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“Some cemetery with major geeks calm and let s take a look at jet clean clean a very popular drive cleaning utility. I believe it s up there along with why is this cleaner c cleaner tends to be more conservative. Why s disk cleaner goes in depth farther and now jet clean. Which hadn t been updated in years and recently was here when i did this video towards the end of february 2016.

Suddenly. It s updated and now this program is going to be a cleaner. But much much more more of an all in one utility if you want to get into it yourself. But if you want a drive cleaner you can check or uncheck registry.

Clean prefer you uncheck it. But you can go into your settings. Here and rescue..


And you can always create a restore point. And you ll see that it s creating log files as you go so that you can always come back if you decide to clean your registry i m gonna skip it for now just show you how she works while it s scanning. It s gonna go through everything. It s set by default see cookies aren t set.

So you can actually come in here before you do anything. And say you want to get rid of the index that file save passwords once you check them it ll save them there. So you can actually go through here. One time spend a little time figuring out what you want and then of course.

The ram clean which i m a big fan of because. None of the other programs have that so it s nice if you don t reboot your machine a lot like i do and it ll clean the memory. While it s in here..


So you click it as you can see it s very very fast for the most part as fast as it takes me to tell you that sentence loves to close on me right after that but that s okay so we re all scanned and clean and the memory has been refreshed but now if that s all you want to do is clean your drive you re out clothes are out call it a day but this goes much further in depth you have the system information this is a great tool for text because you re gonna clean your drive you have a system information so you can figure out what s in there everything from the windows key to the processor to the video card to everything. It s onboard you can also export. It now you can take it save it as an html file or have somebody send it to you if you re working on their machine. You have the uninstaller once again whether you re a tech or a home user you can go through and look for toolbar problems recently installed programs.

Which will help with mail often large programs. If you just want to free up space. And see what is using all this hard drive space you can go by small to large here or install date so you know what you re dealing with and your windows update probably don t want to mess around with that too much so once that s closed off you can manage your startup. Can t beat that clean up all the stuff that s running registry.

Defrag you ve been two major geeks you know we re big big fans are registry defragmentation not so much cleaning. But defragging it you can get a little bit of a system performance boost out of it whether you ll notice that s a different story. But it s something we re bigger fans that we try to tell people registry cleaning in registry..


Defrag yeah so it s built in which is nice there s another program you don t need to download your internet booster. Most windows up systems are optimized now for the internet. But once again if you want to get geeky with it and the same with performance boosters. Shutting down unnecessary processes and services and gives your system some known tweaks and once again for techs or people who have multiple computers.

All you got to do here is make a portable version hit generate it ll ask you where to tells you where to save the file here you could rename it so now i ve actually created a portable version and again i m running in a smaller window. But as you can see there it is right there. So i can take that now and bring it on a thumb drive anywhere. I want to go and basically that covers the majority of it so it s up to you settings automatic clean start with windows general settings make it look pretty decide which browsers or registry keys to ignore if you play with that a log file.

So you can get as geeky with it or simply just come in here. And you can run everything in here. The way..


It s set by default give it a scan close it you ve cleans your drive safe safely and securely use it at numerous machines. We ve had millions of millions of downloads. And i don t think we ve had any complaints about it and once again one click for simple tools to get geeky with it settings to make sure everything s under control. And that s the whole program right there in a nutshell easy to use totally free.

No pup s involved nothing give it a shot the link will be in the description. And we thank you so much for watching as always and we will see you ” ..

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