Just Cause 4 Cheats God Mode Infinite Ammo Trainer +5

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“People okay so we re back with just cause for as all of you know. Know. It s been released for all platforms and of course. It s best on because you can mod that of it and well let s be serious after you finish the game.

Yeah. Like this you don t have really much to do i mean yeah. You do this side missions like training and etc. And you dive with the wingsuit through different objects and etc.

But it gets quite boring because well as the reviews goes for this game they kind of yeah this big time let s hope that the developers will patch the game up and make that water a bit more realistic. I mean come on seriously..

What the fuck water looked like shit okay so on with the game to make it a bit more fun and i know some of you don t like cheap. But as long as they use them in single player for your own fun. I think they re okay in my book. Okay let me show you so the only trainer that works with health correctly and doesn t kill you it s mr anti fans trainer.

So the fling one and other trainers don t really work yet until now. The only one that works is mr. Antics on trainer would give you five options. That s infinite health.

No reload. Infinite ammo and of course gadget..

No recoil and freeze. Timer well to be honest. I never use free timer. I only use the rest of them let me just show you so if you want to blow your stuff up you can so.

This is the only one that works. The only bug that this trainer has is that well if you die in a car or let s say vehicle for anything else the game gets stuck so you have to go to that manager and kill the game and reload. It that s the only thing well if you re careful you won t you don t have problems well of course. I did well quite a few times and yeah.

It s the infinite ammo let me just show you so yeah. If you look down in the left corner..

The ml stays. The same and you don t need reload. Though the methyls well you need to wait about one second two seconds max before you deploy another round. I have to warn you that vehicles don t have infinite health.

So every vehicle will explode. But as soon as i get my hands on a trainer that works or cheat or anything else that works. So you can see one so you can use the infinite vehicle helpful that d be cool. I will let you know in a new video let me just show you the bug that i was talking about so.

If you re in a vehicle and the vehicle explodes let me try to blow this vehicle. See exactly like that well the character doesn t die it just goes into ragdoll mode..

But the issue is you can t ask or you can t do anything about it yeah. That s not good but come on this doesn t happen. But this is it for the moment. It s been like five days six days.

Something like that from the relief and mods are coming up you added great you mother coming up. I will be posting new mods as soon as they appear let s hope they make something cool out of it like just cause. 3. Well that was of an amazing game until then utah next time ” .


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