“IT S NOT GOOD…” Charlie Kirk Talks About Religion On College Campuses (Full Interview)

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“First of all charlie thanks so much nfor coming on and talking to us today. Today. What is the thing that motivates a young guy in his early 20s to a movement well i started it nactually when i was 18 and i mean look. I m a patriot at my core.

And i felt like nwe were losing our country. And i still do and we live in the greatest country never to exist in the history of the world. No country or culture is even nclose and it takes people to rise up and do something to save that republic and nif enough. People do that then our country has a fighting chance.

And that has what really has compelled me since day. One and how did it go from just idea nto movement..

The acronym cbwa conceive. Believe work and achieve so you have an idea nyou believe in it you work towards it then you achieve it and the hardest. Part is not the idea a lot of people have ideas. The belief is is the hardest npart the work is the part that you have to really commit yourself to and then achievement is fine so if you actually believe in yourself.

It s a very very difficult thing to do most people they ll say it. But they actually don t do it because you take a risk when you believe in yourself then you have to extend yourself. And you might fail and so you know we did that time and ntime again and we ve seen amazing success. And you can see thousands and nthousands of students from all 50 states and six countries represented and it s nonly gonna go up from here that s amazing and you mentioned nfaith and you gotta believe in yourself.

How does your faith sort of shape. What nyou do it s everything i m an evangelical christian..

The bible is the greatest book ever written and you and i were joking off camera about my conversation with a rabbi who ndoesn t believe in the torah that s amazing to me. But i don t know if he doesn t believe and he doesn t he thought it was the npropaganda or some crazy thing. But it s everything and if we had more people of nfaith in this country our country would be a better place. I have so much respect for people in the jewish tradition.

I really do the reverence the commitment to law the understanding of you know the strict teachings of the torah. It s amazing and the world s a better place because of the jewish people you work a lot with young people where do you see the trajectory nof faith going among college students college campuses. It s not good the quickest growing religion in america is atheism and atheism is a religion make nno mistake. It s a false religion.

But a religion has core beliefs. They have that a religion proselytize its believers they have that and a religion tries to grow its ranks..

They do too i mean those are things all that atheists do and there are more atheists than christians now on college campuses. It s very scary nand. We need more people in the judeo christian tradition to revere faith and if you have no faith. Then what do you have and it just starts nfirst of all with the faith that there s a higher being that there s an nomnipotent omniscient omnipresent god something that jews and the christians nequally share and look there would be no christianity without the jews and that s nwhat you know obviously the devout evangelical christians.

Understand that nthat s why the fiercest defenders of israel are evangelical christians right and there s no greater ally than israel than you ll find in me or find in the christian community. So you have people like ben shapiro nwho influenced a lot of young people through political commentary and steven crowder. A lot of young people through comedy and jordan peterson. A lot of nyoung people through psychology.

What would it take for a religious leader to nbe able to instill religious values in young people to the same extent. Ben is terrific steven is great jordan is a hero..

They re all amazing and look just ncommitment to core values. The one thing. That ben shapiro and steven crowder and njordan peterson. All have in common is they don t back away from their core nvalues or their beliefs.

And i think that s so important they don t compromise just because people get upset. ” ..

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