Minecraft Console Mods in 2018 (Ps3/Xbox360/PS4/XboxOne/WiiU)

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“What is up guys excuse me see here and i m gonna be talking about about you today. I m gonna be talking to you guys about minecraft mods in now i ve made many many previous videos on minecraft mods. But this one is gonna be going in a depth of explaining to you guys. What s gonna be happening in 2018 and regards to minecraft console mods because we haven t got that much news.

But there s a lot of things that you guys need to think about like a lot of certain things that most people don t think about which i m going to be discussing in today s video. So about fervor or do you guys let s get into doing a joint my notification squad shoutout don t forget to subscribe and keep the applications so if you guys that didn t know already minecraft audition has had sort of a rocky road. What do i mean by this i mean basically if you guys have been playing micro console for the last year or two you ll notice that there s been at some update. Some sort of changes to the way minecraft has sort of you know i guess you could say evolved one of these changes was that the xbox.

One edition of minecraft was due to be scrapped. And the same with the xbox 360 edition. And the same with the ps3 edition. The reason being i ll explain the first reason.

So the first reason for the xbox. One edition to be scrapped is the fact that the xbox one edition already has a second additional minecraft. If you don t know what the second edition of minecraft is it s in the marketplace. If you have the xbox one it s just cool minecraft so the edition that i m playing now the gameplay that you re currently seeing is for minecraft xbox.

One edition. But the new game is called minecraft just plain old minecraft so i don t know what they re trying to achieve by you know creating a second version of minecraft because a lot of people already love this first version of minecraft. So you guys might be wondering what does this have to do with minecraft console mods. Let me explain so this new version of minecraft is supposedly supposed to be the one that actually has mods so not the one that we re currently playing on come on that you currently see in gameplay before the one that actually supposed to have mods is this new versus people might be asking well does that mean that the old version.

I guess you could say the xbox. One edition is never going to get mods personally i don t know. But why i can say is that the xbox one edition. You know the current edition is in kind of an odd space.

And this is why it s so odd let me tell you guys so. If you didn t know the basically the new version of minecraft. Which she was scheduled to be released on you know all platforms of minecraft. It hasn t been released on the playstation edition.

Now the reason. It hasn t been released on the playstation edition. Is because sony denied it s only doesn t want microsoft stealing their customers. Because if you did have you know the new version of minecraft on the playstation edition.


You would have to have an xbox live accounts to sign up that means that because since microsoft and sony are competitors. It would mean that microsoft could actually be stealing customers from sony. But not actually you know stealing and their customers just because of course they re still in the ps4. But could actually be getting customers through the ps4 now of course sony doesn t want this since their rival companies so sony said nope we re not allowing that version of minecraft they can play the standard ition that they already have now you guys aren t wondering.

It s not that bad. I don t even want the new version of minecraft anyway. But the reason this kind of messes things up is because we re in an odd place first of all the new version of minecraft. It isn t our own or platform.

So that version of minecraft. It can t you know really develop as much as it would like to because if the new version minecraft. Which does have mods you know if it was on all platforms. This would mean that microsoft could fully focus all their attention on that new version of minecraft because since you know one version would be on all platforms.

They would only have one version of the game to work on this would mean mine microsoft would have less work to do meaning more updates for us so we would have more features more you know mods more servers. More many much more things that we could enjoy in minecraft now of course at this first you know at the start. We would probably hate the new version of minecraft. But eventually i m 100 sure that most people would get used to it so the next thing here as well is that you know the old.

I don t know why i just messed up my voice there. But the old versions of minecraft stew. The xbox 360 and ps3 those platforms aren t being sold by microsoft or sony. Anymore so sony doesn t make playstation 3s.

Anymore and microsoft don t make xbox 360s anymore they don t actually make them anymore like they don t produce them anymore. Which now means that you know that they ll so like if you if you re a company and you re thinking why would i spend time updating a game on so that isn t being sold. Anymore. So you can t you can still buy xbox 360.

From like i guess you could say certain stores and things. But a lot of this you know like the official microsoft page isn t actually selling them anymore. So eventually i guess you could say they re gonna run out of extra 60s. But um it s it s sort of the thing where you know why would you know we update a game which isn t you know on an old platform console anymore it s very very rare to receive updates for xbox 360 games.

Because the console is over. I believe you know eight to ten years old. So for such an old console game to still be getting updates. It s actually very very rare so eventually one of these days.


They re eventually gonna have to stop updates for the xbox 360 edition. So because of the consoles. So the hardware is so so old it s not gonna be able to enjoy all the features for example one of those features is that you know the new servers. The new servers allow for multiplayer addition up to you know a hundred players and of course on the xbox you six edition.

The hardware doesn t allow for that that you know the graphics card at the ram. All that sort of stuff it just doesn t stretch that far so of course. We could say that you know there s hardware limitations. So it s kind of messed up that you know the xbox sixth edition.

Even though and this is why it s kind of weird guys you guys might be wondering so basically let me just summarize what i ve said basically there isn t one unified version of minecraft as they re supposed to be sony. Doesn t allow microsoft tino to put the microsoft version on their console. So basically marks of an xbox are kind of divided and yes so what s gonna happen let me just answer a few questions what s gonna happen to the standard version of minecraft that work that you re seeing gaming for now that version me personally i think in the future and around two three version in our two to three years and one exists. Simply because the new version of minecraft that s the version that they want and it makes 100 sense because ish.

There shouldn t be two versions of minecraft for my cough console. There should only be one and of course you know they trying to create the cross plane stuff like that so cool. But me personally one issue with you know this new sort version of minecraft is that we can t actually get mods. If we have an xbox one only so of course you can actually play with mods on the xbox one if you really want to.

But let s say for example you only have an xbox one you can t actually get mods. You actually in order to get mods for the xbox. One edition of minecraft. The new version of minecraft.

We need to do is you actually need to have someone who has mods in their world. And the only way to do that is by getting the pocket edition. Or having the windows 10 edition. So.

If you have the windows 10 edition. Or if you have the poky edition. You need to load up that world with mods and then invite an xbox live player. So that they can get them what s them self.

Which is kind of weird because for some reason you know the xbox one edition. You know the new version of minecraft. It just doesn t have much like we can t get months ourselves. Which is why i said you know microsoft is it s kind of weird because it doesn t make sense so far you know when they released this new version.


They said we re gonna have mods. We re gonna have command blocks. We re gonna have all this stuff and i mean yes. It is possible but it s not accessible.

If i just have my xbox one here. How exactly am i supposed to get them onto my console. If i don t have a polka dition or if i don t have a windows 10 computer. It s very very hard so what i m saying right now right now is possibly.

I guess you could say the worst and best time for my console. Because there s so much going on in regards to mods. I definitely feel like mods will probably never begin added to this console version minecraft. The reason being eventually sony s gonna have to accept that you know we re going to get the new version of minecraft on their platform simply because you know sony can t just deny it for years and years and years they will come to an agreement.

I don t know when but they eventually they will come to an agreement sooner or later somebody. Because if they never decide to accept microsoft you know a new version minecraft. If your minecraft player you eventually go in to buy an xbox one it just so you can enjoy the new version that s why i said eventually sony might as well just come to a deal now so it s rendering months in 2018. What s going to happen if this was your minecraft won t get much i truly don t believe that will get mod big what s going to happen.

I m pretty sure. It s going to happen is the new version of minecraft is going to you know on the marketplace. They re going to have some mods on the store. You re gonna be able to purchase add ons and these add ons that we re gonna be able to use in our world are gonna be you know fun and exciting.

I wasn t gonna be able to buy them with the minecraft coins. If you don t know what minecraft coins are it s basically i guess you could say like 40 bucks or gta shark cards. And so we re gonna have to use to buy these minecraft mods. That s what i definitely think is going to happen in 2018.

So but 2018 this measure minecraft no mods should be coming for the new version of minecraft mod should be coming in the form of a marketplace. Where you can purchase mods or you know download some for free and in terms of you know playstation what s going on for playstation. 4 playstation. 3.

That version of minecraft maybe in some time not this year. But next year. Maybe 28 maybe. 29.


Teen baby 2020. That version of minecraft. Would possibly stop. Receiving update for the xbox 360.

2828 2019 to 2024 2018 in the next. One to two years. Will probably stop receiving updates and for the standard playstation. 4.

Edition. And minecraft xbox. One edition. I can say for the playstation.

4 edition. Probably may still get update for the meantime. But around 2019. It should stop receiving updates and should receive the new version of minecraft.

Which both playstation. 4. And xbox one will play together. So all you know in the next few years eventually this version of minecraft nobody s gonna be playing anymore and we re all gonna be playing the new version minecraft if you guys might wondering wait.

I don t want to do that well what i m gonna do is they re gonna stop updating it and then eventually there s gonna be all the new features on the new version of minecraft and eventually you re just gonna be playing it because there s gonna be shaders the superduper graphics pack is gonna be added mods from the multi place is gonna be added larger multiplayer is gonna be added all these features realms and all that stuff is going to be easier accessed so eventually you re going to be playing the new version minecraft. But yeah what you should do now is just enjoy minecraft wallets you know in this current state. Because for the longest of time. I definitely definitely feel like this version of minecraft isn t gonna be you know i guess you could say the console edition anymore.

It s just gonna be one version of minecraft. So if you guys enjoy this video. And if you have any questions regarding minecraft console. Mods don t forget to leave a comment down below.

And don t forget to leave a subscription to never miss when i do my daily minecraft videos. So until the next time spoonerism see and it s ” ..

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