Microsoft HD AV Pack vs Cheap 3rd-Party Component Cable for OG Xbox

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” s up everyone so today. We re gonna be talking about the original xbox and and more specifically how to get the best picture quality out of your xbox and other various other methods can do for that picture quality. So there are various cables you can buy for your original xbox including your regular composite or s video cables. But today there are going to be focusing on component cables which is the best cable you can buy for your xbox to get you the best picture quality.

So there are different component able s you can buy now up until this point. I have been using these component cables right here. Now these this is a third party component cable. Which basically means it s not made by microsoft.

This is not brand new cable. I don t know who made this one. But it does work like it did provide a good picture definitely better than you know composite arrest video. But then i was playing a game.

The other day and i noticed that there was some like a visual artifacting or some visual noise of video noise in the screen. Now you had to look closely to see it. But you could see it going across the screen like this and was even kind of like moving up and down..


So. I was like well that sucks so that s why i decided to stop using these cables and then i got this this is the the xbox high definition av pack. And this was the official microsoft way to get the best picture quality out of your xbox. They also made other the the awesome and other av packs.

One that just had composite on it and another one that just had other had s video on it. But this is the one you want if you want to get high definition video quality of your xbox. Now this does not make all of your xbox games high definition. It will not do that but this will allow you to use progressive scan on all of your games.

That support for eep. And there s also a few games that support 720p and maintain ein of course. This will also work with that so comparing these two cables. You can see that this cable.

Here. The official xbox cable is a bit thicker. But the third party one but the big difference..


Though is that you can see here that on the high definition av pack. There are two filters as a filter here and there s on the filter. Here that s on the cable. And that also works very well for getting interference.

And as you can see here on the third party cable. There are no filters. It s just a straight cable and there s a little thing here that just you know steps out all the signals to these to the rca cables. So there are no filters and this cable is also a little thinner so so this cable.

So if you use a cable like this it may give you more interference problems and that may show up in the picture. But with this one though hopefully that will not be the case so we re gonna hook both of these up and i m gonna show footage of both of them and what we ll see if which one s better okay. So let s start with the xbox dashboard. Now this is using the third party cables.

The cheap cables that i ve been using and i mean this looks okay like the it doesn t like there s anything wrong with this picture. And there s not there s something really wrong with this picture that picture still looks good. But we re gonna do its comparisons later on the video and we ll see the differences between the third party cable and the official microsoft av high definition pack..


So we re going to boot into a game. Here. We re gonna use conquer live and reloaded to demonstrate this for comparisons. This is a really great game on the xbox.

So this is the main menu of conker and again this looks alright nothing looks wrong here so we ll play our save game. Here and we ll jump right into this level. Which i ll have you to beat this is where i m currently at in the game now in my when i was recording this footage. I actually did not see any kind of visual noise or artifacting or anything going on this time using the third party cable.

So that s good so you may not always get that but but i do know there were definitely times. When when i did see some visual noise or artifacting going on using these cables. So select everything your results may vary your results may be better or worse than this but for now though. This is the footage.

I recorded from the third party cables and i mean it looks alright. This is a course in 480p progressive scan. I almost got this dude i get him and then i die so now we re gonna jump right to the microsoft hd av pack and we ll see how different this looks now at first glance there may not be much of a difference apparent here so we re going to flop back here to the third party cable and back to the microsoft cable and as you can see there there have been much difference it looks pretty much identical..


So you know. But what s up another comparison later so we re going to we re gonna go back to the main menu here for a concur and i paused it right here. And we re going to jump back to the third party cable and you can actually see a difference look at the background colors and we re back to the microsoft cable here so the difference is minor. But it s there the colors are slightly deeper and more saturated on the the official hd av pack.

But most of you probably won t notice it and it may not want the extra cost if you can really find cheap component cables so we ll go back to playing the same level here so my conclusion to this is that the differences between a third party cable and the official microsoft av cable. May not always be apparent to the naked eye. They may look pretty identical depending on what you re watching and also with the microsoft s hd av pack you can also use your own component cable. So you can hook up a set of monster cables or something.

And it may even look better than this but from my testing the microsoft hd av pack does provide us slightly more vibrant colors maybe even a slightly played sharpness increase. But if you can find a cheap third party component cable for a pretty cheap price. It might be worth picking that up because you d probably still be happy with the picture. But if you insist on having the absolute best picture then microsoft hd av pack does provide a little bump in quality so now guys i hope you all enjoyed this video.

I thank you guys so much for watching. And i will see you guys next ” ..

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