Matrix Keyboards Mouse Pad Review: TOTALLY Worth the Price!!

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“You guys have asked me about these a lot a lot so matrix finally agreed agreed to send these up and let me do a proper review on these this kind of a weird. One today. Because you can t just go on their website and buy one of these outright the only way you can get these is free with the purchase of a key cap set and not one that s been marked up either like these are just straight up free. And what are the main reasons.

Why they decided to do that is because they attracted some criticism for using an oem design. If you don t know what oh ii amides. I just made a video about it that came out literally yesterday. So go watch that first some of you more astute viewers out there will put together that it s no accident that i released that video right before this one the reason.

Why is because i felt like i had a lot to say about that and i didn t want to bog down this video talking about that. And in the interest of being completely transparent. The first to review videos. I did for matrix.

I didn t have any kind of affiliate. Agreement with them whatsoever. Now that some time has passed. I do have a standard modest affiliate arrangement with them.

But as you should know by now doesn t affect my review in any way you ready let s go today s video is sponsored by lethal gaming gear paste in the us. Lethal is a one stop shop for all of your mouse performance needs. They now offer custom pair records for a wide variety of mice. That include 3d printed stress reliefs.

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Don t get heated get lethal click the link in the description below yeah a bright pea you re watching bad seed tech and today we re checking out the desk man sized mouse pads from matrix keyboards priced at 0 us. These pads come in one of three colors in one size a little larger than your standard desk mat. They re. Three millimeters.

Thick. And basically. 35 and a half by 17 and a half for like 900 by for 45 millimeters. So like 45 millimeters taller than the standard desk.

Mat size and just like a half inch. Smaller. In both dimensions. In the glorious double xl.

They come in a matrix branded box pretty standard stuff as far as rubber back. No odor doesn t move around on the desk. They do have flat lock stitched edges that ride pretty low stitching has some inconsistencies. But not any more than most of the pads.

I own the only way it differs is that the stitching doesn t wrap all the way around the rubber back..

It s like the fabric edges are stitched and then that whole assembly is stitched to the back rolls out pretty easy too just a bit of wave at the very end which settled out in like 30 minutes you get your choice of three colors. These appear to be dyes sub printed over a white surface and the stitching is dyed to match the color of the surface as well each has the matrix logo in white in the lower right corner. And it s part of the dyeing process so it s in the fabric. It s not printed on or raised.

I tried to capture these colors as accurately as i could with the camera. So no weird lighting or color. Adjustments. Here today.

The pink and blue colors are based around their most popular key cap set the cotton candy. The blue is pretty spot on to the key cap color as good as one could expect the peak here is not a baby pink. It s not like a sally pink. It s muted here it is with the pink caps that come with the cotton candy and also they re lighter shade of pink caps as well so it s like somewhere between a taffy rose pink and the lavender amaranth.

I don t know tough call you think i knew that off the top of my head. Not a chance. I m not an interior decorator so i ll leave you to judge. It for yourself as for the surface itself.

It s a cloth surface like most its horizontal is a touch faster than its vertical. I would clasp this as a control pad. I think it s safe meaning. There s nothing here that s gonna throw your game off if you re used to any of like the glorious cloth pads.

A coolermaster np 750. A razor goliath this i have a lot of pads here and nothing matches. It exactly. But those are arguably the closest a bit faster than a qck notably faster than the equate.

We just looked at close to the logitech g 640..

Series. It s just kind of in that wheelhouse. I trade sniper stuff lik saying quick scopes on it for like 6 hours day one. I played really well on it i use the viper ultimate as a control because it s my main mouse.

It didn t irritate. My arm at all you can barely tell the stitching is there for reference. The mp 510 does irritate. My arm a little bit due to the texture and the gs rsc irritates my skin real bad.

I have no idea why it s something about that cloth surface so there it is basic consistent all around good pad. Especially if you re trying to tie your setup. Together it s not lost on me that for some people aesthetics and branding. Do play a part in the desk.

Mat selection serious gamers would probably never prioritize aesthetics over performance. And if you know exactly what you need out of your mousepad. Specifically you know whether or not this is gonna work for you now being 100. It s not the premium tier you ll get from something like the dixie med patch.

Which despite being really focused on looks actually do perform really well really thick nice carry bag that sort of thing. The only thing that remains to be seen with the matrix pad is how well it will hold up under sustained use this one s got about 12 to 15 hours on it so far i m gonna leave it on my gaming desk for a couple of weeks just to see how it holds up so for valued was the original asking price of. 30 a little too high probably like 500. Too high of course.

You could find an oem pad on any oem supplier out there on the internet. But it s not gonna be color matched like these and of course. It s not gonna have the logo in the branding and as some people trying to tie their setup together that s important it s a weird market like the glorious double xl still goes for 3499. And like corsairs.

Matt gets 40 bucks..

The logitech g 840 goes for a ridiculous. The dollars still. Then you have your outliers like dixie mack charging. 25 for really nice pads novel keys charging 20.

But it s kind of a non issue for a couple reasons. Number. One people are going to spend money to show support of a brand. It s a fact and i think it s better to offer it to fans of your brand than to not offer it number two this particular pad costs nothing zero dollars.

I honestly think it s a shame that they felt pressured to do this but on the plus side. It s a pretty bananas deal to get a set of backlit pbt key caps and a desk man for 45 bucks and of course code bad c. Text. They ll get you 10 off over there so it s a little over like 40 plus shipping for both that s crazy.

It s the internet. Though so i m sure someone will still find a reason to get mad at it. I m not these are the same guys that took shots because their first keyboard included oam components so they reinvested all their profits and designed their own new keyboard completely from the ground up. Which is crazy for a company that size that tells me that when they finally do release a mouse surface that they feel is above criticism.

And reproach. It ll be something worth getting really hype about but for now enjoy your free mouse pads you filthy animals audio guys you re next i promise links down in the description for everything we talked about today. Any questions hit me in the comments or drop by the discord and that s it for this time. I ll bright pete thanks so much for watching don t forget to hit that like button hit that sub button and until next time stay up ” .


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