Is YouTube Unsubbing Me?

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“Guys and gals me muta hara and today we got to talk about a little little youtube thing. A little question a little inquiry that i have to sort of out now ladies and gentlemen. I ve been reading in the past a month month and a half about a whole bunch of comments. You know just i read every comment that usually flies into the videos right like i spend a good chunk of time and night sort of opening up the videos reading the comments and out of i think the six million moodle.

Hard comments. You know the other couple where the video gets time stamped or the so or the comments. Where you know it says tells you how many times have said ladies and gentlemen. I find one of the comments.

Unnerving ly way too much and i feel like it s it s a situation that i want to click on dove address and just sort of gauge how real it is now ladies and gentlemen. I wanted to really ask what is youtube up to when it comes to the unsub from channel s type nonsense. Now. I ve made a video about this in the past where i talked about youtube unsub me from channels channels.

That i follow channels that have actively watched now i usually thought for the most part when youtube unsub view from channels. It did it because i guess i thought that you were fucking inactive. So hey maybe we should fuck with the subscription system for videos you know when you re making a fucking website subscription should be incredibly simple to do i find a channel. I hit subscribe you never fuck with who i subscribe in who i haven t because at a time when i was making this video last time youtube was subbing me to random channels that i swear i ve never sucked so you re gonna sub me two channels you re gonna do this here s how you develop a subscription system okay youtube engineers don t fuck with it let the user completely decide what their list is like and when you sub to a channel just give them the latest subscriber video that has been fucking uploaded this is not a difficult concept you don t need a fucking.

You know phd degree to solve that level of programming on your website. Honestly that s what the sub system should be but i wanted to gauge how many people are getting unsub from me without their fucking consent. Now. I ve noticed that this problem has sort of struck a lot of youtubers for years now right.

And there s been no fucking clear cut answer you think this website s gonna ever give a clear cut answer about the unsub issue..

No they re not not at all you know it s watching this thing markiplier. The other day were like tons of people from his streams. Got bane because they were spamming emojis in a livestream or something or or in general on his channel. Something that he asked for and youtube decided to automative like ban everything on these on these individuals.

Because of some bullshit spam now. I ve always said for years. Youtube is a website run by algorithms and bots and ai. But you know it makes me kind of wonder how fucking you know batshit stupid.

The youtubes ai. Actually is when it ends up deciding to make these decisions for itself now when it comes to subscriptions on youtube. I i ve noticed in the last like three months that i have actually been unsubbed from several channels. Several channels time and time again channels that i actively have watched channels that i would watch every single upload of now for instance.

I ve never done a bail notification. Which is like where you know where you hit the bail button for somebody and the only reason i don t do the bail notifications is the bail notifications do not fucking work for me. In any capacity whatsoever. They just don t they do not work in any single way the bail notifications at least for me are broken on every single device and and half the channels that i ve went to sometimes they work sometimes they don t i almost feel like going forward into it the weird conspiracy is is that youtube has decided that there are certain channels that we re gonna fucking push and certain channels that we re not going to push whether you subscribe to a channel that we re totally against we re just not going to give it to you now when we looked at things like p scores.

Not too long ago. I think it was like last week two weeks ago. Where we looked at a piece score system. Where basically u2 was grading.


Based on how advertiser friendly. They were through their machine. Learning system. And i have a feeling that maybe this peace corps system has something to do with subscriptions on channels.

Because if you look into the peace corps system. One of the big layers of it was actually great in content based on age and i feel like for most people who create an account and they feed their age to youtube. I feel like youtube looks at the fucking age rating that they ve given content the age rating of the viewers that are associated with with their account. So let s say that your age on your account would be like 35 and the video is deemed for a demographic of like 20 to 21 or year olds.

Then it might automatically unsub you from certain channels at least. That s the only logical rationale that i am coming up with because at this point. The unsub issue needs to be fucking looked in like youtube. You need to look into.

Why your subscription boxes your subscription system is broken. Because. There s no fucking reason. There is no rhyme nor fucking reason that such a simple.

I mean simple system is so fundamentally broken at the core of a subsystem. All it means is i go to a channel hit one red fucking button. It tells the what it tells the website well i would like to receive every upload from this person not one in every 10 upload not one in every twenty not the random rng loot box drop that says maybe i should just unsub you maybe i should just get rid of you when people sup to a channel. What they fucking smash that bell button you know the bell button they expect to receive notifications okay the annoying kind of notification.

The one that say hey listen there s a video from a content creator you haven t watched yet that s what people expect how hard is it to fucking sit down and program..

It let me tell you not very difficult. But for some reason. A youtube engineers youtube itself has deemed that this is a fucking. You know.

This is like this is like figuring out how to divide by zero like we can t get a simple sub system. To work. Every website has got a sub system to work. Okay.

Even adult websites have figured out how to fix the sub button. And people don t even sub on those websites. But they still figured it out most of the competition has figured out how sub button works hey when i follow somebody on twitch. You know twitch tuss for me hey wait hold it tells me that they re streaming wow.

You know when like facebook tells me what i like puts somebody as a close friend like ice up to their feet on facebook you don t know what facebook will tell me they uploaded something you know what happens when i follow my favorite fucking youtubers youtube unsub s me the most random shit out there now this isn t a everyday occurrence for me. I ve noticed it happening. But when i read common over and over and over again from users who say mood. I have an unsub from your channel or i look in the reddit and say hey is anybody notice that muda has been fucking unsub from their list.

Yeah. It makes me wonder if there s not something weird going on look. I m not complaining about the fucking growth or anything on the channel. We ve actually been doing really really fucking well.

But it feels like there is something fucking broken on youtubes end that needs to be looked at it..

And this isn t just me this is like every other content creator out there that s dealing with this kind of shit. There s a lot of people who are suffering from weird something. I m not even saying. It from a content creator standpoint.

I m just saying it even from a viewer standpoint. What ice up to certain channels iii want to watch their content. The degree of how much i watched them whether i fall into an age category for that content shouldn t be any of youtube s discretion. If i want to watch it if i want if i want to watch you know one content creator on the internet.

That is between me. And that content creator. I should be fuckin sup to that channel. Until i manually go to my subscriptions list and unsub from them youtube relax.

I get that you have a fucking ai. Guess what the ai hasn t fucking learned how to breathe and dress yet so maybe dial it back let people manually adjust things that are meant to be manually adjusted on the website and then fuck with it later. I don t know the ladies and gentlemen. I just wanted to ask a general question and i wanted to sort of bet.

My fucking frustrations. But that being said my nipples are pretty erect. If you liked what you saw. Please like comment and subscribe just like if ” .


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