Little Boy Calls Angry Scammers! #4 (Microsoft Tech Support, IRS and Fake Rewards)

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“A boom. Badda bang baby. We re back i m gonna be calling all sorts sorts of scammers from fake. Microsoft tech support to the fake irs to the less scammers known as the reward scammers.

You know the guys that call telling you you re getting free money because you recently shopped at one of their stores or because their stores are shutting down. And for some reason that entitles you to some of that money yeah. These guys aren t even trying to receive the money all you have to do is hand over your credit card information. So they could transfer the money right on over to you these scammers are so lazy man oh.

And don t forget i m dropping videos every week. So make sure to turn on post notifications. So you don t miss a single episode well put your apron on boys cuz. We re gonna be cooking up some rats.

Let s get it in oh man. And they keep coming like a moth to flame. Oh. Something s every chick ah shoot.

My bad guys wrong tape. Yeah. My name s buddy. My name is buddy thank you for calling.

My name. Is robert can i have your first and last name. Yeah. My name s buddy.

Falling. Support. How may i help. You today.


Yeah. Hello. Can you help me. Sure my computer.

What do you mean. What happened to you compute. Well what happened to your computer. Well.

There s a cold going around and i think my computer got a virus with the de laptop. What if a day to stop it did they stop. Oh do you really want me to fix your computer. Yeah.

That s why i m calling are you calling from us or calling from canada. Does it matter yes. It matters. Why you re calling from canada.

Then i ll give you the number no what if you re calling from teddy market basra fonda dairy mockable thank you very much for calling the rewards department my name is jackson how can i help hey wanna team up on duals department thank you for calling support this is david how can i help you hey david my daddy wants to talk to you because i broke the computer. So why your dad wants to talk to me cuz. I broke the computer. So you broke the computer.

That is your computer. Why dad why your dad wants to talk to me because you re the technician can you talk to you no no. I m the technician. I m not the magician got it you re a magician.

I m not the magician. I m a technician got it wow. I ve never talked to a magician before yeah. I will make your computer.


Much faster. Wow. That s not a very good magic trick yes. Emerging.

I know how to do magic. I can make you disappear. Oh. You can make me disappear.

And how would you do that with one left hand. What i said with one left hand using your left hand after that i will be disappear. Yeah. Oh.

My goodness i cock it back. And i throw. It. And then it makes you disappear.

Nanana. You have a misconception in your mind. First of all you have to clear it after that you need talk to me well i can make you disappear. I can also make you disappear.

No you can t again. I think they re a fake magician. What i said i think you re a fake magician because i do have a super powers you know yeah. But what s your superpower.

I ll tell you i could guess it no yokan did it yeah you could poop out of your mouth. No you can you can do it by yourself. I believe and how many times you done done what made people disappear. Yes.


You ll be the first don t waste. My time. I don t have a time for you okay. Yes.

You do no i don t cover. Yes. You do no why because i have to do my work you don t work i do work what do you do we do provide a support for our customers. Don t talk to my dad.

Yeah. Can you please talk for the call to your dad. He let me talk to him okay hold on sure. Yeah.

That was my dad did you talk to him no. Not your dad. That was dracula. Believe he still you re ignoring him what.

He said. You re ignoring him see hello don t like dracula. Like devil your dad sounds like devil. I don t know who that is devil devil don t know him you don t know no can you move here him back on the phone.

But don t ignore him this time okay. No no i m not ignoring him because you know after 15 minutes. I will step on your door okay i ll step on your head. I step on your door wait for a moment.

Yeah wait for a moment and then i ll step on your head security administration. How can i help you you always hit me. I love you yeah. I had a missed call who called you you did i did yeah.


Where am. I i don t know can you tell me what is your name. What is your name you re calling me my name is sebastian sebastian yes. Yeah.

My name s sebastian your name is have after two yeah. Okay. That s great nice to meet you sebastian are you sebastian junior. Yeah.

I m a junior are you a junior. No i m your dad okay and how old are you six. Thanks yeah you re just six years. Yeah.

Okay what are you a barden. Am. I what yeah are you a barden are you a chewkey yeah. I miss it yeah why did you call me.

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But that s it guys peace ” ..

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