Lopifit – a treadmill on wheels Euromaxx

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“Is me taking a relaxing stroll in new place. I m not at all in in a hurry. But i m still powering ahead. If you re bought from your in a boreal fitness studio.

Why don t you take it out i picked up my local fit walking bike a few hours earlier up on iron works for the manufacturer and showed me how it functions before i set out on my maiden voyage treading sets the bike in motion. But you assisted by an electric motor. Why don t you just go out and take a walk this is a bike. We go faster.

It s 25 kilometres in an hour. So you get more distance and with the logo fit..

It s more interesting like normal walking the bike first hit the streets in 2014. And now it s taking off internationally with a growing ridership in europe. The us and south america. An american skateboarder and tv personality posted a video of the bike on his facebook.

Page. It s been viewed over 18 million times. Since then it s become a runaway success even in qatar. Perhaps because regular cycling can be difficult in a row.

But with a low before anything goes. The dutch manufacturer is finding it hard to meet demand..

Yes. We have some problems while we start producing at this moment. So we were not ready to sell it that was the reason that yeah we get a lot of requests. But you re still producing well if everyone else can do it so can i write in a study.

They found that 30 get into gear immediately while santos and have major difficulties getting off to a smooth start. I was a 60 who need a few minutes. I have to practice as it s different than i thought a lot faster. So i ve climbed a full day tour of the city.

You don t need a license to drive low before and hammers are not mandatory while practicing on the country roads. I find i can stop walking and still keep moving then it s back to the city..

I want to try out my newly acquired riding skills in downtown. You taste. The dutch are known as a nation of cyclists. But they clearly not used to sing an opp down the street.

So i find myself training quite a few hats after a while i really gets the hang of it. But i m still drawing attention. I over take most cyclists with ease. Although i m hardly making an effort at all then a few brave salts ask if they can have a go zhuge zhengwo.

It s not dangerous as interest grows. I let more people have a go even women in higher locals and tourists alike are keen to jump on board..

And it s two different motions like doing yes yeah. It s nice yeah nice to walk on the bike this ring with this is rufus. It s more difficult than i thought it s a little bit complicated yeah. It takes some practice.

But i certainly wouldn t be able to enjoy my ice cream as much on a normal bike. This was possibly the fastest and in the same time the most comfortable walk of my life. It was really big still even with all the interest its awakened. It s hard to imagine the lobby fit replacing the enduringly popular bicycle on the ” .


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