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“It s chris and today. I m gonna be talking about apple music obviously i i m an apple music subscriber. If i m making this video but i m your average apple music subscriber. I ve discovered a number of apps and tips that have turned an already great experience into something extraordinary like next level.

Do me a favor and stick around to the end of the video today because that s where i m gonna be answering some comments from you guys like i ve been doing lately if you look at the length of this video you can see is long there s a lot in here to talk about so. I m gonna do what i did in the last video. Because you guys seem to really like it and link up the timestamps to all the stuff that i m covering down in the description. So if you want to head down.

There and just skip around to the stuff that seems most interesting to you please feel free to do that not gonna hurt my feelings if you want to watch all the way through. Though what we re gonna do is start by talking about the apps and then hit the tips. But before we get into any of that i m gonna tell you how i interact with apple music throughout a given day. Oh and before i even get any further.

I forgot to mention. I m also gonna be talking about why i m an apple music subscriber in the first place and why i switched from spotify. Just want to break in real quick. And say that by watching this video.

Obviously you re learning how to get the most out of apple music. Which is great because i love to learn things in fact i ve got a whole folder on my iphone dedicated to learning stuff and one of the apps in that folder comes from today s sponsor. Which is skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community for creators with more than 25000.

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The presenter shows. You how to visualize data on an ipad which i feel like is something i can definitely use here on the channel skill share is super affordable at under 10 per month. So if want to join the more than 7 million creators already learning on skillshare. Then hit the link down in the description.

And by the way the first 500 people to sign up using that link are gonna get two months to try it all out for free every day. I don t wake up with my favorite song from apple music although i m gonna show you how to do that a little bit later in this video. So the first encounter that i have with apple music most days is during my workout time so depending on what mood. I m in while i m exercising i either listen to audio books podcasts or music or watch youtube.

I m usually in the mood for music. Though when i hit the weights. So inc. Oh.

The air pods on goes. 116. And lately. There s been a lot of 1k.

Few lots of days. I make a morning coffee run to the nearest starbucks or some nitro cold brew which they still won t serve me in a venti. And this is the best chance to like sing along in the car. When nobody s listening needless to say.

Though carplay is like half. The reason that i love my new car. And i m gonna be making some carplay tips content soon so make sure you re subscribed for that throughout the day. Whether i m writing filming b roll.

And yes even while editing videos. I listen to music. It s like classical or electronic or lo fi beats for writing..


And then electronic or my new music mix for filming and editing. The home pod comes into play throughout the day like either during downtime or family time or sometimes at meals. The sound is so great i absolutely love owning it i used to be a spotify subscriber. But back in 2015.

They made some creepy changes to their privacy policy. And that was when i decided to just switch over to apple music. But what s kept me in apple music subscriber well the biggest benefit for me is the seamless integration across the apple ecosystem. So if you have an iphone in any other apple device like an apple tv or a home pod or carplay.

Then it s a great experience. Additionally. Spotify. May currently have more overall subscribers.

But apple. Music has overall more music 50 million songs compared to 35 million songs. And i feel like since i love to listen to less mainstream music that s something that i actually care about with apple music. You can download and sync up to a hundred thousand offline songs versus only ten thousand on spotify.

Plus. There s 3d touch support on supported devices. There s smart playlists. Although you have to use it in itunes.

Guess you can search for songs using lyrics. There s native home pod support and you can use siri as a personal dj. And i really like the human curation on the flip side of things though and listen under things that kind of make me a bit jealous of spotify spotify currently gives you more extra content and spotify suggestion algorithm is generally better in most people s eyes plus they re making a huge move into podcasts. Which is very interesting to me.

But collectively those things aren t really enough to overcome the fact. That apple music just plays nicer with apples ecosystem. And that s kind of the end of the story. Right now.

At least for me alright so let s get into some apple music apps. These are like apps that are gonna enhance your apple music experience this is kind of crazy there s a little ecosystem of apple music apps out there which i think most people don t even realize you just kind of think. There s that basic default apple music app. And that s it.

But that s not it. Soare is a brand new app. That i think so many of you are gonna love it s spelled like sor if you re searching for it i m also gonna link it up down below. And it s an alternative to the official apple music app for ios devices and it s really geared towards music discovery.

So yeah. It has a totally different look from the official apple music app. Which some people might like so browsing your playlists looks very different as does the now playing screen. And i think the best thing about that now playing screen is that you don t have to scroll to find the repeat button like you do any official app is just right there.

But that s not really the reason why i m talking about this on top all that stuff. There s some standout features here the first one for me really being the intuitive navigation. Which they have this pull to reach function. Which makes it a lot easier to use the app.

One handed so rather than having to reach up to the top of the screen to search for instance you can just drag down to a certain point on the screen highlight the icon and then release to select. It and that works with other icons and options as well and using this method is so cool that you can search the entire apple music catalog from basically any screen. Something else is really great about this app is the ability to drag and drop multiple songs to add to a queue or playlist kind of like how you rearrange multiple apps on your home screen. And this method also works for sharing songs as well this app does rely on apple s api which means it does have a few limit and some people might find that frustrating like you can t remove songs from a library.

Yet or rearrange songs in a playlist for example. So you might want to keep apple s official music app. Stash in a back folder somewhere just in case..


One kind of surprising thing. The apple hasn t enabled for apple music yet is hand off. And this is one of the best features across all the apple ecosystem and icloud. Where you can start something on one device and finish it on another well right now.

You can t start. A song on your iphone and finish. It on your mac. But oh wait yes you can t because.

There s an app. Called play off. Which does exactly that to get play off set up you ll need to install an app on your mac and also on your iphone and then pair the two devices after that it should just work in either direction either from your mac to your iphone or from your iphone to your mac. One small limitation does exist.

Though since it works over bluetooth. You are gonna have to be within bluetooth range for each device. So. The apple music app on the iphone makes it pretty easy now to see the lyrics for any song that you re listening to which is great.

But my favorite way to check on the lyrics of a song is with musixmatch more specifically. I love how this app gives me an ios widget that syncs perfectly with the lyrics of the song that i m listening to so i can actually follow along as i m listening instead of having to search through the entire song s lyrics just to find the place that i m actually after and actually. There s two different views for the widget and apparently there s a way to show the lyrics on your lockscreen. Although that s something that never worked for me let s face it if you re super into music.

Then curating your playlists is like one of your life s crowning achievements and one of the things that might be keeping you from switching over to apple music or whatever from apple music to somewhere else is the thought of losing all that hard work. So if you re thinking about switching over to apple music from either spotify title google play music youtube pandora and some other services then you re gonna want to check out stamp stamp. Lets you quickly and easily transfer your playlist songs and radio stations between music services. So you just select your current music service let s just say spotify select your destination like apple music pick the playlist you want to transfer and start the transfer.

It s that easy some people like stamp and some don t so if you don t you can always try song shift. Which pretty much does the exact same thing back in the day when i switch from spot fight apple music. I really wish that i had known about an app like one of these because it makes life so much easier when you don t have to start over if you ever find yourself in a situation when you want to listen to apple music. But you re away from your main computer like maybe when you re at work for instance or if you just don t like itunes.

Then music will come in super. Handy for you music lets you securely. Access. Your apple music library from a browser.

Which means you don t need to have itunes installed to access your songs and playlists music is new though and it s kind of a work in progress. But you can see it really takes some design cues from apple music itself. Which means that it looks pretty good so. As i just told you a couple videos back i wake up every morning with the alarm on apple watch.

But here s an alternative that kind of has me rethinking things you can actually set a song as your alarm using apple music and your phone s built in clock. App. First you want to make sure that the song is in your library. So use that plus icon to add it in if it s not already there next launch the clock app on your phone and tap on the alarm tab at the bottom of the screen to create a new alarm tap on the plus button in the top right or just edit one of your existing alarms.

That you ve already got going on tap sound tap pick a song and then under select music you can search for a song or look through your favorite artists albums playlists. Etc and once you re all set then just make sure that you hit save now i feel like this next. Bit of info. Should really go without saying.

But i m gonna say it because i feel like if you re subscribing to apple music. You should really have this nailed down and be getting the most out of it if you want to discover more songs like the songs that you already like then this is for you the key to discovering more music that you really like in apple music is to start. Some radio stations based on your current favorite tracks and then actively listen to them and actively tune them for better recommendations to start a station just play a song tap on now playing and then tap on those three dots down in the corner and tap create station and then as you re listening to that station it s super important that you let apple music know that you love or dislike a song either by using the buttons in the now playing menu using your apple. Watch or just.

Telling siri to play more or less like this which works great on the home pod the difference between actively tuning your stations and just passively listening is absolutely huge. I can t tell you enough. It s just a little bit of effort for a much better listening experience so try it okay..


Let s talk about apple music on the home pod for just a second because if you have a home pod. And it s shared between a big group of people like your family. What you don t want to have happen is somebody else s music affecting your recommendations because you want to listen to what you want to listen to and not what somebody else wants to listen to for that reason. It s a very good idea to turn off listening history on the home pod.

So other people s music doesn t pollute your carefully honed recommendations. So if you love electronic music and hip hop. And someone else in the house is all about country and burl ives you re not gonna go crazy. Whenever some weird surprises pop up to do this head over to the home app.

Actually open up your home. Pod settings. And then turn off use listening history and while you re here you can also uncheck allow explicit content. If you want a more sanitized.

Listening experience so have you ever wanted to use your apple watch to play. And control music on your favorite bluetooth speaker well it s definitely possible and it s pretty easy to do basically just open up the music app on your apple watch and tap the play button once you do you re gonna see a list of devices. And the default is air pause. If you have those along with a connect to device button.

Which is what you can use to connect to a nearby bluetooth speaker. Now if you have an unlimited data plan then you re definitely at least. I would going to want to adjust your streaming settings. So that you re getting the best possible streaming quality while you re on the go to enable high quality streaming go to settings music.

Mobile or cellular. Data. And then toggle high quality streaming and as you can see in the fine print. There always streaming at the highest quality will use more cellular data and songs may take a little bit longer to start playing now when i was telling you earlier about how i interacted with apple music throughout the day.

There was one thing that i left out because i don t really use it all that much and that s listening to apple music through my tv and home theater system. Which i used to do a lot more. But that was before the home pod showed up. But what s cool here is that you can control the music that s playing on your apple tv and your home pod using your phone like sometimes somebody is talking and in the middle of a really in depth.

Intriguing story. And you don t want to be shouting over them to change stuff using series. So there are two ways to do this you can use a control center on your phone or you can use the now playing screen in the music app. So on the now playing screen tap airplay and then select the device that you want to control in the control center tap on the top right corner of the music app.

Widget and then select the device that you want to use from there. Super congratulations. If you made it to the end of the video here because this last. Tip is a very good one a lot of people don t realize you can control the eq settings on your phone and the reason is is because it s not something that you do from within the apple music app itself to change.

The eq settings. You actually go to your phone s settings. Then music. Then playback.

And then tap on eq and here you ll see a range of options that you might like better than the default. One option that really stands out here is the small speakers option. Which you could really use to make your small speaker sound. Quite a bit better so you re welcome actually here s a bonus tip and that is to go check out my sliced apple of course for some apple music related slices or collections.

I ll be sure to link up some of those down below. And we did just add one brand new just for this video. So you ll want to check that out all right so let s respond to a few of the recent comments on the channel. If you want me to possibly respond to one of your comments or questions.

You ve got to leave it down below right. Now. Alright..


Connor jones. Says you were coming in hot with this video talking about the last video. If you know you know and i do know just like the fajita ok processed monster says i like this guy. Even if he is an apple fan because he still respects his enemies not like other apple fans cough cough.

I m gonna blur out the channel here s the thing though i don t really consider other people like enemies that just like other phones. You know what i mean i know it s like a huge rivalry for some people that s not like the case for me like if you like something different to me that s totally cool. If it makes you happy or if that s the best choice for you like i don t really care ok. Jesse says.

This has to be one of your best. Most organized easy to navigate videos ever let me rephrase. This is the best most organized easy to navigate video on youtube. Wow.

All that hard work you put into this video is so evident shows us how much you really care about us. Thank. You and keep up the awesome work love this content. If i could subscribe twice.

I would thank you man so much that means a whole bunch. I did work really hard putting that all together down in the description and i m gonna start doing that from now on if the videos are really long and complicated and have a lot of info. Just like this one so thank you for the feedback. I m gonna keep it up alright ice.

Three says dude you got to update. The slices and you re right. He s talking about my sliced apple. We have slices which are collections of the best apple accessories that you can find on amazon.

It s highly curated. It s really cool you should check it out. But yeah. It hasn t been updated very much since we launched it although i did add something yesterday and added something today for this very video and i need to get a better schedule.

Where i m updating it more frequently thank you for the feedback. Thank you for checking it out and for liking. It. We re gonna do better on that alright mohammed says can you please do some giveaways.

I ve done several giveaways on the channel like in the past. The thing is youtube just recently like last week started cracking down on channels doing giveaways because a lot of people were just only doing it to increase their subscriber count and the thing is i i kind of understand why they re doing it i kind of agree with it i know some channels that wouldn t even exist right now that you would know about that basically got where they got only through giveaways and i feel like our channel. Has mostly grown more organically because people like just like the content and subscribed and watched the videos and i think that s the right way to do it ultimately in the long run. I m not sure what it means for like giveaways and giving back to the fans.

It s kind of a space that needs to get navigated so right now. I m kind of figuring it out kind of pausing any sort of giveaways. Ben jones. Says can you vlog your day.

That s a good question. It s something that i ve thought about before. I think for the most part my day might seem kind of boring especially after the first day like the first day you might find interesting cuz. It s like what i do every day.

Other days are more interesting than others. But still i just don t know so you guys let me know is that something that you want to see and if it is i m kind of waiting for a new camera that i want to order that would be very helpful for that so let me know okay. So that is really it for this video. Thank you for watching.

There s more apple music related content stuff you might find interesting i m gonna link up down below look for keep watching. And you can keep continuing down the rabbit hole on daily deck of stuff related to apple music don t forget you can follow at daily tech spell daily tkk on instagram and twitter and i ll catch you guys in the ” ..

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