Kodi to Chromecast via LocalCast

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” s up guys. This is otis back with another video and this is going to to be a quick tutorial on how to use local cast and cody to send your chromecast. So you will need a chromecast. You will need to have wi fi of course.

But a lot of people love. The kodi app. And this was a quick way to turn your old device or your new one into a media streamer. So you re going to need kodi from the play store.

The complete setup wizard app. From the play store. It s a kodi complete setup wizard local cast es file explorer. And you re going to need an xml file.

I m going to link that in the description. But you want to first go to that file that you your x file explorer. And you want to go to settings and you want to go to display settings..


I m using es file explorer so this is how it set up for me. And it says show hidden files. And you want to check that show hidden files button. So you want to make sure you can see the hidden files.

Then you want to go back. And you want to go to where you downloaded this player configure torie xml file. And what you want to do is you re going to copy that said copy and then you re going to go to android. You re going to go to data.

Then you should see a file that says org dot. A xbmc kodi you want to click on that you want to click on files you want to click on cody and you re going to see user data you want to touch user data and i ve already pasted here. But you ll see that file is right here. Where my thumb is covering it profile configure tour xml you want to actually paste it right there alright once that s done you don t have to set any type of permissions or anything just back out of that and then what you want to do is go to cody.

But let s go to this complete setup wizard. Because i want to show you this first so from once. You have code and please setup was install you want to go to how to install fusion and this is give you access to tv shows movies live streaming..


And there is a http address right here. What you re going to want to do is copy that address http fusion tv add on it s not ag. You re going to want to copy that you want to you re going to want to go into the complete setup wizard. Okay and then it has this option for install from url install extras.

Install bills so install from url and then install an add on from repo from url you want to click on that then you want to paste that address so once you paste that address in there hit install it s going to go through an install that s going to give you access to exodus. Okay. So once that s done open up your cody and cody s going to switch to landscape mode. And you ll see the complete.

Cody setup wizard. You ll be greeted with a nice little sound. So i m not a pro at this but we got access to tv shows and movies. But you ll see at the bottom.

And it s very dim you can see that guys without the glare. You ll see this option for exodus you want to tap that we tap exodus. You ll be able to go to movies or tv..


Shows so let s go to movies. And then you can select by genre you re on john r. Or a year or people actually clicked on people by mistake. But uh so and then the app.

The the buttons are very small so you can use your android soft keys or capacitive keys click on year so 2016 and you ll see this thing over says. That it s working and then you ll see movies. And um. You know so you could do the same thing for tv shows as well.

So if you wanted to watch a movie. Let s just pick one so i can show you that it works let s go to the purge election years. This is since it is election year in america you want to click on purge election year. And it s going to start loading and as you can see my tv is just on tv.

So if you have a smart tv or i mean with your chromecast and you set it up correctly as soon as this gets done processing the time it s going to give it s going to pull up the different list of the movie itself and streaming locations. And so we re just waiting on that and i don t have the fastest wi fi in the world. But it works..


Pretty well so then you ll get the options for different you know streaming kind of locations or almost like torrents tourist sites. But it s all put together. So anyway you go here. And let s click on the first one in 1080p and then once it s loaded you ll see my local cast icon pops up alright and then you ll start to see my tv s switching to and it gives you the option to add to queue or play.

So this add to queue is very good to use if you re going to be watching like a like a whole season or show like chopped or whatever anyway so hit play alright takes a little bit as you can see it s coming on i got my volume muted on my surround sound. So it s coming on and streaming and then you can be able to control it pause play backup 30 seconds. Also if you have a smart watch like the modal 360. You ll be able to pause it hit fast forward turn the volume up so got that streaming and then boom.

I can turn my screen off. I can use my phone regularly like i normally would it s not actually casting my screen. This is actually using the local cast to cast a movie right to the tv. So i m going to link everything in the description.

It s very easy to do and i m going to link that xml file. And i link that website as well and just let me know if you guys need any help thank you for watching a ” ..

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