Linnse 4K video camera camcorder with external microphone review, operation and video sample

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“We are we re looking at this 4k video camera by lintz it s l. L. I nn s you just hold on amazon i think this was about a and twenty dollars. So it s a 4k video camera comes with and an actual directional mic.

It does come with a lens hood also includes two batteries one is right here in the camera. When it ships. It is turned around though so you got to pop it out and turn it around and all that fun stuff. And there s an extra one included there is a remote control included so you can have this mounted on a tripod and start and stop recording very very easily just a little carrying case and then we do have a a ship you an hdmi cable.

So there s actually that s a standard hdmi and that s a. I don t know what that s called. I think it s a mini hdmi anyway. That will allow you to connect the camera directly to an out port source source like a tv or something.

Like that and there is a charger and usb cable. Included. I don t have that in front of me. But it s a mini usb if i m not mistaken one of those little guys so i m just gonna go through the the the camera itself really quick and then i want to actually do a video sample with the camera recording.

So we can get idea of both picture. Quality and audio quality. With and without the microphone. So just to run through this really quick so on this camera like i said the battery compartments down here just in case.

Anybody s coming on that that s also the sd card slot. And he d grab an sd card for this thing as well to remove the battery. There s this little tab right here on the side you got to pull that it ll pop out operation is actually pretty straightforward and pretty simple so once you open this up obviously we got an insert a memory card. So we re not gonna get we re not gonna get any recording right now but there are the mode button will switch between photo mode video and playback and the menu will switch through all the different menu options so these two buttons right here are the up and down to scroll up and down through the menu.

And it took me a second to figure out how to go left and right..

But if you look right up here the zoom button or a zoom switch rather that ll get you your left and right to scroll through all the different options. I didn t realize it at first but instead of doing any of that stuff you could just use the touch screen option. So that actually makes things a lot more simple for right now. I do have the lens cap on i will take that off there is really i mean if you used any kind of a video camera ever.

It s very very straightforward. You have your zoom functions start and stop recording. And there s actually also a button there to take a photo. If you happen to just need to snap a quick picture to to attach the microphone so very simple it s gonna attach to the hotshoe.

But it s not actually gonna utilize the hot shoe. So it could be attached separately to a to a tripod if you wanted to for example add a couple of these and you know use a audio mixer to get all that set up and go all crazy and fancy you could but pretty simple loosen. The little screw slide that on to so you let me do this well. Well.

I m holding oh. Didn t get that this enough there you go so well. After you attach it obviously you ll screw it down to keep it from shifting around this wire plugs right into the back here. So.

This is a little minor annoyance that when this is plugged in you can no longer close this flap little annoying not the end of the world. But one thing to remember with this microphone it does not take its power from the camera. There is a battery in the microphone. There when you get it that battery will be wrapped in plastic.

You won t be able to use it until you open that cover remove the plastic around the battery and pop it back in while you re using this microphone. You re gonna an oral operation. You re gonna be at the zero decibel. The plus twenty that s a highly sensitive.

It s very amplified..

That s if your pin trying to pick up something from further away. And you know being a creepy. Stalker or something like that anyhow so those are the basics of the camera. I m gonna choose to not use the lens hood because i m sitting inside and i don t have to worry about any kind of lens flare.

So what i m gonna do is i m gonna take the camera. Actually mount it to my little tripod here and we ll get an idea of what s audio and video quality is like so here we are this is actually being recorded by the kameron question. So right now. I don t have a microphone plugged in or on this is audio that we picked up by the microphone.

That s on the camera itself. I know there s also some using the law or you want i can with it i know there is so you got a you actually got most of the functions on here. I m just not sure if i have the light function on here. Because there s a light bouncing to the microphone.

Okay. I don t know how well the light works or how bright. It is but for general everyday use as you can see here you re probably not going to need the light so again. This is the audio.

The video quality. This is the audio quality with the microphone. The included microphone not plugged in so right now. This isn t just a bear camera.

What i m gonna do is i m going to stop this right here. And we re gonna listen to it and keep recording with the included microphone setup sore back and right now i have the microphone setup. So what you re listening to is through this actual through the microphone that came with the camera. One thing to note.

This room that i m sitting in is terrible for any kind of audio recording..

There s a lot of empty space in here barely any furniture. There s a couple 3d printers telescope behind me in a desk so this the i mean there s so much echo in here that just speaking in a normal voice. You can completely here at the echo. It s got a tall ceiling and all that so this is the worst room acoustically.

I have ever been in you may or may not hear in this in this video clip. I don t know if you will hopefully you don t because that s gonna kind of give us an idea of how well this microphone works or not but as far as the video quality you re getting it right here. You see exactly where the video is my overall impressions on this camera. It s actually i can t i can t find too much of a reason to complain the one or two little issues that i do have with it i m one as you saw earlier the little flap in the back that covers the connectors does have to stay open.

If you re using the microphone and have it plugged in back. There. The other little annoyance. I would say is that the included carrying case or a little pouch rather fits just the camera.

It will not fit the extra battery will not fit. The charger will not fit the microphone or the hood. So if you do want to carry it around you might want to you know jump on ebay and find a 1520 a case where you can pack all this stuff in there it s but it s still not i mean. It s not big by any means.

I would say that it would all fit in a fanny pack. Nobody carries your fanny pack anymore. Though so it is something that you might have to look into is you know factor in another 10 15. Bucks for some kind of a little pouch or case or if you have a backpack you throw it in there.

It s plenty of room. I mean the camera itself without the microphone or hood attached is small enough to where you can literally drop. It in the pocket of your car door. It s very very compact actually my main reason for buying it i just wanted to buy it to record videos like this we ve use a little how to videos that kind of stuff.

It s great for because i m not gonna be taking it all on the road..

It s gonna be sitting here in my little workspace slash office. And i m not gonna be too worried about how compact or or mobile. It is so those are my two little issues that other than that video quality is awesome battery life is going to be plenty for my purposes. And if it s not for yours you could actually leave the camera and use it while it s charging the battery.

So you can be tethered. You don t have to you don t have to unplug it before you use it the at the price point you re not going to get anything better than this you do have all the little features that make it you know very youtube video friendly you can turn this little lcd screen all the way around and see what you re recording and you do have a much better much better picture quality than than most things so for comparison. The first half of this clip was actually recorded with an iphone 11 pro. A cell phone camera.

I know. But the second half of this clip. Obviously i m recording with this camera. So we ll get a comparison you know once once we put these side by side to you you see the entire video.

Once i get it all sliced. Together. You ll see the quality difference. And also hear the audio difference so again it s excellent quality especially at this price point.

I cannot complain at all i mean i m very happy with this purchase if you re looking for one. The brand name. Again is lintz. It s li and n s.

E. And this is the 4k version on amazon great bye go out there buy it create have fun put your stuff up on youtube. And let me know how you enjoy it till. The next review hope you enjoyed this one please like and ” .


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