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“Right hey guys so if you sit through this tutorial. You will be able to to create a material something like this in kisha using the material graph we have different stuff going on here. We have these lines that we will create with a bump map. Then we have some different roughness.

Going on inside. Here and outside here. And we have some different small bumps as well under lines and inside on the base surface. So let s dig into it first step is to create this high level pattern.

And we will use photoshop for that so let s go into photoshop create a new document at 1000 times 1000. Pixels and and to change the background to white and we will use this rectangle tool to create our rectangle. This is our base element of the pattern and i hold down shift. While i drag to get it a square then i will change the color to black and add in some rounding of the course.

Then i hit command t to rotate. It and hold down shift to log it at 45 degrees. And then i ll move it and snap. It to the center of the document oops yes.

That s okay from here we want to were carted this element. So the panel becomes tileable and i am by no means a pattern master. But i know this simple trick for symbol patterns. Contained of just one single element.

So what i ll do is to hit command j. To copy the layer and go to filter other offset and just kind of word it to a smart object. What this also does is to take the layer and shift it horizontally and vertically by the amount of pixels that you re type in because our document document is 1000. Pixels wide.

We can type in 500 here and in the vertical as well and it gives us state high level pattern. So yeah. The border here is too wide compared to our reference image. So before i accepted this.

I am going to delete this make the base element. A bit bigger like this copy. It again go back into offset five hundred horizontally and vertically and it okay..


Then i know two layers together select the both and hit command e and to test. If this is actually tie level. We can go into an off set once more and drag it and see that we have a nice tiling edge here and here as well so it looks good all right so save that out put on desktop as a png and call it pattern all right all right and then i also want to save out a version that is splurt for our bot map. So we get some nice soft edges on the blur on the dot map.

So go into filter. Blur. Gaussian. Blur and out of softness.

I ll go for ten pixels here get okay file save as and put it on the desktop. Again let s see pattern bump alright alright. And then let s jump into key shot our work in photoshop is done here in keyshot. I have the material both seam open.

And i have just open up the material graph for their material. And change it through a paint color or paint material with a black color create this material that we are trying to replicate is to drag in our maps that we just created in photoshop and you can do this by selecting them on the desktop and just drag them into your graph. Alright. Let s work on the bump.

First the main pump. So take this pattern bump take your map and drag into the bump and look at that scale to something smaller like this and i don t know why this happens never mind. And it looks good so maybe we can bump up the bump id a bit. But in general i try to stay below one.

But sometimes it works fine to go above. Think a point for one point. Four is looking good okay our reference material again. We can see that the color of these lines are darker than the a the squares so to do that we take this pattern.

Without the blur and put into the color like a black and white pattern. But that s not exactly what we asked her to control the color. I am going to add in a and add in a color. Gradient texture and we can take this picture map put in as the map.

And then direct color gradient into the color. And what this does is it take the information for this and recolor. It using this color gradient..


So what is black becomes red. And what is why it becomes white or this color over here. So you can see how it works like this you for i like this a dark grey and the lines. I will make black almost completely like like this what else what else yeah.

The roughness of the lines are different than the roughness here on the lighter on the gray areas so to recreate that i am going to use this picture that again and drag it into the rough s channel. And it gives us the in work of what we want now the squares are shiny and the lines are rough and we want the opposite so to change that and to be able to also be a amount of roughness. I am going to add in a oh. I am going to add in a quarter to number note this allows us to make some changes to it to this picture to invert.

It i change the output from 2 1 and b output 2 to 0. So now it s inverted as you see here and now we can use the same two sliders to adjust the value of the two gray scales to get the amount of freshness that we are looking for let s start with the squares. Think that something like this is looking good and for the airlines. Something like this next up is the the map that we have online and down here.

In the squares to a ad mortem matter to this material. We have to add in a bump. Ad note and i ll just duplicate it because i need two more above metal. And we have now i retracted into bump.

1. And this other bump at node. I dragged into the bump number two now we have the ability to put in to mobile maps. And let s start with them the one that we want in this squares.

So this i am going to use a nice texture let s drag it in and with a very small scale just to add some subtle surface bumps. Something like this and for this i actually want to zoom in to the material to see the details a bit better. And i am going to use the real time region. Render shift command r.

To a maked risk of a bit faster alright so right now. There s not much to see so i think we ll have to bump up the bum height. So because this material is diffused. It s quite hard to see the bumps.

But they get through very clear on this shiny about so maybe we have to make this a bit more shiny as well to show the bumps like this is great for. But what we re looking for here for the designs. Here we are looking for something else..


So let s disable that for now and let s add in a spot texture and drag it into the number to open up the color information and adjust the scale to something like point one. Then i m going to up the density to something like four yep and adjust the fall off as well. So the wages will not be so sharp in the bump map. And i ll bestowed them just slightly and turning up the level.

So we get a lot of different sizes of these these spots and add a lot of detail to the material. Let s look at how it looks and i think it looks quite nice so here. We have the bumps going inwards instead. So you want that as well here and i m just adding a negative a minus point one what s by this and and that s key that so i can go ahead abell this again and this gives us these two blob maps on the entire ship exposed on the lines and inside the square.

But we want to divide them to do that we can use this texture map we have up here and drag that down into its weight number one and if we disable this for a moment. You can see what happened is that it removed this bump map from the inside of these squares. But we want the opposite so to make up for that i m going to add in a coloring word in between let s put that in there. And this and then put the texture map in into the sauce.

Here. We now have the bump map inside the despairs and it s not present here. Underlined so let s enable this one and we want to eliminate it from the inside. And we can use the same map again and this time.

We don t have to invert it because we want it as it is put it into weight number two and as you see it s gone from in here. And now we have our material for now. I mean it could be altered and adjusted. Too so maybe get closer to something like this it s a bit hard with the bump map to get it look this much raised from the surface these lines.

But think that for if you re not in need for a very close up shot. It s a it s a great way to do it thank you so much for watching this and i hope you learned something please go ahead and subscribe and like and share or whatever. If you want to see more like ange color and all that stuff just go to ctrl shift. I and click on here and you ll see we have the simple bar track.

We have a simple bar scroll as well and so you can experiment by changing the css in there. But we re not going to do that so the one thing. I do want to change is the color of the actual scroll bar cuz this black does not make sense at all alright. So we ll just do background color again lightin primary by 30.

So it really kind of sticks out a lot more so now if we save it. And it is not working well that s because it needs to be simple bar. Sorry about that simple bar..


What am i doing i just woke up like 20 minutes ago. Literally scroll bar. Simple bar scroll bar. There we go there so we ve lightened.

It by 30 okay. Cool. And then we ll put simple bar. Scroll bar.

Margin right to pixels and the reason. I m not gonna save this yet. It s just kind of showing up a little bit too close to that side over there. So i m just gonna save this and now you ll see it gets pushed away now.

It s a lot better all right so also there are some adjustments that you can make some options that you can apply to it if you take a look at the github page. You can change the options high through javascript or you can use it or you can specify them through data attributes right here so for instance. If we wanted to make it so that the the scroll bar. Is always shows up no matter.

What and you don t just have to hover like this then we simply attach that right there and then you ll see it always shows up now might be a little bit more user friendly to do it that way. But if i found it was a little bit strange behavior when tom this was true and that is essentially it there s a few more other options you could change the scroll bar minimum size here. We already talked about the class names. There s there s other things that you can do.

But that is basically it alright so hopefully you found that useful make sure your answer. Today s question in the comments. Which is you use a mac or pc. When designing your coding and also state your cakes all right.

I ll see you guys soon goodbye. ” ..

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