Minecraft 1.10 News & 1.9.2 Release: Nether Enderman, Click Spam Reverted, Attack Cooldown Indicator

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“Guys. It s adam e ke. Swimming bird and welcome to minecraft. We ve got got a lot of news to talk about this.

Week including the full release of 19. Point. 2. Will cover everything that s different and also why the developers decided to change that one to a two but first.

Off we ve got some minecraft 110 news to start so if you guys watch the last video. I did with. Minecraft we learned about the new mob that s coming in 110. The bear and i ll put a link at the top of the description.

If you happen to miss that well lead developer jeb had some more news to share on twitter. He said. This may be an odd little detail but it makes a big difference and is the first screenshot from minecraft 110. For the pc and here.

It is as you can see things are not quite the same in the nether. I know a lot of people were thinking the lighting was may be different like glowstone was a little bit brighter on the ground. But the answer is right there in front of us as you can see there s a new mob. Here that s not usually in this place jeb.

Said on reddit enderman are plain walkers. Who can now reach the nether as well and by big difference..

I think he means the fact that if you re trying to get to the end. You re gonna need to go to the nether. Obviously you want to get those blaze rods to make blaze powder. But you also need ender pearls and then the ender eyes so trying to trying to get those can be a little tough.

I ve done some time challenges before and that s always a really hard portion of the challenge is getting enough enderman and ender pearls to make the eyes of ender so if you can just go into the nether. These guys are gonna stick out like sore thumbs amongst the pigman and you could probably get your eyes of ender. Much faster and progress to the end of the game. So i think it s a nice change and it s a nice little addition we also have a few other planned features that we know about in 110.

Already like they re gonna add or they re gonna remove the limit on numerical block ids so we ll probably get a bunch of new blocks. I m assuming or just it was more room for changing stuff around in the future and then also block states. They re gonna be a little simpler. So you can use them with set block like you could summon in or or set.

A piece of blue wall without having to know the number you just right blue wool instead of wool 11 or whatever you know the number code is it for it so. It s a nice addition to simplify things for players. So one point nine point two let s talk about that here. We we got one point nine point two because one nine one came out and then they realized there were some connection issues with rounds.

So they had to put out another update. And this is the one that we have now and the release picture was actually updated a little bit the the normal picture. They had was pretty much the same. Except it didn t have this weird.

Crafting recipe here this isn t actually a recipe that you can. Use but it s a little play on the fact that in 19..

Point two you can hear sound effects for the elytra wings. When you fly around so these jukeboxes around there but i noticed the the redstone in the inventory. This is developer serge. Who put this out it kind of looks like musical notes.

I think it s probably supposed to just mirror his wings having that cape texture which in the future. We re still gonna get the ability to have custom electro textures. They just haven t said when we can upload them like skins. And then of course if you look at his hot bar.

They always love to put different amounts of items to tease certain dates and stuff. So who knows. But there s probably some secrets in there that people can figure out. But we got 192.

And it is pretty much identical to the pre releases four one nine one except a few key differences we still have the electra sound effects we ve got armor toughness shields will no longer take damage from blocking weak attacks of one and a half hearts or less. The ai is improved. There s an increased tick limit. All that stuff you can check out that video with the bears in it too to hear the rest of the 191.

Features that were already established. But in 192. You ll notice something about our attacks. The little crosshair is on with the sword.

So you can see by default. The attack indicator for the crosshair version will be on four players so it s a little bit easier if you don t know what s going on with the attack speed and cooldown to know that something is a little different with attacking..

But the only problem with this is if you ve already played a previous 19. Version. Like most of you guys out there. I m sure you actually have to manually enable it in the option.

Like you normally would or delete. Your options text from your minecraft folder. So most players are not going to have this turned on by default because of that. But it is a thing that the community asked for because it makes it a little easier to understand this new system and then they also went back this is very important they went back on all of those.

Changes the combat is now well not not back on the changes from. 19. Obviously but the changes from 19. Point one they tried to introduce a bunch of stuff where you could attack a little faster and things.

But it messed with the whole system that they set up with the combat update. And it kind of invalidated. It at times. Click spamming was faster to kill enemies than timing your attacks.

So they luckily stuck to their guns. I think a lot of people were hoping they would go back to it because they came up with this combat system in 19. And they wanted to try to make combat a little better and less spammy. But then trying to go back on it and find a middle ground it just messed things up so they ve reverted things to the 19.

Version of combat and also you re not you re not able to disable the the weak attacks and stuff in the options and everything like that they took that out they re sticking with their guns. And i think that s the right decision i know a lot of people are gonna disagree..

But at the same time they changed combat for reasons and they re trying to to keep it how it was so there s that and one last thing now. This is a this is a little change that i don t think is actually in the game. But i ll mention nonetheless so skeletons are actually supposed to shoot less quickly on easy difficulty and normal difficulty than they would on hard so we ll go into survival mode. And you guys can see the skeletons gonna start shooting.

Me will should set it to night so that he can open he s going after me now as soon as i get into my text. That s when he attacks. So we are on easy difficulty right now and you can see he s attacking once every couple seconds or so so not not too quickly moderately moderately slow. But still he s you know he s strafing around he s trying to trying to outmaneuver me.

But if we set the difficulty here too hard you can see it doesn t seem like he really attacks any faster. He still spaces them a bit so i had this change. If it was intended to be different it doesn t seem that way to me. But that s just my personal experience here as you guys can see it doesn t seem like they re they re doing anything different even hit himself next to that shield knock back alright.

So so that s actually it for one point nine point two. I m sure we re gonna keep getting the tried to fly away. But we can t trying we re we re gonna get the more changes and news for one point ten. I didn t want to mention once again to the little elektra launcher here was made by a youtuber named gt experience.

This is a fun way to fly around and i ve been using it a little bit it s a good way to sky pace. When i m talking about new features so this is a fun little thing pretty easy to build too and survival push you can hear those electric sound effects well i got an arrow right in my. Ear but that s alright we re gonna keep flying so yeah more 110 news in the future and also we did get one point rv the pre release and i ll cover that in a future video. There s too much to talk about there.

So i ll have that this weekend for you guys thank you so much for watching please leave a like if you enjoyed this maybe subscribe if you haven t and i ll see you next time for ” ..

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