Minecraft Speedrun (World Record) (Ratatouille)

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“Hey guys i m a minecraft video now today. I m going for the world world record for minecraft tony start the timer today. I m building the new castle. The movie ratatouille can i get.

13 comments in the description saying 200 dollars. So i can get paid for making this video amirite namirite fellas today. I m gonna be the first person in the world to beat starcraft in over 7 minutes now i know you guys are gonna be saying that n. But if you are a real dunkey fan you know that i originally started out as a minecraft channel.

So it s a game that i have a lot invested in you know over the years. I ve played it a lot. But before we go any further. I want to say that this is the first time.

I ve played minecraft. I know i know so don t be mad at me. If i don t know how to craft whatever you freaking minecraft idiots are doing i don t really play baby games. Like this you know i m more of a call of duty guy you know shooting guns you know like gears of war.


Like i like blood games. Like rated m. Tony tony tony tony tony tony check out this sweet headshot. I m about to pull off on this freaking mine.

Block laughs. It s not even moving uh. Oh n. Stutters.

Oh. Did i do that that s my new catchphrase. Why is everything taking so long to break so stupid god again i ve never played minecraft can we actually get an animated gif of a dancing otter on the screen bro if you keep bouncing you do a bro hop and you can go faster. If you have the knife out right now i need to get some gunk rock to build the trampoline for ratatouille s house whoa whoa.

What is that what is that n. Laughing laughs. Yo this game is glitched out right. Now.


Report bug uh can we get 200 comments in the comments. Talking about how notch is a failed game designer i. m. Sneaking into the enemy base guys ha haa yeah oh.

Bro oh zombies is in this bro nha ha haaa bro. This guy is lucky. I don t have my m16 right now with the acog sight. And some freaking claymores.

I tell you what laughs yeah. No problem ni took him out no problem gotta. Remember. I was ranked.

What was that who did that bro there s guns in this bro. I just found a creeper. I m gonna chuck this egg at him. Like jackass pah.


Laughs. Eight time chicken n. Chicken clucking. Sound.

Effect. Ha ha ha haa. But did i mine that bro bro. How come horses doesn t work in this game.

Bro. How come you can t go on horses in minecraft bro bro. It s not working n music. Overlapping bro minecraft horse.

Bro minecraft go on the horse bro. How come more horses don t work in minecraft bro. Bro. The horse button isn t working to go on the horse in minecraft bro it.


s broken bro how well. I think i got enough ore for my mine now remember guys if you like my minecraft videos to leave 17. Different comments about what your favorite pizza is digiorno or tombstone uh. Oh guys we re running out of time for my speedrun let s start building nratatoullie s palace.

Now this is where he goes to make his recipes bah bah boom. No we need nthat s the door. We need that open that s where he accesses the building now. We re gonna build this this is called the receding wall.

The preceding wall n. Retaining wall. If you into construction buildings like me now wes. We re gonna build this roof.

Okay. This roof is made out of aluminum yep totally there it is the eiffel building from ratatouille so thank you guys for watching we beat the speedrun so the stutters nwhat well that was easy thank for watching guys ni beat the world record remember everybody to subscribe to my comments ” ..

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