Magnavox MWR10D6 DVD Recorder

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“This demo is for a magnavox dvd recorder to get data in focus dvd recorder recorder it is model number mwr 1 0. D6. I have downloaded this unit before is a very nice unit comes with the original remote and yeah. Let me show you what i got going on here.

I am gonna record. A program from three stooges program from a vcr get off this side so i got that going into the with regular audio video cables. I ve got that going into the audio video in and i have the audio video out going to this disc to be alright let s get going here alright. I m going to turn the recorder on like that you see the light came on there nice alright screen comes up very nice alright and you see it s already set to the to the to the point net.

It s set to their rear inputs ok like yeah. That s how i have it set up. But let me show you how to change it now this does come with the manual. So you ll be able to do this yourself.

I suggest. I highly suggest you read the manual you just it s actually on the remotes as button. There s the easiest way to do it just do that goes to channel..


Actually plus or minus sorry this will this will go to the rear. This will go to the front. So let s go back to the rear. Okay that simple.

It s just plus and minus button right. There on the remote. That s kind of blurred out a little bit alright. Let s let me turn the vcr on like so.

And i see that s this the vcr display screen right there. And then let me go ahead and hit play and then we can play some of this song this three stooges program. I think that you know no one s gonna sue me for playing this there s audio. But it s very low.

I don t want to get a ding or anything like that on youtube. So alright so i m going to take this this is dvd our dvd our i m gonna put it in the machine. Don t like hold it this that way let me let me use the remote and check the drawer..


Let me put this in here. And let me let me put the drawer back in like that alright now it s gonna take it in its loading. You can see it the little loading on it where am i pointing little loading for i think i m filming this upside down. So that s me it s nothing to do with the video here alright.

So it s loading to disk right now so and continuing to play while it s loading. Then i mentioned that this this is gonna come with three three dvd or are discs recordable discs. When it comes to you when if you purchased this unit. I m sorry i do these videos after my regular day job and i m just really tired so all right so it s loaded so now i m gonna demonstrate this recording so i m gonna take the remote.

I m just gonna simply hit the record button. And there you go see the little icon right there up some again. I m pointing to the wrong thing so it s recording right now. It also says record down here.

So let s just let it record for like a few seconds that got me about 10 seconds. Should do it you know some of this scene with the monkey or the gorilla guy in a gorilla suit gorilla suits grill suits very kind of guys out of style man i haven t seen those in a while um alright i m gonna stop rambling now and let s somebody i m gonna hit i m gonna hit on your needs stop so um they hit stop alright hit stop. I just pushed you completely is is ready to disk so it s rigged it so i m gonna right now..


I m going to stop the playback up on the other vcr. It does not come with all this and i m also gonna unplug the signal from that ecr so so there s no you know nothing nothing sneaky going on here this when we do see the video again it will be from this unit. And it ll be no doubt of that so that should be already trading. It to disk right now and it should come up with a little menu screencast.

It s very very and i m pointing to i m pointing in live and i m pointing where i can see it and then you know i m not pointing with the camera can see. But right here should be like a little little thumbnail you ll see yes i get well. It s working on it. But you know this unit is got some minor cosmetic you know we re on it it definitely was a huge unit.

Okay oh. They re not it looks really nice nice shape remotes in pretty nice shape. It s got a little bit of feeding on the sides here and stuff. But there we go there is there s thumbnail right there and i m gonna i m gonna click on that and it should real it ll say you can play your edit over right.

I got this in what do i have this in i got this in long play mode okay you can you read the manual you can t mess with the mode. So you see it it s gonna it would record like over three more hours on here. So the quality is not gonna be you know as great as it can be either..


It s actually like i discovered up in 3ds. A high quality mode or i guess you can pull recording the hour and it s like really pristine and nice hit play. I should play come on there we go. No that s nice so there we go.

It s playing and yeah. That s that s that right there so very nice unit you see it s like i said. It s playing from the disk right now i have the vcr just connecting. It yeah alright and you know and that s that so if you want to buy this unit.

There s the ebay link down in the description. Please go back. There click on it and go ahead and purchase it. If you have any questions contact me through my ebay store and go ahead and smash that like button to help out the channel and we don t want to subscribe too because if you don t want this unit.

Maybe i have something you want later on so you never know what i m gonna get next with that have a great ” ..

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