macOS Catalina – How to Use iTunes?!

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“Is it going everybody you re watching then about tech. So with mike os catalina. Catalina. I choose is just gone.

It s being terminated and separated into three different so apple music apple tv and apple podcasts. But how are you gonna maybe back up your iphone or ipad to your computer. If you like to do that or even maybe update your phone or ipad to the computer or even restore it some people if you have problems how are you gonna restore your idevice using your computer because sometimes you really need you there s no other way actually you can still do all of those things. But you re not gonna do it via itunes because as i said itunes it s gone.

But you can still do it so let me explain in how let s begin okay guys so as i ve just mentioned itunes has been dismantled into three different apps you may think this is itunes..

But it isn t it s just apple music this is apple podcasts and this is apple tv. So how are we gonna do all of those things that are very important and you needed i choose b to do it actually you re gonna do it via the finder app. So how are we gonna do it it s actually quite simple all you have to do is open it up leave it open and then get your cable so normal normal process that could get your cable your iphone cable. I always like to use the original one so it always works so just plug into the computer.

And then to your iphone and of course. It will start charging same process same thing as you do before so then leave it on leave. It unlocked. As mine is in the home screen.

And then after just a second you re gonna see right here under locations my iphone..

So daniels iphone. So well the only difference. Now is that instead of itunes being the interface. That you actually control your iphone with your computer.

That you actually interact with your your iphone through your computer. You re actually gonna do it via finder. So as you can see here i have my iphone right there then as iphone all my information. I can go ahead and sync it so i m just gonna make the screen a little larger.

So then i can just go ahead and sink it so since this is the first time..

I m gonna get started and then as you guys can see here are all my information. So i can see backups as i m just asking me if i want to encrypt my backup. I can just go ahead and say don t encrypt. So then i have my general information music movies tv shows and everything else i can manage my storage right here.

As you guys can see let me just zoom in a little bit. So you guys can have a better look and then of course. I can check for updates and i can restore my iphone and then of course. I can backup now so the most important things are here so backup updates and restore and everything is exactly the same all the processes are the same all the commands or the buttons.

Everything is exactly the same it s just that the interfaces has changed from itunes to actually finder so that s pretty much it guys if you might know more about this because really there isn t a lot more to show..

But if you want to know a little bit more about this please make sure to hit the comment box down below. Also since you re there hit the like button down below and also the subscribe button. I really appreciate it and don t forget to hit the little bell icon. So you re gonna get notified every time i post a new video so that s pretty much it and i ll see you guys in a couple days guys bye.

” ..

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