Make Sure Long Text Messages Send as One Text Instead of Several [How-To

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“What s up everybody towel gadget axe and today. I m going to show you you how to force the google messenger app to send mms messages now this is just a quick tip. But i ll give you some background first you see when you send a text message that s longer than 140 characters some carriers will break it up into multiple sms messages that s because the sms standard was invented in the 1980s back when one kilobyte was a lot of data. So they had to draw the line somewhere and 140 characters was a cutoff so anything past 140 isn t truly compatible with sms.

Which is why some carriers break it up into separate messages..

But that s annoying and it certainly isn t necessary when you consider that we also have mms which allows for much larger messages. Well the google messenger app for android will actually allow you convert any message into mms at the press of a button. So if you have a carrier that sends segment and sms. It ll be converted into a single mms message to try this out the next time you re typing a long message pay attention to the area just underneath the input field when you start approaching 140 characters you ll see a little countdown when you get past that point you ll see a second number with a slash two after it that means your message would normally be broken down into two less mss.

So to prevent that from happening just long press..

The send button in google messenger. You ll feel a little vibration. Then you ll see a subject field. Above your message just type anything into this subject field.

Even a single space will work once you ve done that you ll now see mms beneath the cin button..

Which means your multiple sms message was just converted into a single mms so from here just hit send then the person on the other end will only receive one message instead of two or three it was hidden in plain sight. But it s a handy trick. If you didn t already know. But for more tips and tricks like this be sure to check out my article on a new site at gadget.

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So we ll see you again next time folks. But until then happy gadget. ” ..


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