LG Watch Battery Life Update 2. Did the Battery Life Get Better?

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“In tech review here now that the lg watch sport possibly get an update. Then then increase its battery life stay tuned and find out more next with captain tech. So the lg watch sport get an update that possibly improved the battery life i think so and what update possibly did it get well let s go on the play store. Here.

Where my apps and we ll look at android wear app. That was updated on march 7th to this latest version and for those of you watching this video. Please check your device to see. If you have the same update.

Let. Me know if you do or not and see and also let me know in my comments in the comment section. Below. If you have also noticed pause.

The same results that i have noticed especially with the use that i have if you have similar use. I would assume you have similar results. If you use the device much more than me. Which is problem.

Which is probably possible that you do i m still curious to see if you have noticed any improvement in your battery life since march. 7th that s what i observed anyway. And i kinda just happen to stumble upon hmm all of a sudden. I do check from time to time in the android wear app.

With the battery. What the watch battery is i basically check that almost continuously throughout the day. When i have free time to and see how the battery life is doing on on the war sport. You know comparing it to my first test.

And all of a sudden this seemed to get better. So i kind of read did a test again to see was it a fluke was it an anomaly that i get lucky that day..

Whatever the story is now i use this watch face you see here this is the hyper flow ultra. Watch base. And yes. It does not have any complications that are customizable like weather steps agenda whatever whatever the items you want to put your watch face.

So hmm was that the factor was it this watch face that possibly improved battery life well. I did some more testing on one of the watch base. And it looks like no it did not more on that later so on the first day. I call that my baseline.

I have always on this play off. I don t have it off for this up in the video. Because i have make the point a little bit later without using always on display having all the radios off except for loop tooth after twelve hours of use my first day. Seeing this creep on the screenshot here on the left side as a 12 hours.

I have 77 barry lights left it was the estimated time remaining of one day in 12 hours. So based on this graph. If i continue the use that i have for that day. Which is just basically notifications and do any workout stuff.

I was just using the radios but just notifications replying text replying to text messages. I didn t do any phone calls via bluetooth for that matter just getting emails bleeding emails from the watch that was my result after one day my original test i had 66 left so i had a basically 11 percent jump in burien life. Unfortunately. I don t have a screenshot of what the battery life was remaining.

But i can tell you that it was not on day into a law was left on day two. I did a test to see hmm did always did the watch face. Always being on did that somehow they leave it with the update maybe have an improvement on that just once again shot in the dock. I have no idea what they thought they did it s kind of hard to get the details on it if you do know please comment in my section below.

If you have any information so with always on display on but the radio is all being off location wi fi lte. All being off i m just go tooth on at the 12 hours as you see a my screenshot on the left here moving all the way 53 percent left on the battery with 12 hours..

I m sorry 13 hours left remaining. So you ve got a good solid day with just two always on display being on alright yes. Still that s a having we were driving this display is quite a battery battery hog. And obviously no improvement on that front now compared to my first video that was an improvement.

But albeit. I had some abnormal things happen that day. I also tried to activate lte that day. So there was some more than normal use for me on my original test.

But doing it a few times after talking with some other folks who also have this device. I do average now in the 50 percent range being left up to 12 hours either high for like 48 49. Too low up to 55 left depending on how much use i do with notifications and such with always on display that s i mean that s i mean getting basically. When i do use it day three.

I did an lte only test. So basically took my throat took my phone. My throne yeah. I said on the throne.

I m no king tuck review. No i took my phone chucked. It we re just me used to watch all day today. Now i waited for to do that while i was at home because i have a much better thing a single in my area than i do at work.

Which is zero inside the building. So i have to do that outside of work. So i waited for a day. I can actually do that that s why it s taken so long to do these videos because of the time it takes to do the collects this data so after 12 hours of using lte.

You can see in the graph on the left side. What kind of usage..

I also had with the wash line in quite a few text messages. I took three phone calls and the funny thing is i use the google assistant and called the nearest chinese takeout place or two chinese through the watch now i apparently ordered an item that they didn t have they called me back answered it on my watch straighten it out and then call my wife hey like a chinese go pick it up or she won t use that work. I was at home shoes. It s on the way home so please i ma tell my wife what to do here.

It s actually the other way around most of the time for those of you who are married you know what i mean. But anyway. That s basically i did and after 12 hours of use. I had 44 percent battery left after 12 hours of just having lte on all day.

And actually using the watch to just l to eat. No phone now. It also said. I had eight hours left remaining.

So it is possible. It is possible to get up to 20 hours of use with lte and it seems to be at the update when i originally did the test with lte. I was only getting twelve hours of use and maybe the optimization made me handling the radios or handling the radios more efficiently as it relates to battery life now with this update. I don t know this once again for sure this might be an observation on my part.

But that s basically what i fear eyes. So when anything with this watch face well. I did another quick test also with a different watch base in the watch base. I use this fellow.

Which is built into the watch. And i also use the weather complication. The agenda complication let s see i had nothing wrong right now and the battery one so i would say i got tons of data being thrown at this but the weather does use connection probably the most along with steps. But after 12 hours used with this watch base.

I also have a similar that also had a similar result. I had 70 left after 12 hours..

I don t have the screen shot for this one unfortunately sorry. But even with the different watch base. I m still getting the same result so it wasn t just based on watch face that i was using so please comment below if anyone else has noticed this type of improvement with the watch with this device. And it s actually for me been very encouraging to know that it is actually improved and hopefully going forward with more software updates.

Possibly with applications update. Maybe even update to android wear to o itself. Hopefully things just keep getting better so if you have similar experiences or noticed that well with this device in improvement and very life please report below. I m very curious to know if you have similar results.

But these are the results that i have been seeing so far. And hopefully you do too so once again. Please. Let me know.

If you like this video. Please give me a nice. Big thumbs up if you d like to see more videos like this please subscribe. I m still building up my channel.

I m sorry for the slow delay in videos lately. But being on vacation being busy at work has been difficult to do this especially trying to collect data on battery testing those miners all so far hopefully you have seen those as well if not please report. Why or why not that it might be the case once again battery life update. Number 2 lg.

Watch spot captain over and out thanks again ” ..

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