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“To this new video tutorial for motor converter x. And in this tutorial i want want to demonstrate the aircraft or cfd editor functionality that i ve recently edited a weeks ago. I added edited the functionality to show information from the aircraft or cfg file. And now i ve also added an editor.

Which makes it easier to modify the file. So let s just load one of the default aircraft to illustrate how it works and here at the toolbar. There s a new button now to bring up the aircraft book cfg editor. So if i click on that the editor will open and it s basically just a text editor with some extra functionality.

I ll just put the editor and the preview next to each. Other at the top here. You have a save button to save the work and in doing redo buttons to undo and redo changes you make to the textile and there s some search functionality. So if i want to find all the contact points for example.


I can type in point. And then we d find next and frankly a second browse through them all so nice functionality is if i highlight a line. The first contact point now for example. It s this one here you see is highlighted in red in the preview.

So as i browse through the different contact bunch they ll get highlighted in the preview. So i can see which one i m editing and if i now type in a new coordinate here for example you see that the point will just jump to a different position. So it s quite easy to say i should probably lower the wheels to see how to come to a point where it seems to be positioned. Quite accurately.

But you can imagine that by loading the model you can now just type in the information. And say. Oh. I want these 10 meters.


And it should be minus. 7. Etc. You can very easily modify.

The position of the contact point. I ll just undo the changes here because i think the default ones are quite fine. That s for modifications. If i look at this aircraft.

I ll just put it in oh. Sorry wrong menu. I should have the camera here. I ll put it in a site preview well zoom in a little bit.


If i now go to the exits. Well you see there s an exit point here. But there are also some emergency exits here over the wing. So what i could try to do you say we have two exits on this plane.

And i do exits dot. One and let me first just type over most of the coordinates of the first one except for the second coordinate. Because that one and now you see well it s located here on the fuselage like 10 meters behind you or ten feet sorry. It s only feet the unit s here behind the other one and you can out relatively easily by just modifying the numbers put it over there in between the doors.

Where you want it and then i gave it type one which i remember correctly. It s emergency exit. You know two is emergency exit. So i put it on and there you have i ve defined the new exit.


Quite easily and in the preview. I can directly see what i m doing so now i could save this and have my modified aircraft or cfg file being used by flight simulator that s a very quick demonstration of the new editor functionality. I hope it s useful for you aircraft developers and after ever any other suggestions or or issues. Just let me know in the forums and your this new they need 90 of the time.

But it s that other 10. That s the problem and until google can nstart filling in that gap. This galaxy chromebook is ngonna remain a niche product a very pretty niche. But still a niche hey thank you so much for watching we re obviously at ces 2020.

Nand we re running around like crazy pointing cameras at everything we can possibly think of and so please keep it locked to the verge. ” ..

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