Let s Try: Airport Simulator 2019

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“Folks quillian here and welcome to let s try airport simulator 2019 word of warning warning that s not gonna be the most exciting video to watch. Because it s that kind of game. This is a game about dealing with sort of the back stage stuff that makes airports work for example. I am currently getting this flight to brussels all sorted out over here.

I ve got one employee. He s currently driving the passenger bus getting ready to drop some passengers actually i think he s currently driving to pick up some passengers that will then be driven out to the airplane. These are not airport this this airplane here this flight is not one that s loaded at a specific gate. It s it s you know off in a parking spot somewhere you gotta take a bus to get out to it um and i gotta go and drop off some baggage that s what i m gonna deal with over here so i m gonna hop into the baggage transport here which we ve already loaded with baggage right here.

I guess it probably unloads from these little bays here and onto that so let s go to the airplane and see what we can do we re gonna hit on our little baggage cart here we re gonna hit our top speed of about thirty kilometers an hour and getting get on the road. I m gonna turn on the cruise control. And there we have it so we ve got some different camera modes we can hit you know including first person. But i think i kind of like this and well there we go so now we re driving.

Ah. There s a lot of destinations in the airport. Here. We ve got over there s or personal hangar where we park or vehicles especially at night to preserve them from you know weather condition damage.

We ve got a refueling station over here. But though we ve got to get some more staff for that we ve got our home view over here where we can mess around with our headquarters. We can purchase well these are current vehicles. We can purchase additional vehicles you can see follow me security fire trucks gangways catering trucks later on we ll be dealing baggage loaders these are for the the big old planes.

We ll be dealing with a lot more complex stuff. I suppose and a lot more airplanes. We ve got people that we can hire for various jobs. Which we can also then assign that you can see my only driver right now is dustin coleman.

Who i ve hired. Although i did hire another person he just hasn t started yet. I think that elle mark steele over here a very good driver and the engineer ready to go which will be good because to be able to drive our fuel truck you need to have at least two stars and truck driver and one pippin engineer. Here.

So we ll go ahead and get that so. Yeah. Dustin is dealing with our passenger bus. So i m just gonna go back to doing this and apparently my vehicle might have gotten reset kind of awkwardly there while i was looking at the headquarters.

I ve got my check engine light on on this thing so we are desperately desperately needing some maintenance on this vehicle. I did leave it parked outside overnight so that wasn t particularly good to think we had some rain and some of the electronics got mucked up a little bit so you know that wasn t great. We are gonna go ahead. And make the turn here guys yielding right of way to me.

Which is awfully nice of him let s go over here you have a big old plane there i actually don t know if if you ever deal with planes who are parked at what do you call like a jet way you know the thing where the little arm goes out and actually connects there so people don t have to get onto buses. I actually have no idea or if it s always people that are out here. We got a subtask ready. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. We ll take a look at that. In a second.

This red line can i go over that is this just markings on the ground breaking the law breaking the law uh. So uh yeah so we ll go over there. Oh you can see our bus is parked over here. So.

It s just a little a tiny little jet plane here um. I don t know probably the sort of thing that fits..

Twenty four people or something you know not a very big flight there and my bus is leaving so just dropped off the passengers people who are going to brussels of course. The capital france. We re gonna go ahead and park over here alright overshot a little bit. But that s okay so the the cargo is being unloaded from there if ever you don t want to do one of these jobs you can buy it out by hitting the key.

But of course. That s gonna cut into your profit for the day so early on here because i m just starting out. I ve only got access to flights per day. It s actually i believe the the same flight right coming in and the same plane is going out to another destination.

Because it was in the same place subtask ready okay. I think we re all done for the day. So. What i should really do is bring this vehicle back home.

I guess i ll do that so let s go back to driving and we re gonna bring the vehicle to my headquarters here. Oh. Do i need to unload you know i go to the next event. There we go so i say we probably have a job you re completed that s good there we go yeah.

I m sure we have to go and unload these little trolleys first and then that ll probably be it for the day. But i ll try to park my vehicle in the in the bay tonight and see if i can get some service. Check engine. Light can t possibly be good it would be terrible.

If we ruined our business by having to get rid of this vehicle. Listen i m really reaching for a stuff to talk about over here. It s not like you know it s it s one of these work simulator game. It s like farming simulator things.

It s you know it s it s quite it can be quite compelling. Quite zen on the other hand. There s a lot of this i mean i guess the backgrounds look really pretty you know the models for the game itself are a little plain not the most interesting of textures. I mean on the other hand like obviously like the you know the asphalt over here is never gonna be that cool to look at the buildings could probably be a little spiffier.

I suppose and i m not a game critic so i don t like to go around and pick on things. But i mean if you re gonna be spending a lot of your time sort of doing this and staring at scenery. Maybe we could have done a little bit better. Although i suppose at some point.

We are going to i m trying to see if i can put marks on the ground here. But i guess they can only do that with a faster vehicle like the bus. You can definitely leave a lot of markings on the on the pavement. Here you know i guess if you get a lot of employees.

You might not end up doing a lot of driving like this anymore. But for now it would be nice if this were a little. I don t know i have no idea. What the late game is like i don t think.

I m gonna you know necessarily spend that much time there we go all flights complete. But there is the recognition that hey maybe you want to bring your vehicle in into your your little station here to reduce wear and tear. Which is indeed the case and then we ll also see if we can do some servicing. I don t know if i need special employees to be able to manage my vehicles here i don t know how much of a problem this check engine light is open sesame.

Thank you so you clearly there s a room for a lot of vehicles in here a lot of vehicles so you can have a really big fleet of business management stuff all right done now see i can t do that i take a look see we ve got the engine light. I can return to vehicle. Assign drivers and do that yeah. I don t think i have the means to do it.

Let s go to the next day of those vehicle outside hold on what s outside. Oh my fuel transport yeah..

Yeah. Let s not do that again all the planes leaving or this one actually might be might be coming in and parking that s right i d refuel this week. This plane oddly enough and i don t know maybe. This is this is reasonable or not oh yeah.

The fuel vehicle goes so fast 60 kilometers an hour let s let s burn. Some rubber. I m sure i left some marks. Oh there we go see a few right over there.

Yeah. Let s do this with a with a vehicle full of fuel. Here. The refueling job is part of the arrival task as opposed to the departure task.

Which i find a little bit. I mean again it s you know. It s it s a plan series of things plane comes in plane goes out can t explain that so maybe it all makes sense. There s a little revealing station.

But actually need to assign one of my own staff members to work the refueling station to do that so hopefully we ll do that i should probably go on a big hiring spree. I should probably do that and get a bunch of vehicles and everything but i was sort of following the tutorial. Oh my god that popin seriously. I mean i have i have it set like you know the max that you can possibly view.

Which you know there s not a lot of a lot of finesse available in it and the settings for the game thing. But seriously okay i got 1080 gtx. Oh. Hopefully that didn t do any damage.

I have no idea if there s like collision type stuff anywhere. I don t know why these are like color coded because i don t know yellow. Because of something else i m not sure i mean this seems like bus parking. But that s the right kind of slot.

They re done okay so now if i go to the next day. I won t get a complaint. We re gonna do that so i m still limited to two of two flights and these i m forced to do over here. Oh no i m not oh.

I didn t realize i could swap out some of these oh. Because some are worth more than others. And you got to be careful not that necessarily overlap too many things okay we ll say those flights are gonna be fine you ve probably noticed you have a garage full of vehicles to choose from for use for various tasks view your vehicles list now okay here all the vehicles that you either own or rent you can see the basic status of vehicles. Whether they re owned or rented.

And if they re grayed out it means they re working a task select a vehicle okay this condition average. Although it still has check engine light see more details about specific vehicle here and choose perform various actions with it unless. The vehicle is assigned to a task. Some of these details include the maintenance requirements for the vehicle once you reach level.

3. The service station will be available ah and vehicles may breakdown. And some repair keep this in mind. Some vehicles will take multiple days to repair.

Okay so i m not level. 3. Yet so it sounds like maybe we can t actually breakdown now. Which is nice.

I should probably go on a hiring spree. There s a way to sort for yes start date..

So these are the people who are startled sooner. Let s recommendation hi interesting let s uh let s go ahead and get a basic driver. I ll tell you what we ll get an extra dude with engineer what s the foamy. I don t know what these are for i don t know if we should double up on any of these vehicles or not probably.

It s fine. Let s go to the task list. We ll fast forward to the next event. There we go we will assign this bus in this fuel transport and this bus is automated because it s got a driver assigned to it so i ll have to drive the fuel transport myself let s race.

This guy boof. Oh big collision you had to make your own fun right so. We re gonna go and fuel up looks like i will need to if i can actually park in any one of these bays and have it work. I should try let s say i back up into this one.

No okay got a test thanks for science. Sorry bro alright. Backing up backing up backing up skillful driving all that time spent playing euro truck simulator paying off alright you re done there excellent and we ll go ahead with this. And what i might do to save a little bit of time and effort especially you burn through some of this early game right to level up a bit more is i can just pay to boost a task now i don t know why sometimes this turns green.

I mean when i m rising on it turns green. But like with the with the drive. We just did with one of the other vehicles seriously dude you re driving me crazy pass you it stayed blue. So i don t know if there s like any sort of rhyme or reason to this maybe it only turns green.

When you if you enter it at the right point i don t think it affects anything cop car well security i don t i don t think they really care about what you do in terms of driving right now alright. There s that are you driving through the airplane excellent that s some quality simulation here firetruck. I kind of want to be able to like i wonder if there s any of the planes ever light on fire. And you have to deal with it that would be kind of fun.

Oh it s a different airplane. I mean i m operating the same bay here. But this is a different airplane a little turboprop over here. I don t know if there s any way to find out what the model of the thing is so the bag is transport.

I m just gonna go ahead and buy out the task for 1200 so we re not actually gonna make any money on that particular task we ll save ourselves a little bit of time fuel to transport. I believe now all i have to do it see you ve got the check engine light as well all i have to do is move you out of the way which we have now done although since i m not gonna be needing to do anything else with this guy. I m gonna go ahead and just drive him into my hq building right now the cruise control key is nice. Because you don t have to hold the up arrow to keep up your speed or anything save yourself a little bit of finger pressure not that da da so yeah so here s airport simulator 2019 it s you know if you re into these work simulation games iii guess.

It s a thing that s final there s the the service station. I guess and we need to be level three before it s active so we can t don t even have to bother driving in there right now sub task is ready yeah. That s just the other vehicle. Okay oops go back to driving.

So i m just gonna bring you into the base. That s done and then we can just fast forward some more that s something else ready to go okay driving the next task yeah. That s fine i mean if it s already happening. I don t necessarily need to highlight.

I guess i don t know i guess it doesn t hurt hello baggage carrier that s the one we just bought out so basically what we did is we paid someone else to deal with that because we couldn t. Which is something you re probably gonna have to do from time to time. When you re worried about you know maybe you have over light laughing flights or one of your vehicles in the shop. So you have to deal with that wow did i overshoot anything no we re good alright are you still going home driving to park alright.

I don t think we can fast forward to the next event at this point. Because it s already going there we go you re done so we will assign the bus here. And yeah. What i ll do is i ll just buy this one out as well so clearly we re making no money.

But we should just be able to burn through this really quickly done all flights complete well. Pause buzz buzz go to the service station..

Alright service station. Hello. You can repair. Any vehicles that have maintenance issues not performing the standard so long as it s man.

But qualified personnel vehicle problems are shown with a check engine light on their display you can also upgrade vehicles to make them more efficient in order to use the service station. You must first drive a vehicle to it and find a parking place check your mini map the while driving to see its location initially you can only operate the service station. And only you can operate the service station. And you must remain present.

While work is progress in progress. If you navigate elsewhere work will stop that at a net. You can upgrade the service station itself to a lot of hired personnel to be assigned once you have upgraded the assigned personnel you no longer need to make monitor it ok so i can t i ve assigned myself. I suppose over here.

I see sure fine yes okay one star personnel upgrade of required i see okay so i could assign this truck driver. But hopefully we ll get some more people soon one over the lift does not much information for it okay so let s say i assign myself to this and then i go to my list of vehicles and my bus over here maintenance is that critical doesn t have the check engine. Light. So i can tell you drive to the service station honey it s following it.

Oh. I guess cuz. I have it selected. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah okay so you re here.

So. Now. I ve got you so. I know how to actually maintenance.

You i mean these are the upgrades and things like that maintenance is critical is it happening. Oh no one s assigned right now oh cuz. I left it of course. So all right so i m here and so is the bus.

So as maintenance happening that is service and it s critical famously. Even if they re like x. 20. Feet it doesn t feel like it s that fast.

I don t know can we just leave you here and go to the next day. Oh we can do up to four flights now how exciting yeah yeah well we ll accept that that s fine everything s broken so we can assign a driver you re working we ve got you when i tell you to refuel cuz. Right. Now you re kind of out of gas.

Oh again. Though we need personnel here or i can work it. I suppose yeah i don t know anyway. This is flight simulator airport simulator 2019 you know still early in the game.

But i figured i d give it a bit of a go because you guys know that i m way into airport games and simulator games and flight simulators and all that kind of stuff. So a few pilot billa asked me if i was gonna cover it so here s me taking a quick jnanis to this we might go and review or revisit. This later on you know if i if i feel the urge to keep playing this game. And you know check out more of the late game.

But there it is airport simulator 2019 thanks for watching see you next ” ..

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