Maintaining Your Nintendo Equipment: New 3DS XL System Transfer

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“Youtube bob here so in my last video i unbox my brand new new nintendo nintendo 3ds xl and now i need to do a system transfer between my 3ds and the new system. So just after i finish doing the initial setup for the new system. It says it starts to you know tell you about the system transfer that you can do so i m just going to start right now before i even go into the main menu for the first time. I m going to click yes as you can see i have my 3ds xl open and ready to go so it s connecting to the internet.

I already have all of that stuff set up ah interesting and errors occurred. You must update your system in order to perform a transfer please update your system using all right so it looks like i m not going to be able to do it right out of the box. Here so it s probably gonna bring me back to the main menu. And i m going to have to do a system update which i m not going to make you guys wait for so do a cut and come back when i m ready to go alright so luckily the system update on the new nintendo 3ds xl didn t take that long but this is a screen that you get upon returning to the home screen from that system update.

So just about shuffle favorites as far as your your themes go. Yeah. I know how to do it as you can see i ve already done it so now what i m going to need to do is go to the wrench. Which is settings system settings.

That s pretty 3d issuance turn that up well that s volume. Let s turn that off there we go. It probably looks a little better go to the wrench and do it on both systems there we go so other settings other settings i got super stable 3d looks like there s some adjustments for that in this new menu system transfer. I ve only done this a couple times before so we ll see how similar it is although they re saying you have to use a computer to do which i think is ridiculous.

But we ll see if that s actually necessary or not alright. So what do we got here transfer from transferred from a system in the nintendo 3ds family yes so the system transfer allows you to move software and data between your systems you own in the nintendo 3ds family please put okay well this is really yeah i know it cannot be undone. It s a one way transfer. I couldn t put it on here and then take it off here and put it back on here.

So it s a one way one way street can hit a green okay. So do the same thing over here. Agree so i m going to send from this system and receive from nintendo 3ds yes i must sign in okay my nintendo network id alright oh gosh i hope i remember the password let s see alright looks like i remember my password. Which is a good thing.

So this one here searching for a source system. So it found my new 3ds xl. Which is called y bob and even realize. I named them different things so i choose that transfer from joys a nintendo 3ds this will confirm the target system please switch to joy bob s nintendo 3ds system ok transfer from yes use the source system okay yeah the following will occur.

I know the transfer process will replace all data. I m aware of that because there is no data on this one yet so preparing for transfer. So i think it s going to give me uh. Some options as to how i want to do it all right says.

If you have the same software or downloadable content on both systems. Which i don t okay yeah. I get that nope. There s nothing on this one.

There is some software and data will become unusable..

If you perform this transfer are you sure you want to continue well yeah. I don t know what that is but i m going to do it this will start the transfer yes. I m sure i want to continue data created by this system on the micro sd card will no longer be usable. If you perform a transfer yes delete all yes i want to do there s nothing on this card.

Why for those of us those of us with ocd this really does make you nervous to go through all this big delete button. There we go deleting okay. It s been deleted can t go back have any other micro sd cards been used with the system no use the source system so preparing to transfer a nintendo dsi where are titles in the system will be moved to the sd card that s fine. I hope they fit all right so those were transferred back to the sd card as sd cards cannot be inserted into the target systems micro sd card slot.

One of the following three methods here we go must be used to transfer. The sources okay so that s why you need to bring a computer into the mix because they went from sd to microsd so all right. So. If a file exists on both the sd card and micro x.

Sd. Card. Then the file on the micro sd card will be overwritten. Okay one wireless transfer moves all sd card data onto the target systems micro sd card wirelessly this may take a while depending on how much data.

There is if the target systems micro sd card doesn t have enough free space available. Which it should try organizing the data or using a micro sd card. That has more memory okay to low capacity micro sd card moves all sd card data to the target systems micro sd card wirelessly except for nintendo 3ds downloadable software which will instead be available from four redownload for free from okay and then finally pc based transfer now. I do have quite a few downloadable 3ds games on this and yeah i m not entirely sure that everything s going to fit.

So i am going to go through with the pc transfer. I think that s the method that i m going to going to choose let s see so i m going to do. It s just explaining all that to you if you use any other sd cards with the system use it okay. Yeah.

If you do not do so. You will be unable to use any sd card are you using an sd card or a mini sd card with this system. I m using an sd card. So yes alright so these are my three options here alright here s my theory in order to do the pc base transfer.

You do need to have a micro sd card to usb piece of hardware to plug into your computer. And i don t have one of those but what i m hoping for is i can use my android phone got my android phone here and if you take off the case which by the way nintendo this is this is how you do things correctly check this out no screws nothing fingernail boom. I m in the system. That s the way it should be so this phone has a micro sd card slot.

And it can read this micro sd card. Just like you know anything you plug into a usb port. So even though i don t have the sd to micro sd to usb converter. I m hoping that i can use my phone to accomplish that task so we shall see so i m going to go for a pc based transfer after the transfer is complete use a pc to delete the data from the target systems micro sd card ok.

Which i ll have to do here and then copy the data from the system s sd card to the micro sd card..

Ok. Please insert the micro sd card into the target system after copying data to it. With a. Pc.

Please review. The file. Yeah. I.

Know. Da. Da. Da.

Da. The chosen. Method will be used to transfer. Yes.

You know. The battery level. The target system should be fine. It s not going to take that long from what i understand we re going to see here in a minute here since i m choosing pc is the moving method.

I think this transfer isn t going to actually transfer much although the pigment up top arm may be indicating otherwise. I think. This is just the nintendo 3ds is telling each other ok expect a pc transfer. But let s see here what are they running to ok.

They actually are going to pick up some software and transfer things over so we ll have to see it seems like things that are on the system memory may be transferred over. But everything else is on the sd card. I m going to have to do that that pc transfer yeah. It s not happy with my battery.

I may have to i may have to plug it in and it says. It s only doing two of five here. We shall see i have half a battery looks like it s going to remind me after it does every single one says. It s about 25 percent done i think those pikmin flowers bring that stuff over those look like sd cards with it i see that s real clever.

I always enjoy a nintendo s presentation of things they could have just as easily shown a status bar. But now they re having pikmin do the work for us that is pretty cool. I m hoping that this meter is for the whole transfer not just for one application. Because that would be terrible definitely going to have to hook my connect my ac adapter.

If that s the case and wait a long time go pickman s go battery s still at a half..

So that s good and it s stopped prompting me about it probably should have plugged it in but oh well i think we re gonna make it i see a corner piece. There s the corner piece and boom. Boom. Boom.

Boom. Alright. So. What s going on here.

Oh boy. It s still telling me about the ac. Adapter looks. Like maybe.

There s more to go built in save memory are you gonna pick that whole thing up. Oh. No we gonna do the whole 25 50. 75.

A hundred thing or is this different this looks different you know what those pickman s deal is on the left there emma just pick it up move. It i would have helped if i looked at the lower screen four or five looks like one step four or five. There they go bring over the built in save memory whatever that is boom alright so hopefully that s four or five. Now what s five a five.

I m gonna remind me about the battery yes five a five nintendo eshop well this could be a problem. What s going on with this one these pickman s are running like crazy alright. It looks like this is going to be another 25 50. 75.

1. Or is it well maybe not now. They just do a different animation for each thing. Which is really cool all right the system will now restart to complete the transfer.

Please do not turn the power off okay. So i hit okay transfer complete days. Until next transfer can be performed seven. Okay well there s nothing on it.

So. There isn t really anything yeah. Yeah. I know all right nintendo.

Dsi where will now be moved with the system memory use a pc to copy the contents of the sd card containing the source systems than thunder dsiware data to the micro sd card..

And then reinsert it into the system for more information. Please refer to the operations manual. The screen will be displayed after the power is turned on again. Okay all right so here s what we re going to do going to take this sd card out that has some of my saved add.

I m not insured you know i m not sure. What s on the system memory verses. The sd memory entirely. But i m going to put this in the sd card reader on my computer.

And i get it ready to copy and what i will do with this one take it out and i will put it into my phone and then i will hook my phone up to my computer using a usb cable and copy the contents from this sd card over to this sd. Sd micro. See how it goes alright so with the amount of data. I had on my 3ds xl sd card the entire transfer took about five minutes but your mileage may vary on that depending on how much data you have on your card and within the last 30 seconds of the transfer windows explorer decided to crash so after it crashed i reopened up everything else and copied over the remaining files.

It didn t get copied before it crashed. So hopefully that didn t cause any other problems than that but at this point. I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best so here s my sd card micro sd card with the files copied to it stick that in the system. And we shall see so it s now going to be moved from the sd card to system memory preparing for transfer.

We got that before hopefully. It will be able to move beyond that okay yeah. These are my dsiware games. Which is a good sign one of eight.

So we ll wait for that to happen. We ll turn the volume on here. What do we have ah nice and loud in the meantime. I will set up my 3ds xl after it s been newly formatted all right so it looks like we re just about to go here yep.

This has finished so days until next transfer is seven system will now restart okay and this 3ds xl system has now been formatted and i did set it up again. But we are done so i can power that off so let s take a look yeah right off the bat here. I can see that i mean the system transfer puts absolutely everything where it was my folders are organized how i like them. I ve got my theme.

Going. And let s just see here. I ve got a gameboy advance are all those in there yep. The ambassador program game boy advance games are in there ar games you know dsiware ki shop 3d classics everything s there nice alright so that is the 3ds xl new 3ds xl system transfer and despite the fact that nintendo is requiring that you use a computer.

Because you know the difference between the sd card of the micro sd card. It seems to be a fairly seamless transfer and it worked pretty well and if you don t have an adapter evidently you can use an android phone that has a micro sd card slot and then plug that in via usb to get it to get it to work so anyway. I hope you enjoyed the video and until next time you guys see ” ..


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