Let s Play Castlevania SOTN (PS4) Part 1 – Codes N Glitches

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“Cynthia tonight. If you remember this play at the root. This is like one of of my very first laser is back when we have the shitty mic where everything we had so soul soul steel steel steel. It was terrible we doing this again and we got to do a very special playthrough.

We re gonna do the x x. Exclamation. Point so when you do that you can only do this. When i m happy bda.

What i do like is though. There s the psp remake. I m a little sad that the the bad voice acting is gone. But you get extra shit and it s pretty cool.

I like it well what i just did is after you enter your name in a certain way you get certain effects like you ve clicked acts on where you get the ax barbara. Which turns you into an axe armor. You can click right there and you ll play it s right there you can click maria in the psp. Only or the japanese only not in the playstation 1 original you play as maria.

What i did was basically la mode. It puts my luck really high. So i had really good drops hook. My other statue trench.

So i m pretty sure without like 12h people know the games not that hard near the end. But it s really hard in the beginning. So i actually might die. Guess feels like your fish nope wrong game know this.

But this world invited me forth with your you steal men s souls their freedom freedom is always sacrifice to faith good. Hunter or are you truly here by choice. All i m here for is you to hell with your heresy you re nothing. But a blight on mankind this man kind of hatred and lies so these are basically a recreation of that rondure blood fight and you can t.

But the three times as strong as you usually are so that does a lot of damage. Where s the fat but this is a genuine fucking vampire killer. I could totally twist it to captain the new chin over and over what if you somehow do die. That she gave you powers of the birds and the bees and gimble you re super richter yeah pretty much and now you 14 bits for nothing or you can just like borrow all you want you in hydro.

So on clearly the tutorial battle so there s nothing to fear. So when the japanese in this was against it talks to you it tells you the roughly shaft in the places. One originally didn t talk. I like that in the psp games they bring back the narration.


Yeah all of them had the boy techniques just appears. The placing didn t subtract. The narration and also there are but i think the place isn t one only has so basically after pasolini authority alucard sealed himself away. And he didn t want to wake up good never cuz his blood his curse should be a tragedy.

So when rick there goes missing and castlevania comes back even. Though. His dad is dead. However our wakes.

The fuck up his life is like no need of more. But yeah i m not saying you re wrong mommy. I m sure i can just like hey you see my head hp 25 fucked. Me up when i first started playing this excuse me see with danny given the scene with them now.

There is a glitch. If you try it luck mode. There s two glitches and it will assist you in either keeping if you re good enough to do the glitch. So you have to be in luck mode.

Because the more you go louis that s possible and the lowest a spot was possible our key for this and you want to be over here and the wolves. So you need a weakest as possible notice. My luck is 99 and you want to aim like right about you you want to call the wolf toy. Do a little bit.

And you want to jump into the wool at the right moment. Yes. Oh no you can t pause. Until you get to the near save point.

We ve got survived this guy. You know what oh i learn spells you can all mine good this sip went somewhere yeah. It glitched that s why so i think i have to x out the game. And then load it up what d she get i mix it back yeah.

So now we got our alucard equipment. So we can survive near stronger. Something you have really good stuff in the beginning of the game just so we get going. But so i want to go back to i want to go back to death because in the ps1 game.

No you can t go back to death. And it glitches. You away. What i heard the psp game they fixed.


A glitch. So you can just actually transport down. Nothing. Why yeah ps1 game it kind of pushes you away so if you ever fall down you re there infinitely and you re gonna have to equip.

If we re gonna do the what playthrough because our stats are literally. 1 1. 199. And alucard equipment really helps with this also this item you notice when you cut a candle.

Not the atoms these items let things drop out of candles. It s a metroid mating. So you re gonna have the item super here stuff. And this is the alchemy laboratory press.

The darkness. And yeah. We re talking 20 hours in the game to get the monster that could purify this should be enough this a plan. I just pure magic bar.

Yeah so our magic willie we can do dark meta fuckin. More phasis that is not dark metamorpho. Whatever we want to kill the skeleton with this spirit. When he s at a light point so we can go up here that s very hard to time by the way now.

Why do we want all this exactly. When you got a little 4400 fuckin alucard sword. Um. Just a ds.

There s very quick stab use now granted that s easier and if we didn t have the outer part equipment. We wouldn t we wouldn t like of course. We re gonna be using the fuckin alucard foot man. But if we didn t have it the stabbings would help now there are secret areas here.

I believe they re just full part upgrades. I think ones like we re gonna need as many health upgrades. Fucking fine cuz you know it s cardio hp is actually below average. And it s not fun to add so you do have other spells on how many tragic.

I have eleven ajik. No wonder i can t do a dark metamorphosis so right now all to do is summon spirit there s really no point to hello. There s really no point to fucking getting the stabby sword. The way i got it it goes.


Why this basically puts you in a spot. Where you can just get it before maybe i lied. I forgot anyways this different areas. I also believe i had hellfire now you just okay cool.

I have so little magic doesn t match words so as long as we have the alucard sword alucard shield dragon helmets twilight cape alucard mail and necklace of jay i believe we should be taking relatively small damage while dealing relatively larger granted. The luck code is basically the hard mode of the game. Because you shouldn t be doing because you shouldn t be doing laughing should we do any damage while taking a shit ton of damage. But because the glitch this base defense hard mode to slightly less hard mode.

So is the resort. The 79. So if you keep the first boss you can get down here and have a shortcut upwards. The reason you you get the stab knife.

Is because you would want it early. But it s not like you re gonna not get it early anyway. It s just i kind of have like to use it on that box because i have the strong weapon. Yeah pretty much blowing cake maybe.

The kid also have to mention the map i love maps yeah. We re gonna be filling that out and it s gonna be the dumbest part about fucking can i do help higher yet. I have 24 matt i should be a cellist that s the thing devon. You have a spell list that should we do the suppose you have activated so if you learn how to do the spell.

It will pop up on the spell list. I have 15 magic to do hellfire granted. We can also find out that instead of the cool alucard voice sasuke uchiha. Now you notice.

I did duck metamorphosis so when we look i suppose we get darker marx s now there is a sword that increases damage the more boy you suck it s potentially the stronger sword alone because you can just give it a lot of loads right that takes a lot of fucking time do you like supernatural. We got sold now. I do one of a certain sub weapon. Before we get to the next boss.

Because the next boss is actually affected by the sub weapon. No it s a staple of the capellini. Wait are you human. What are you doing here.

I ve come to destroy this castle pixels guard. Well if you re a better swordsman than its speaker. Perhaps i ll see you again. I answered your questions bitch this somewhat kali now.


I like the stopwatch in this game. Because the stopwatch. The ps1 original stop the time only stop the music as well. And it doesn t do that.

And there s a lot more happy without that but we do want the stopwatch because the boss is actually affected by being stopped. Now. There is something that s cool in this part there s a plant that shoots skeletons that are like skulls that turn you to stone. It s supposed to nudge your way out of the stone right well you see how i turned into that statue instead of the normal standing statue you can actually turn into a certain statue that one show off.

But it s gonna be like almost impossible a truck would show off this is like a one out of a thousand chance so after 10 more 5. I m beginning to fucking turn to a giant hello. It turns to a giant fucking ball rolls back that s pretty cool yes. I was there well yeah.

I ve tried the chili there s nothing when the game for me to kill away that s the plan through the outer wall. If you wait a certain amount of time after knocking this wall off there s actually a secret elevator bring it down if i wasn t wearing the yellow card equipment was a good weapon and there s a good armor the near armor like the the theory of medusa. I ll allows me not to be turning with someone anymore. And the fist is just the fist and it is gone oh namir crass yes it turns me not the stomach.

But you see my people she s making a joke. So the statue sword has nine damage. But the jewel knuckles have 25. You see the difference in numbers.

Which is why having the jeweled knuckle is pretty cool. But like i said before with ten thousand other time the alucard equipment better you want to come down here specifically so you can look into this telescope. That is a rubber boat man and if you don t look through that telescope. I know where the asshole is he won t show up later in the game.

There s also a little easter egg. This little negro down there eventually if you keep leaving and coming back till late since it is and those equal times a little little chickies and they don t feed the chickies and then they ll turn into big seagulls and then they ll fly away. If you watch that whole thing weaving and coming back with around fucking of ten times. Wow.

We used to get a waste of time when i wasn t getting a cofee for doing good you got started the bat passel now before we end this episode. I do want to show you the boss. It s called doppelgangers and i believe because it s a doppelganger eventually i think we re gonna fight doppelganger 40. Which is gonna be ours at level 40 our status we ll see you next time let s play castlevania symphony tonight.

When i ll traverse the i ain t going that fucking clock tower. I ll try something and then maybe get an ability that will may or may not turn me. ” ..


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