Lemon RX – 7 Channel receiver with stabilizer

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“Guys still caught right here so better close up of the lemon rx 7 channel. Channel. And i m gonna try to show you how you need to set up your retracts to work with this thing. And still have the ability to use the on off switch for the gyro control.

So if you look right here you know you re gonna see the gear channel. The gear channel. You re not going to plug anything into that channel. Because that is assigned to the on off of the gyro with the lemon.


But what is now the bind plug you see i ve got the buying plug right here that the bind plug this actually is the seven channel. So after we bind the the transmitter. We re gonna take the spine plug out and then we re going to plug the retracts into this and then i have to do some programming on the on the radio to swap the channels. So that you you know that the retracts are still being activated by the by the retract switch on the radio.

So i ll show you all this as i as i move along i m doing this on my iphone. Because it can get a little bit closer so moving on moving on here you ll find if you if you re new to the to the lemon rx with the stabilizer that your default on off switch for the to turn the gyro function on and off is set to the gear channel switch and well. I m i m installing this in a 6 channel plane with flaps and gear. So i want my gear channel switch to be the same as if normally would be instead of turning the gyro on and off so what i m gonna do is show you how i m gonna remap that channel to to this to position switch right here on the right side.


And just so that my my gear switch is actually doing what it s supposed to so it s actually very simple. I know it can be kind of confusing. If you re reading about it certainly confused me when i first did it so i m gonna show you how this is going to my staggerwing here my fms staggerwing. I m going to show you how to set the programming.

So all you do is go to your press. The button to go out to the functions list and go down to your system settings system stack. And go to like yes. Now all we need to do is go to channel sign just shake as much channel sign and this is easy just go to the next screen.


And all we re doing is changing the gear channel to channel 2 d h. Sorry. So this goes to h. And then over the channel 7.

We want this to be a those are the only two things you need to change channel. 5. For the gear change that to h. Channel.


7. Ox to change that to a those the only the only things you need to change and now that will remap everything to work correctly. So let s go back the power. So now on my radio.

If i hit my gear channel switch the gear channel. Now it works and the general function right you know i don t have to plugged in so it s not doing anything. But now if i flip the switch without working so that s all you have to do ” ..


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