesome does paranormal say no more that sounds intriguing oceanography dude why does this game have so many good careers music career intelligence show business architecture. Oh. My god this game gamer could be a gamer is up dance.

I think i m gonna do philosophy finn osakis but we can do paranormal because what what even is that what a hunt. Some ghost. I accept so now we have some skills we need to take care of she s already taking care of the logic skill over here. But i i have other plants.

Oh. A friend she got this room. Oh we can t see inside of it. Anymore can i place things in there.

Now that she s claimed it you know i can so. We should decorate our dorm room a little bit cuz right now it s looking pretty ugly. We could switch up our bed. As we change the flooring they would definitely not let you do this in a real dorm.

We could really go all out. But i won t because it s not really typical. So we ll just go with furniture for now let s get rid of this bed. It sucks.

I believe it like it should we get them oh mermaid bed. Yes. Oh. That one s kind of cute.

That looks. Like teddy. Fresh. You can change a color of this too so cute we ll go with white.

We ll go with white. I m so excited that s so cute what else can we put in our dorm room. We got no money to do nothing we could have the snowman. Though and that s all that matters.

We can maybe get like some pictures. And we have some fairy lights. That s pretty cute oh. That s cool.

We should put a dreamcatcher in here. I know you re supposed to put it above your bed. But i can t really see it so i m just gonna put it over there. Oh we got a friend oh hey how you doing what s your name brittany how you doing we are starting a new game.

She said look how fast the skills go up oh my god nice now we can dump this girl and go do some other stuff let s talk to her though we ll be nice. We want some friends right what s your major can i ask asks what s your sign. What are your skills how much money do you have oh my god do you like what you see we re getting along pretty well. But i hate to say hi and run.

But i m out of here. I don t even know how to leave do i have to call for taxi invite us in or just a taxi. I m just gonna go by ourselves we re independent woman. Oh.

Where do we want to go look at all the places. This thing has there s a gym here a part boutique. A music hall. A student center library.

An amphitheater an amphitheater a freaking amphitheater. A coffee shop and a waffle way shop. I don t know let s go to the boutique. I m just too curious i got a no we re off we re going to the boot.

We re here oh my god that girl s face hustle o lanterns something a little scandalous i want to point out to everyone that s watching the sims 2. Had literally no chill at all these are changing rooms with cameras and a hole in the changing room. When you get in i ll just show you when i go in the camera points in all this game. Has no gel no chill at all it s so bad can i also see what s going on.

Oh. My god you can actually see what s going on. I shouldn t be in here. I don t want to talk about what just happened is there another place.

Oh look there s another store. This one s a little bit more elegant. They don t have cameras in the changing rooms good for them so we could try on some clothes. It s pretty much does all this stuff from create a sim.

I don t think there s anything special in here per se. But like let s say you want to try on this dress just for funsies. She s gonna take the clothes you piece really scandalous dressing rooms sims. Oh my god there she is oh she s gonna go over to the mirror.

Oh my god just check out her teeth..

What what you did in your teeth in there well whatever you did this camera saw it yo. I can t even believe that i can t believe it that s so bad these people look like they re rebellious look at this girl. She looks like she gets in a lot of trouble we should say hi a tough handshake kiss kiss darling earthy hug let s do a tough handshake she seems like the tuc handshake kind of gal. Oh.

She loved it oh my that was exactly what she needed so the homework. Oh. My god do we have homework. We don t have homework okay good.

We re good oh these are vending machines. I remember these and these are magazine racks that cool magazines were thing look at this. What is this stuff. Oh we could buy a cellular phone.

Wow. An mp3 player or a latern iment. What is that it s a gameboy advance having a cell phone would be kind of handy in the theater in class. All right fine you sold me put in our monies.

Oh look at it the little freezer buddy s on it. Look. There s a freezer buddy so cool. Oh.

You think plumb bob is so awesome. So now. We have a cell phone. How do we oh look right across the way is like the little waffle place.

We unfortunately do have to hop into a taxi just to go across the street. But you know it s in the sims. 4. So oh what the grocery store.

Oh. I forgot you have to keep your fridge stocked. Oh. My god i love that.

It s just like a blockbuster sign. Me up. Oh hello. Who did you meet holy mother of.

Oh. My god he has the biggest mouth. I ve ever seen don t ask me how i know that okay so one place. I do want to visit before the day is over i want to go to the student center.

There we go i want to see if we can see like mascot. I like forgot how you go to class and stuff. She is literally grilling will you stop. Oh.

She s like probably starving isn t she oh i did not look at her needs. I never have and i never will here. We are oh wow. It has a fountain and everything can we do anything.

With this fountain. Oh. We can add. So yes doo doo right is the sun went down.

Too. And that literally couldn t have been more perfect. Oh oh you didn t see nothing you saw nothing to read. I m sorry i m sorry i didn t mean to.

But i did i did mean to do it like yeah. It s not my job to clean that up work as barista wait. I can t work as the barista can i read some money like this oh. No i m.

The barista. I have taken a lady out of her job. Oh. My god we made some money wait how did we make money wait how are we making money just from standing here are we getting paid think every couple of minutes dude.

Honestly this is the freaking life oh there s people look you re playing pool. Yeah. I thought that was eliza pancakes come back from the freaking pass to haunt me. In the present.

So maybe we should go back and go to bed. Oh. My god she s starving to death oh there s an outdoor kitchen. That s fully stocked dude.

It pays to be a student sometimes stand around make 16 bucks..

An hour for nothing i ll take it so it s not the best food in the world. I m pretty sure it s cereal. I wish you starve it geez can i help you oh god oh something about that just that is not right. He is watching us eat.

While standing like like i can hear him breathing from here. And it s through a game. Oh is she gonna take our food. The service is outstanding now we can probably head home.

I don t remember how the classes work. So. This is gonna be surprised for everybody. What the what the hell is this what the what is she cursing me holy what just happened you better get the hell out of there before you die.

She s conjuring up and she s conjuring up something else what will be next. Oh. What s next my games. Lagging.

Oh kitty oh bye it s her familiar whoa. What did we just witness the things you see when you go to college. Okay y all. That was the coolest thing.

I ve ever seen wait a minute wait a minute wait a. Minute why is it 12 00 pm. Did we miss class. I guess let s do our assignment.

Yeah wait when do we go to close. Though did we miss it i am literally so confused it was nighttime a second ago she s smelly her you need to go take a shower just in our pjs chillin. I m so confused why did the time change like that i m such a loser. Where d he go hey i want to talk to you oh no are you not sure then so we need to learn a few other skills.

What are you reading right in diary. She doesn t like the woman that looks like eliza. My girl. My girl.

What is this face. She s making why did she look like what is she doing you haven t even been writing anything. This is so bizarre crazy you go to bed in the middle of the day. I think we ll just sleep through the night.

And hopefully we will not miss class in the morning. All these people stay up all night how are they. Okay oh god now we re up at 10 00 pm. Great we re literally watching the weather channel.

It s gonna be heavy rain later too they wear a jacket. We definitely need to like go back to bed. So we re not exhausted during class wait we can t go to sleep. She s not tired enough.

I m kidding well it s the morning now so go hit the showers cuz. We re going to class what day of the week is it is anybody know what day of the week. It is was there not days of the week. What s breakfast.

Oh pancakes yes go get yourself. Some. Pancakes. And win.

This class. Start. Oh. What an hour.

What out of an hour at class. Oh is it just a rabbit hole. No it was just a rabbit hole dang it oh we met a bunch of people professors whoo now we want to throw a sports girl you wanna throw. A party do we even know enough people to throw a sports party.

We ll invite the four professors. No we need to go around meeting. Some more. People.

Let s go to the leisure land place. Oh wow wow. Look at the flamingos. Oh.

My god. This is so. Cool. Let s hope.

A bunch of people show up so we can rock out all people are showing up..

We need people for a sports party. So let s go reach some people hello. It d be nice to meet you as well meet you how about you we re gonna say hello to everyone we see ok we ve met a couple of people i can t never if you could get drunk in this game. Let s get a drink.

Let s see what happens. Oh god s here. Okay now that we have enough people that we can mix. We can definitely throw a sports party and it won t be a total piece of crap.

Oh my god she s back every time. We re about to leave. She comes back in can we say hello to you we should invite her to the party. She is definitely getting an invite to the party a hundred percent.

She likes to mess stuff up and so do i we re about to throw a party. I don t know what it takes to have a good sports party wait what two guests maximum. So i wouldn t met all those people for no reason okay well i m definitely inviting the witch. She is so invited and i m also gonna invite the mascot cuz that just makes it very sporty.

Beautiful we need to also change into a good outfit. Oh. There s always a chance that i guess might not show up okay break out the refreshments and the latest tunes okay. So let s change and do our everyday outfit and on our pee.

Where s the party gonna be hosted kind of want to do it in here. Okay. So the party has started so far it s a snoozer sports party. Does that mean we re watching sports.

Oh we re playing sports. I don t know i have no idea we can t even afford anything sporty anyways this party s gonna suck is what i m trying to say where s our guests. Where s the witch. None of them showed up in my life.

Well you know what i m just gonna play some pinball by myself all by my lonesome. My guests are here man this sucks. I m gonna work out on the tv. Maybe that s what our sports party means we re working out in here.

Anybody wants to join i cannot believe neither of my guests showed up i guess they technically don t know me that well. So my boots my own fault. I am. So upset everyone s in there studying and i m like over here trying to throw a party that s failing so miserably you know what forget it we re going to beds party sucks.

We haven t done like any homework or anything by the way wait per points. Oh yeah let s get oh what s this let s meet each other sims huh eureka whoa. I m super duper smart. I can summon aliens you know i m choosing that right like you know i am i can t believe none of my party guests showed up oh really i m upset about that i m so offended.

My final exam is in five hours. Oh god oh. My god oh. This is what i came to see oh my god what happened to these people oh my god who s gonna win this epic battle.

I have my teeth oh no i was rooting for her. We were all rooting. For you. Oh.

Oh god oh. In there. I am over there just casually like what s happening three hours until final exam. Okay let s learn this skill really quickly so we can maybe ace the final exam.

Beautiful oh we re back to doing this again girl. She s just sitting on the floor being like i hate her oh final exam. In one hour. Okay.

Where our final exam is in progress. How come to that these other people are having their final exam. Why is it just me a plus grade. We ve been giving a grant of 1200 samolians and we made it on the dean s list killing.

It you missed a fight. Though and i m pretty sad about that it was a sight to see all right well that is where i m gonna leave it here for today. If you guys want to see more sims to give this video a big thumbs up and leave a comment down below. What do you want to see me do if you want me to do another video.

I ll start up the next expansion pack you can just keep going i love this game to become part of the early squad. Click that notification bell and make sure all notifications are on so you never miss any of my videos. Hope you guys are having a wonderful day and i ll speak to you all very very soon. ” .


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