Magnavox ZV427MG9 1080p upscaling/upconverting VCR/DVD Recorder

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“Everypony. This is ian in this video. I will show you the magnavox zv 47 47 m g9 this is an up converting upscaling vcr dvd recorder combo deck it dubbing from vhs cassette tape to dvd r and vice versa and also allows recording from any standard definition source to either blank medium. You could get this at a walmart for about less than 200 new.

I however ordered this online refurbished recondition for far less as of the date of the production of this video. I have owned it for about six to nine months this combo deck includes a remote control a set of stock av cables three rca color coded red and white for stereo audio and yellow for composite video. I will gripe about the fact of not having better connection cables packed with this thing and the surplus of composite cables. Another time an instruction manual since i got a refurb.

My manual is a black and white photo copy of all 100 plus pages in glory. The video outputs include the basic composite the better s video component..

That could also allow progressive scan and hdmi that allows upscaling up to 1080p all of these outputs can be used at the same time with no lag in between with the obligatory exception of capture cards which i ll mention later on even though component video is technically able to do hd up to 1080i or 720p. The unit limits its output to 480p upscaling or up converting is only done through hdmi. Which supports resolutions from 480p to 1080p as for audio outputs there are two sets of analog stereo one stereo accompanies the composite video out and the other accompanies the s video and component outs there s a digital audio coaxial via rca connection and of course the hdmi also does audio as with the video outputs the different audio outs can be used at the same time with no lag except with capture cards. There are no radiofrequency coaxial connections.

If you have an old tv with only that input an rf modulator may be necessary there are two line inputs both have stereo audio composite video and s video the fact that even the secondary front input has s video is a plus because i generally eschew composite video. If you have a device with only an rf output for example an original top loading nintendo entertainment system an additional old vcr may be necessary to demodulate the signal so to speak to an a v signal. In connection that this unit. Accepts bear in mind that this combo unit is tuner lists.

So it doesn t change. Channels and requires an external tuner box from a tv service provider to be hooked into either of its inputs..

I don t have a tuner hooked into this nor do i need to the primary rear input. I just stick a playstation as a video cable for ps1 gaming. And the front could be any other classic or soon to be classic console. I come across as of the date of the production of this video.

The only other old console. I happened to own is a super nintendo. I also hooked a multi system digital video converter in the unlikely case i come across an old european or australian pal console. I ll gripe about still needing to convert ntsc and pal in the year 2012.

Some other time i should say that i rarely if ever actually dub or record anything to vhs or even dvd with this thing. This is an ideal upscaling unit for game..

Consoles. Being played in standard definition on a high definition setup. Lag free as i previously mentioned game. Consoles can be hooked to the inputs and then hdmi can upscale them up to 1080p and since all the different av outputs can work at the same time it s essentially its own splitter you can play off of one output and record.

Via capture card such as a dazzle movie box or hd. Pvr from another. I ll get more into depth of this in another video similar to macro vision with dvds this vcr dvd recorder is unable to dub commercially produced vhs tapes to dvd r there is a way to get around this without putting to capture cards similar to my experience with standard def gaming. I talked about beforehand in fact i do this quite frequently with retail tapes.

I have on hand either from my own collection or bequeath to me courtesy of my real life friend c plasma guns when outputting via hdmi in actual hd resolutions standard definition becomes stretched to widescreen even if it was originally in 4 3. Aspect ratio depending on the monitor itself..

One could set the hdmi output to its lowest resolution 480p. And it may or may not revert to fourth the display. I use is the asus vh 236 h. Which is used in evo and mlg major league gaming tournaments which i made a separate video for i hope you enjoyed the semi review of the magnavox vcr dvd recorder combo please subscribe to you and share my channel youtubecom slash inuyasha feel free to add me on facebook comm slash inuyasha take care and keep on gaming.

” ..

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