Minecraft Hardcore Mode Is Scary (S1E1)

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“Hardcore modes like normal minecraft with the small difference that when they die instead of of getting to respawn and keep on having fun the world literally just deletes itself. It s literally just gone. This is me trying to join it once i ve deleted. It it s just a gray screen.

Wait how do i get out of this that s how much it doesn t want you going back. It just crashes. The game. If you even try yes the game actually started create new world i really hope it doesn t give me just a terrible spawn.

Hey. This isn t bad there s a shipwreck right here what already dude if i drown trying to get this treasure. I m gonna be very sad. I m about to drown to death.

But i need the carrots. Oh god ok off to a great start. This is probably the worst loot. I ve ever gotten from a sunken ship give me the sugar.

I m gonna eat. The suspicious dude. Oh boy. Gave me poison will that kill me.

So. I died. No. I m.

Good suspicious stew would not recommend dude haven t played minecraft survival. And so long. We would have thought that i d be making a minecraft survival let s blame 2019 crafting table sticks pickaxe stone age stone pickaxe stone axe stone sword stone shovel i guess i m not gonna use it but you know it completes the set actually i already have wheat so i can tame these cows. I just need to make a fence.

I don t have enough wood for a fence. I m just gonna dig them a little pit. All right come get in the pit nope nope in the pit. All right do i have to hit them in come on just just walk into it all right.


I ll give you a little helping hand there you go oh look i have we you re gonna get to eat the we psyche in the hole. You go you thought you were gonna get food but really i m just gonna eat your children not even joking. But that s what i m gonna do get over here you want some wheat you want some food butter just just come really close to this hole with three other trapped cows in it you ll get you ll get food. I promise you have to stand right there just right thank you in you go.

Thank you look now you can have food as long as you make babies for me to eat oh great it s got the achievement in the parrots and the bats. It s not a play on the birds and the bees. I think it is oh my god you guys we found coal just need to get some food and then we re gonna go mining. Only i hadn t trapped all the cows in a pit.

You don t stand a chance. We re your friends i want to eat them too you re just by yourself what a loser sheep have no friends come on where are the animals at really. Oh yes. The sheep over there i m coming to kill you i was definitely the safest way of getting down all died leave me.

It s a noble cause give them you eat eat you chickens. Too actually i couldn t farm the chickens actually have cows why would i farm chickens die. I love murdering animals where did i spawn actually i guess it doesn t matter cuz. I m never gonna respawn just build my house wherever i want to all right i m going and i m not leaving this cave until i find diamonds all right man.

I m going under wait a minute since when has that been a thing you can just hold a torch and it makes everything bright. So i can i can just hold a torch in one hand. And i never have to place one what excuse me dude. I played one point eight point nine for so long because i was a pvp kid.

Now this looks so weird to be holding a torch in each hand like what what do you mean this this does not make any sense to me how am i supposed to use the pickaxe. Why why does the why is that a feature. I can t actually mine with the pickaxe. We found iron this is a big accomplishment.

All i wanted to do is get to the point that if a creeper sneaks up behind me and blows up. I don t die instantly. Quite. There.

Yet. With my you know one leather piece of armor. Oh yeah iron pickaxe best pickaxe in the game. I always hated that achievement isn t it iron pick like good one cuz like it sounds like ironic got him cuz that s just like the worst joke.


I ve ever heard i just accidentally put a torch on the furnace. What my remaining hire and i crafted a bucket cuz. I really don t want to burn to death. I want a cave giving me a cave.

No i died to a baby zombie. This early okay i can take you you don t scare. Me coz. There s nothing here why why are there silverfish.

I m going dude. I swear i m hearing a silverfish dude creepers are scary in hardcore mode until i get diamond armor they kill me one hit oh boy emeralds that thing i can trade wheat for what okay from one skeleton. Yeah i have enough iron. I just need to smelt it everything is just ten times scarier in hardcore mode.

Okay. There s a silverfish here somewhere i don t know where but it s taunting me and i don t like it creeper you hear that right i m not just crazy okay give me iron armor. I m scared of the dark. The mean monsters try to kill me you will protect me from them iron sword get rid of this piece of garbage get rid of my nasty leather shirt.

Oh. Yeah. Uncool look at me. All i want is vodka.

Woo. Iron. Definitely need more of that your lava and diamonds. Like lagos.

Oh. I like alright there s diamonds right here. I m gonna turn around it s gonna be diamonds yeah. No dude.

I actually didn t i swear i did not put. These there dude diamonds. Only three. I m disappointed seriously there s no more that s it it s all you re gonna give me all right you know i ll take his diamonds came the way that was set up where i was like i m gonna turn around and there s gonna be diamonds.


It probably looks like i faked it i did not there s just a good chance that when you enter a cave. This deep there s diamonds. Oh check it out. I m fancy oh boy.

This is gonna be really fun to edit or iron. Woo. Thing is i can t just stop recording and start recording when something interesting happens because like when i find diamonds my genuine reaction won t get captured jesus that shovel breaking noise. Scared me yes i m so good at minecraft give me the diamonds that s an eight vein dude.

I m so lucky. Oh. My god i m gonna be an idiot and craft a chest plate right away here s the thing if this was a normal game. I wouldn t do that but now i don t die instantly from a creeper blast.

I think and when i find more diamonds. I ll make an enchantment table like a normal person where are those diamonds those are diamonds. There s actually diamonds down here hopefully. It s a lot i think it s three that is not allowed do you guys see the sheer amount of mining i had to edit out i m gonna include me running back yeah i mind a lot good god fine of course.

I mind up through the top of a mountain. There you go pit cows have some food fun making babies. And i ll keep on eating them dude. Yes.

A village village get out of bed. I want to try to talk to you sleeping is not important get up or i ll just steal all your food. I always feel like a bad person whenever i pillage or pillage. But there s also a lot of stuff so sorry.

But i m gonna take all your things i m gonna have to give up my leather enchanted pants as much as that hurts me dude get up i want to trade with you all right buddy. I m really sorry about this. I m gonna have to sleep in your bed. Monsters.

Nearby and you just think you went back to sleep. Oh. It s this guy do you have anything good for me you do not umm this is awkward but i m gonna kill your pets cuz drop a leeds and sorry buddy it s probably the dumbest thing i ve done in minecraft. So far alright buddy.


We re taking you to your new home. The villager is happy in his brand new home it s more about pitt than a home. But he s happy it s probably not happy. He s probably very sad i took him from his homeland and put him in a pit.

So that i can trade with him. I felt a little bit bad for you know enslaving. This guy so i built him his own little house. It s pretty nice.

If you ignore the giant airlock. I put on here. So that he doesn t try and escape this man. He likes to try and get out of here.

But he s not gonna now to iron doors. I d like to see you get through them we can trade him coal for emeralds. Which is just why would you take that trade. Oh.

God i just realized something our prisoners house looks better than our house. We need to do something about that right now okay. That s more like it i made myself a bedroom with an army and i like it okay. It s a good house as long as it s better than the villagers house you can t have his house being better than ours i m just realizing now that if i die i m gonna lose all this dude.

I just realized how long i ve been playing for it s been like two and a half hours this game has a special ability to get you to forget how much time you re spending in it. I m gonna end the video here so that i actually have time to edit. It you know that tree just grew right in front of my eyes. I mean you just get sidetracked so easily this game the end card is just gonna be you looking at the cows in the pit also let me know if i should start using shaders.

If you think this looks nicer. I don t know i think it definitely looks nicer. But it s also really distracting. ” .


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