Making Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game

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“Guys. It is miss quigley here today. I am going to show you how to to use this who wants to be a millionaire google slides template to make a game show you can use it for any subject anytime anywhere super easy to use if you follow these simple instructions so let s go ahead and get started the first thing you need to remember to do when you are working with the google slides template is to make yourself a copy so you re gonna go to file make a copy name it whatever you want make sure you leave that who wants to be a millionaire in there so that you know what you re working with put it in whatever folder works for you and click ok. That s gonna open up.

A brand new one of these for you to work with that only you can work with and no one else can see your changes. Okay so you ll notice. The first slide is done for you it s got the click to begin. Which is already hyperlinked to this first questions page.

So this template has 20 template pages for you to do one. For each question. It also has a congratulations you win page and an oh no you lose page and we ll talk more about those in just a minute so when we are ready to create our first question. We are going to make our 100 question today something pretty easy that everyone knows the answer to just so you can kind of see how to use the template.


So my question is going to be what day does and then i m gonna give my contestants a couple of choices so i m gonna make my first answer the correct answer and we all know that it is december 25th. And then i m gonna give them three incorrect answers to try and trip them up. So i know another popular day is february 14th. Which is valentine s day.

Another popular one is october 31st and the last one i am going to do is just gonna be a random day that i can think of let s go july. Fools. I know they re easy okay. So you ll notice that we ve got four choices.

One answer being correct three answers being wrong so this is super. Important step to this once you have your let s zoom. This page out just a little bit there we go you want to duplicate this slide. So you don t have to type in it over and over again so to do that you are gonna click on right click on the slide number two and you re just gonna click duplicate slide and what that s gonna do is make number three the same as number two so now you don t have to do anything special to this slide other than highlight your correct answer so we re gonna click on a cuz that s our right answer and we re going to fill it with red you can choose whatever color you want.


But i suggest that if you pick a color. You stick with it all the way through okay so we re done with this slide. We do not have to do anything else with this slide. Except make sure that we tell it that when we pop this answer up we need to link so to link.

We are going to either right click and choose link or you can ctrl k. Which makes things much much easier and we re gonna go slides in this presentation. We just want to link it to then next slide. And what that s gonna do is when this answer page pops up you re contestants can click on this and it will take them to the next two hundred dollar question okay so back here on our first slide our original page.

It doesn t have any indications of what the right answer is we need to do a couple of things to make sure that our presentation takes us to where it needs to go so. This is our correct answer we re not gonna highlight it or anything we re just gonna ctrl k. It again and we are gonna link it to the next slide because that s gonna show us that yes. This is the correct answer.


It will take us to the next slide. In the presentation. Which is our answer page now with our incorrect answers we need to let our contestants know that they answer that they chose is not right so we are gonna again control kay this time we re gonna send them to that last slide in our presentation and if you look down here you ll see that the lulu s slide is slide. 23.

So what we can do is we don t have a whole lot of space is type in slide 23 and then we re gonna click slides in this presentation and it s gonna let us scroll all the way down to that oh no you lose a slide so we re gonna click that and what s gonna happen is when your contestant clicks answer c because it s not right it s gonna take them down here to this oh no you lose page sad news. They ll know they need to start over okay so we did that for c. We want to make sure we control case. The same thing typing in slide.

23. And going to our oh no you lose page and the same thing ctrl k. Oops. I m gonna make sure we re on the whole box ctrl k 3 slide in this presentation and move down to we re gonna apply so what that s gonna look like as your audience contestant member we re gonna hit present your contestant will see this page right here they ll be able to click to begin and then it brings them to that first question that you had and it says what day does christmas fall on your contestant has two four choices they can either choose the correct answer which takes them to the correct answer or your contestant can choose a wrong answer let s say your contestant doesn t know what day christmas is they choose october 31st bam.


It s gonna bring them to this you lose page and they are done with your game. Okay. So that is how we use our who wants to be a millionaire template you are just going to repeat. The same steps over and over again with one small change here on your last slide instead of linking your correct answer to the next page.

You re gonna want to link it to this congratulations you win page now you re only gonna want to do that on this one million dollar page not anywhere else otherwise your contestants are gonna think that they win when they haven t completed the game completely so again. If you have any questions. Please ask me or you re. A teacher is wonderful resource to help they know how to use ” .


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