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“Everyone nthank you for joining me to a new video by n original. Video reviews reviews as you can see nwe have here a new package nthat contains. The b671c ntripod now as always nwere gonna find out together nwhat s inside and how to nuse this thing. So let s not waste nany time and un package nthis.

Thing well boys and girls. This is how the bonfoto b671c tripod looks like and i must tell you nthis is one heck of a tripod you can use it neither as a tripod or as a monopod. The built quality nseems excellent. Nothing feels loose.

Nwhich is something that i encountered nin previous tripods that i reviewed nso far. And i say that nafter. I assembled and disassembled nit several. Times it comes in a nnice.

Color that is called n weighs only n11 kilograms. Which makes it nan excellent tripod for traveling nand outdoor shooting. And though it s na lightweight tripod. It s max loading ncapacity is up to 8 kg at minimum it can be folded ninto.


Cm and at max as a tripod nit can reach up to 141 cm i. Emphasized as a tripod because you can also use it nas a monopod and then it s a bit shorter it is made nfrom carbon fiber tubes. Which is a very durable nyet expensive material you wanna know nhow durable. This tripod is according to the manufacturer.

It is supposed to cope well nwith temperature between 40 to 100 ncelsius degrees. Plus. It is nresistant to corrosion and yet nit is recommended to avoid using nthis tripod near seawater nand. If you want it to last long nyou should clean it after any use nthat will involve either wet sandy.

Nor. Dusty environment. The bonfoto b671c nhas a square quick release plate nwith a inch standard screw nthat can be locked or unlocked nwith. This control knob next to it you can notice na bubble.

Leveler and a compass beneath. It there s a ball head nthat can be adjusted either horizontally or vertically up to an angle. That is totally nperpendicular to the ground. I advise you nto always remember to tighten the locking knob nso.

It suddenly won t collapse and cause you miss a heartbeat beneath the ball head nis..

A 360 degrees panning dial that offers a smooth movement and you can notice the stitches. Nand. The numbers that are divided into groups nof. 15.

Degrees. Each. The panorama. Dial.

Nis connected to the cantral column nusing. A 3 8. Inch. Screw you can play nwith.

The central column and invert it nupside down. Which might be nrelevant for certain video or photography shooting nsuch as close ups. The center column s height ncan be adjusted by twisting this lock at the bottom of the central column nit includes a hook to hang stuff on it nfor example. A sandbag the legs of the bonfoto b671c nare adjustable in two aspects.

It has a twist knob lock nin..

3. Separate places to adjust the height and over here is this clip nto adjust the angle of each leg. Separately the legs tips are pointed nand made from rubber. The manufacturer claims nthey are non slippery and it does seem stable nbut.

I didn t challenge it to the extreme nso if i get to do that i will update the results nin. The description to this video one of the legs nhas a sponge grip. And this is the leg nthat will be used if you choose to transform nthis tripod into monopod when using the bonfoto b671c nas. A monopod you can attach to it nthe central column or use the monopod.

Without it the bonofoto tripod is supplied nwith a quality and stylish carry bag. Which has an internal zipper that contained nan additional quick release plate 2. Allen wrenches nthat fits the screw beneath the release plate nto fix certain cameras and a user manual in english also it comes with a suede bag nto cover the head and protect it after i introduced to you this tripod nlet s go to the bottom line. There is no doubt nthis is one of the most impressive tripods ni got to test so far it offers many features nincluding all the essential ones that should be nincluded in a tripod.

I believe you nshould consider it if you re willing nto invest money in a quality tripod ncause. It s not a cheap one it will definitely be useful nfor photography and if you plan to use nit for shooting videos. I think it would suitable nfor static positioning of the camera ncause it is missing a proper grip nto perform easily the pan movement the fact that you can adjust nthe ball head to be perpendicular nto. The ground is one of the things ni liked the most about it and i know that many of you nwould be glad to know that it is a very stable tripod until today ni didn t really need a monopod.

But i read that it can be used nas a walking stick..

So as for now nthis will be the main reason. Why i should use it nas. A monopod and i invite you to comment on this video. Nif.

You have more ideas what can i do with it nas. A monopod well boys and girls. This was my video review nabout. The bonfoto b671c tripod for further information about this item.

Nplease check the description to the video. And if you still have any questions about it please comment on this video. And i will do my best nto come up with an answer. If this video review was helpful nand you enjoyed watching it i invite you to like this video you can also subscribe nto my youtube channels ovr fashion ovr kids and of course this channel original video reviews .

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